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  1. Sounds like I might never make it to Walking Street. Which would be OK.
  2. I've made a decision: 4 nights at the Sabai Lodge in Soi 2 because I've been there. That will give me enough time to explore other places. Thanks for your input Teelack. And your travel adventures.
  3. 1) The Areca has the standard shower-over-the-tub. I want a stand-alone shower 2) Their promotion for the Standard room(no breakfast) is 1604 baht / night Maybe I ought to consider a condo instead of a hotel
  4. It's been 20 years since I've been in Pattaya. In the past, I often stayed in the Sabai Lodge (in Soi 2). I especially liked the 2-person walk-in shower. I dislike bath tubs (inherently dangerous). But, alas, Soi 2 is no longer what it once was: the beer bar complex is gone. The Welkom Inn is gone (along with the open-air restaurant that shared the same covered eating area with the short-time brothel). My preferences: 1) A shower big enough for two 2) Something in Soi Buakhao Since I will be in town from about July 15 - Aug 15 (low season), maybe my best bet is to simply res
  5. I recommend "Fauda" from Netflix. Israeli commando unit vs. Arab militants. A never-ending cycle of reprisals / revenge and how everyone loses. Downer? Yes, but also very absorbing. It's a foreign language series (Hebrew and Arabic) so you'll need to read the subtitles.
  6. Re: Better Call Saul (BCS) BCS is not Breaking Bad. It is its own story. You guys are missing out on an outstanding show
  7. Better Call Saul is available on Netflix - all 3 seasons
  8. Those are, indeed, high standards. All I can say is that I liked Better Call Saul very much. A few more Netflix recommendations: The Wire - A police procedural Nurse Jackie - Stars Edie Falco ("Carmela Soprano") and is about the high price of drug addiction: not just your life but also the complete betrayal of trust to everyone near and dear Episodes - comedy. Might not be for everyone Orange is the New Black - Women's prison dramedy (with MA-rated lesbian sex)
  9. To redeem my soiled rep, I'll recommend 3 films from Netflix. 1) Below Her Mouth: A laughable predictable plot BUT really good erotic lesbian sex. This is little more than soft-core porn that somehow got general theater distribution. 2) Carol: a 2015 romantic drama starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara ("Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"). The movie is unusual in that there are two equal lead roles. It works. In fact, it works so well that the story is less a lesbian love story than just a love story between two people. I know, this sounds like a chick flick. It is. But it's outstanding. Gre
  10. Lighten up. I punked you. Norsemen is a Vikings satire - and is funny (don't miss the obligatory Bad Guy who's over-the-top kinky). I burned out on "Vikings". Have you noticed how nearly every episode includes a vicarious torture and sex scene? Just another variation of "Sons of Anarchy", which is another male soap opera show.
  11. For those who are fans of Netflix's "Vikings"... for something far, far better (and realistic), I highly recommend "Norsemen"
  12. Netflix ===== Ozark Below Her Mouth - GREAT erotic softcore lesbian porn, disguised as "drama". Amazed it made it onto Netflix Spring Breakers - you'll either love it or hate it - nothing in between Blue Valentine - Highly recommended
  13. Netflix ===== Orange is the New Black Wentworth Black Mirror Carol - Great lesbian story Narcos Nurse Jackie Glow Dexter Lilyhammer Mindhunter Whores' Glory
  14. How to surf the web safely on public Wi-Fi networks: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/11/how-to-use-a-vpn.html
  15. Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Netflix's Mind Hunter is very good. It's a drama about the FBI's Behavioral Science Section formation. Admittedly, I'm partial to the story as Edmund Kemper is a major character. Kemper is a serial killer (now incarcerated) who was active in Santa Cruz, CA in the 1970s. On the UCSC campus - which I was attending at the time. He killed (and more) several coeds. Talk about paranoia.
  16. Yes. In one rally, he actually goaded his followers to "take care" of a heckler (ie, he was attacked). If the politician was anyone other than Trump. he would have been criminally charged.
  17. The only time I ever felt vulnerable was in a Thai disco (the old XZyte, I think). When a singer performed a Thai patriotic song, the crowd joined in, singing with waving arms in the air, fingers in the "V" sign. They had morphed into a mob mentality. While that's the extent of what happened, it would only have taken the slightest nudging from the singer to say something disparaging about the farangs in the audience to have been attacked. Real eye-opener about how easily it is to manipulate any audience - just look at Trump rallies, for example.
  18. Some shows you might have overlooked Netflix ===== Santa Clarita Diet - a zombie comedy The United States of Tara - Comedy about a woman with a multiple personality disorder . Lilyhammer - The setup: Remember Tony Soprano's consigliere, Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano? Anyway, he ended up in the Witness Protection Program - in Norway of all places. Comedy.
  19. From Netflix and Amazon: The Wire Dexter Lilyhammer (Comedy) Crisis in Six Scenes (Comedy from Woody Allen) An Honorable Woman Nurse Jackie Black Mirror Breaking Bad Sopranos Rome Spartacus (Seasons 1&2 are great. Avoid seasons 3&4) The United States of Tara Transparent Orange is the New Black (Prison Comedy) Wentworth (Prison Drama - ie, why you don't want to go to prison) The Americans
  20. 65 rai = 26 acres. How can she have time to work even part time? She must have some number of people who work the land. Question: Is share cropping done in Thailand (ie, farmers rent their land, rather than own it outright)?
  21. Are these girls all Japanese? Many of the models in your photos could pass as falangs.
  22. Yes, it is a very good video. But I'm not so sure about their avoiding human beings. Specifically, small children / toddlers.
  23. Can't tell the size of the monitor lizard in the pictures, but was it large enough to pose a threat to a child?
  24. Decline of the Ruble ================ Jan 28, 2015 US$1 = 67.8 rubles 1 Baht = 2.08 rubles 1 Euro = 76.4586 rubles Jan 28, 2014 US$1 = 34.6 rubles 1 Baht = 1.05 rubles 1 Euro = 47.3354 rubles
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