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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hmmm, if only Spurs could've used that as an excuse... Partizan Belgrade V Tottenham Hotspur 01 Lloris 33 Davies Booked 05 Vertonghen 21 Fazio 16 Naughton 25 Stambouli (Capoue - 72' ) 08 Paulinho (Soldado - 60' ) 07 Lennon 42 Bentaleb 17 Townsend Booked (Lamela - 59' ) 18 Kane Substitutes 06 Chiriches 09 Soldado 11 Lamela 13 Vorm 15 Dier 23 Eriksen 29 Capoue 71:32 Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur. Etienne Capoue replaces Benjamin Stambouli. 59:19 Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur. Roberto Soldado replaces Paulinho. 58:52 Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur. Erik Lamela
  2. Those crispy noodles look nice. Never seen those before.
  3. I think the last two posts are spot on. Go to bed after 04.00 and all is great. Not much hope before that. Ear plugs don't prevent the sound reverberating around your room from the street parties and Agogos. It's why I stopped staying in Soi LKM and moved to Skytop (RIP) where silence was golden.
  4. Purple top. Looks like she could be #87 not #81 this morning without the beer goggles.
  5. I think I understand about the 'better sensation' comment... being thinner, maybe more risk of it breaking so more of a buzz when it doesn't break.
  6. Fuck, I thought it was about Dogging in Thailand. As you were...
  7. papillon

    NFL Shame

    He deserves to be banged up. If he gave anybody else a whipping and drew blood he would be. It would be for assault not 'discipline'. I can't see any difference. Child abuse plain and simple.
  8. papillon

    NFL Shame

    Whipping a 4 year old child with sufficient severity as to draw blood is not the solution.
  9. papillon

    NFL Shame

    Pops should get a public flogging Sharia style.
  10. Better sensation? You mean the plastic feels better?
  11. Four games in and Chelsea already look like they're going to win the title. I won't change my vote.
  12. Damn, if I was there right now I'd barfine the pair of them for a week in Koh Samui.
  13. LOL, that was my first impression too. They look great. Might have to call my Travel Agent. Got any more photos of those two?
  14. Yeah, why didn't you buy one from BM Lanzalad?
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