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  1. yeah no kidding...i definitely see an OCD sufferer!
  2. if it's CDMA you're pooched,as many have said. i didn't think people still used these relics!
  3. she could have kept it...it was just my chump change wallet
  4. back on topic one exchange place i went to didn't take them, but all the subsequent places i went to, i had no problem.
  5. test http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eHqh1xTULAc#!
  6. you forgot bad teeth all the Brits i've ever met in Patts have been decent guys!
  7. +2 some people are just fucking ignorant on this board! hope the guy gets himself sorted, probably won't come back here anytime soon.good to see some guys trying to help him out.
  8. i haven't read the whole thread, but this part really caught my attention......the customer really doesn't give a fuck about all this, all i'm interested in,in a gogo is reasonably priced drinks and good looking girls,not what the price of a drink is in Kuala Lumpur...FS
  9. just load "Angry Birds" onto your ipod, and time will fly!
  10. It,s free at McDonalds here in Canada...I love the sarcasm though
  11. PH,ignore the haters on here,some people will never be satisfied no matter how good the offer is.good luck with the business,place looks nice
  12. don't know if you ever played the game or not, but the big hit on Chara was definitely a game changer.
  13. it's easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgYhvnEju6c&feature=related
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