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The Pattaya Beach Reclamation

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I walked around that headland last month. Not straightforward, but not overly difficult. There's an old lady just around the corner who appears to be living there as well!!

Several massage 'beds' just off the beach line - charging 300 baht an hour!! No privacy curtains and definitely no 'happy ending'!!



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We had our first significant rainfall this afternoon since the completion of the beach nourishment project. Got out and snapped a few pics after the rain let up as I was curious to see how the beach weathered the storm. Verdict is, not very well.

Starting at the north end.

Beach vendors were busy cleaning up the footpath as soon as the rain stopped.


As expected, the drain channels they installed were completely ineffective.

Probably not the best day to be working on the electric control panel.

Stage and seating at the Klang intersection.

Bit pissed off they completely blocked the footpath all the way to the edge of the road.

Another great Thai idea. Put up a shrine that completely blocks the rain runoff channel.

The Hilton waterfall is back, although much smaller than the 2013 version.


The volume of water in this pic is about the limit of what the rain channels can handle.

Less than a month since construction, and with the first storm cracks are already appearing.

I give it one or two more storms before the whole concrete pad is undercut and washed out. This is the runoff pad across from Soi 13/1.

I see the short sections of concrete walls are doing their job to help keep the palm trees from getting washed out to sea.

Disgusting mess on the south end.


I wonder if these large flapper valves are still operational.

At least the pumps are working.

Southend has the makings of a new Hilton waterfall.


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Another multi-million baht cockup.

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Should be interesting to see how much

is left bye May 24 fireworks. Had really hoped to get

picture north of beach from PBG  😩. Thai engineering

at it finest. pump water has that lovely shade of brown.

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12 hours ago, Bazle said:

Thanks, FBWY. 

Very predictable, but also very sad. 

Sad indeed, my very thoughts. So much time and effort and  money. Also what was superficially a good result, but the usual underlying poor design and quality fails. We are having some early rains this year and heavy at that,  it does not bode well for Pattaya Beach. 

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Some snaps from this afternoon on the progress of the repairs.

North end, doesn't look like they've done anything.

Across from Soi 3, repairs done. Have to say, the footpath has held up well so far.

Soi 6 pumps are back, only two days late.

Soi 6, repairs underway.

Big pow wow underway too. Wonder what creative BS they'll come up with to explain why part of their multi-million baht project got washed away with the first significant rainfall.

Across from Soi 12, concrete pad is in worse shape than what I noticed two days ago across from Soi 13/1.

Across from Soi 13/1, shadow is hiding it, but there is separation the length of the retaining wall seaside.

As well as on the footpath side.

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The concrete pad across from soi 13/1 has a definite tilt to it now. Seaside edge that was once even with the drain channel has now sunk a good 10cm.


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Beach Rd palm trees are getting wrapped in decorative LED strip lighting.

Excavators onsite repairing damage from Wednesday morning's storm.

They better not go too far as the next storm is on the horizon.

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Do you think anyone in Pattaya has consulted a civil engineer , you know someone who can predict the actions of the seas when the headland is changed . Looking at what is happening when the flooding comes its pretty clear no one has or they didn't listen .


 I would say they need to build a reef a couple of hundred feet out from the beach to stop the tides undermining all the work they are trying to do and a couple of Irish foremen to make sure the work is actually carried out to a decent standard , which from the pictures is not the case.

 10 for effort 1 for what actually got done.


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Southend, half of the wooden walkway that's been falling apart has been removed. Odd they didn't remove the rest.

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2 hours ago, frankie8 said:

Shit, you guys must be bored out of your mind! 🤣

Hardly.... you jumped in on an old thread!

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