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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Happy birthday Adam, not sure you’re remember me but I was a regular visitor to your original Cherry bar from around 2004 and then your other 2 bars. Last time I spoke to you was 7 years ago. I am Jimmy from Edinburgh. It’s good to know your still up and about. It must be hard on your life and health living there, love to catch up with you. Take care Adam. I remember the bar a wee bit down nearer beach road and other side of street was owned by a Scots guy, only indoor bar then, I think, in the street. On my last visit it was an outdoor bar and he was back in Glasgow. His wife ripped him off s
  2. Thanks for replies, I stayed at the Sandy Spring 2 years ago but it was a bit dated. Plenty of choice I suppose. The PBR was my choice for years.
  3. Does anyone know the hotel's name? I am coming back in a few months time and always used to stay at PBR but it was shut on my last visit when I noticed the this new hotel. Would anyone recommend it? I stayed at a hotel in soi 13/1 or was it 13/2 In 2016 but it was a bit dated. Any recommendations would be helpful.
  4. Green bottle, second rd: have not been there for 2 years but food was very good and used to have a live band at night with a fab singer. It's opposite The Marriott and about 50/100 yards to the left once you cross the road.
  5. Stayed there in 2004, never again. There are cheaper and much better hotels which are closer to all the action.
  6. i have stayed at the Vault once, in 2005 for 4 weeks; stayed at the Marriott several times since then. The Marriott would be my choice over the Vault. Marriott is far more central. It is a good classy hotel while the Vault is a just really a guest house type place and not even central to all the action. Most of the girls and taxis didn't seem to know where it was. The Marriott location is superb. Also check out the Pattaya Bay Resort and the Sandy Spring, both near to the Marriott and far superior to the Vault. Only my opinion though. Have a good trip.
  7. You are correct I think, as long as you report it on the wee card they give you on the plane you will be ok. Done it myself a few times myself flying from Uk to Phils.
  8. I am aware of that. Just pointing out that concentrated juice is what I use. I would doubt that the Robinsons stuff is as pure or healthy.
  9. I use lemon juice every day here in Scotland but I get it from a bottle of concentrated lemon juice. Maybe you can get this in Thailand?
  10. Why are you such an ershole? Lack of education?
  11. I use insureandgo I am covered for 90 days. Only claimed once around 4 years ago and got 1500 quid back for my lost laptop.
  12. I've stayed there many times; last stay was 2 1/2 weeks ago when I stayed for 2 weeks; never had any problems with noise. I will stay there again on next trip (but it has been sold and I understand the new owner will take over in around 6 months). Hopefully standards will prevail.
  13. For your sake I hope it has improved - I stayed there in 2004 and it was a dump; much better options nearby, Sandy Spring, PBR, Mike Hotel etc. Good luck with your trip.
  14. I am Scottish from Edinburgh and not British
  15. Same same with me, MSE does the biz. Used Norton and others in the past and had problems.
  16. I used Mr T for the 1st time on Tuesday, emailed him the day before and got a reply within 2 hours. The minibus was waiting for me as I checked out of hotel; surprised at the minibus as I was sole passenger from Pattaya to airport; very comfortable car. Fare was 900 and she did not expect a tip - I did give her 50 but when I tried to give her more she said no and gave it back. I will 100% certainly use them next trip.
  17. Have to agree on this - tried it once and it was disgusting. Do you mean "the Queen's English"?
  18. Are you joking? I only tried it once, a few months back, and it was absolute shitt - out of 10 I'd give it -1000. Maybe I just went on a bad day?
  19. I would think they would allow you to change to an alternative date - that's what I've done with BA (was due to fly out 5 days ago) so hopefully things will be better on 14 June so I can fly out. BA will also let me change to another destination so maybe it's time for me to go to Vietnam or Cambodia.
  20. PaddyPower works ok for me in Thailand
  21. I'm staying there just now; good hotel and location is good. As stated by others do a search as it's all been asked before.
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