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  1. You do not need a new sound card unless you are doing advanced audio stuff.... unless of course the low volume issue is due to a bad sound processor, and with a 9+ year old motherboard that is surely possible. Even that though should be fixed with a good set of speakers. In fact with an older motherboard like that I would suggest putting your sound output in windows to 20% or less and using the speakers amp to increase the sound level. That should increase the sound quality as well.
  2. Totally depends on how important good sound is for you. I have the Logitech Z906. Its quite spendy, and as far as I have been able to find there are none for sale in Thailand. I had to order mine from hong kong. But.. the sound quality is unmatched. The surround sound for movies is awesome, and for gaming you can actually hear the direction something is coming from. Doesn't get much better. For a still good quality but cheaper option, take a look at Creative Labs stuff. They sell them here, and most are fairly cheap ( I think the Logitech cost me about 10k baht delivered.
  3. Ya. Its new home is on a monster server. Over 100 processing cores and 512GB of RAM. Its a real beast. On top of that, it appears the old servers RAID controller has been failing for some time. The packet loss was pretty bad by the time I noticed it, which undoubtedly has been sucking up "speed" from all the servers on there. New controller will be delivered in about 8 hours and will get it swapped out.. .but ill leave ptalk on this bigger server. :)
  4. Nope, wasn't you. Was a failed RAID controller. Damn things cost a right fortune too. :/ grr. lol. Oh well.
  5. Server is back up now. 98 minutes. Sorry about that. Took insanely long to copy the drive over. But done deal, and this server should be quite a bit faster as well. At least it better be. It cost 10x more lol. :)
  6. Hi guys, Just got a notice that the server I have the PattayaTalk VPS hosted on has a very critical piece of hardware that is failing. Usually when something like this happens I use a feature called Migration to move the server from one physical machine to another with no downtime (it quite literally keeps the server running while its being moved). The issue with that method is that it takes a really long time (like 12+ hours), and from my testing I do not think we have that kind of time available before the server fails. To that end, I am going to manually shut down this server and m
  7. Pretty sure thats the ... is it a goat? ... that is always sitting at the 7-11 opposite the open air market on soi khow talo.
  8. Did great for a few days as I expected, but nothing since :) Its all good tho. It is taking me way too long to get technical shit done on the site. Now I know how MM felt 555.
  9. As part of the upgrade process I am going to change servers as well. I am not a linux person. But the version of Linux martin had installed here is very difficult to work with, even for linux (lol). The test server I set up with a basic linux OS is much easier to work with and diagnose issues on, and I will create a new server (more powerful) with the same for our final server. Thats going to happen in the next couple weeks. With any luck that will make these issues go away.
  10. lol - probably fake, but still unique.
  11. I am going to accelerate the push for the latest version of the software. We may have to go without a skin or with a skin that goes thru a few iterations before its right, but at least we will be on the latest version.
  12. Site issues should now be resolved. I did reboot the server, so there was about 5 minutes or so of downtime, but the result should be a good speed again. Frosty
  13. Yup, im working on it. Will update as soon as I am sure a fix is in place.
  14. LOL... I can't tell if your being serious or not there. RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks - essentially its a piece of hardware that combines multiple physical drives (in this case 16), in to a single usable logical drive that the operation system can see. In short it can keep working even if 2 of the physical drives fail, tho it will run slow until the damaged drive(s) are replaced. That is not what is happening here tho - all 16 drives show as online and healthy. Something else is wrong. But it will fix itself. I have turned off all but 2 of the VPSs running on it to spee
  15. ok so I am just going thru this trying to figure out whats going on, and I think I have a partial explanation. The server this site is running on is a VPS, and the host computer its running on is not even near its useful load, but it does have a very complex storage system known as a RAID. This essentially keeps the data safe in case of a drive failure (or multiple drive failure in this case). One of the downsides to running a RAID is that it sometimes has issues and needs to re-build itself, or in this case do whats called a Consistency Check. These checks take a god-awful amount of time
  16. Fair suggestion. It may well be that there are new ones with the new board version - in fact I would be surprised if there were not new ones. If not tho, its something ill look at.
  17. Ah I see. Are you using a new or temporary account? Looks like your account is not verified.
  18. There may be an issue with your browser. You should get a menu when you hover over a name. You can also go here: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/members/ Search for the mod you want, click on their name and message them from their profile there. You can also start a new message from your own mailbox and just type in the name: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=send&do=form Hope this helps.
  19. AH yes we were. So... Annabells: Very quiet. We walked in and were about to walk right back out when the manager (who appeared to be known to Big Brian?) walked up... Brian says something to the effect of " is going to buy us some drinks, so we can stay" ...and the manager appeared to agree... but that never happened, so we drank a quick one and moved on. I'm surprised I forgot to mention this bar because I was going to mention that this place was also owned by Dave (windmill), and was the 3rd bar that was a disappointment last night. Very surprising. Ive always liked his places - and he
  20. Ok, so... If the barcrawl is judged on the hangover, it must have been epic 555. Great time was had by all. Here are a couple notes about the bars we visited: LePub - as always, Mr. Egg is a great host. Excellent place to start off an evening. Windmill - I never thought i would say this... but it was kinda disappointing. Unless your in to quantity vs price. Then it may have been epic. Really wish some of those girls kept some clothes on. Upstairs was moderately better with at least 3-4 fairly cute girls, but kinda over-shadowed by the 20 or so heifers. Tho most of those obviou
  21. A lot of people leave for Songkran, and may not be back in town yet. Starting on the May crawl, I will see about sending out a notification email about the crawl, as well as start advertising on facebook - neither of which is being done just yet.
  22. If you are in town, please come join us for our first (in a long time) monthly board meeting and bar crawl. We will be meeting up at 8pm at LePub, and then moving on to Walking Street for a crawl. In future meetings I will be posting the announcement a month ahead of time, and will include a poll asking those that will be attending what area of pattaya they wish to crawl (walking street, soi 6, soi LK, etc) - those votes will be tallied on the night of the event and off we will go. For this first one, lets just do Walking Street to keep it simple :) If you are planning on attendi
  23. Credit card is easy, following the link above - it uses PayPal which accepts Credit card. Bitcoin is a bit tougher, but can be arranged if necessarily.
  24. I've made a minor change that will show only a single line for birthdays for each day. If there is only 1 birthday that day, the members name will show. If not, it will show something like (4) birthdays and clicking on that will take you to the Day page where all the birthdays will be shown (as well as any other events).
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