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  1. Great pictures as usual Chris, certainly makes me want to re-visit Bangkok again. Ted
  2. I recently looked at Thai from Perth to BKK and the price was reasonable though not great, however if you wanted to up your luggage allowance from 20kg to 25 kg the mongrels wanted an EXTRA AUD $145, absolute bloody stupidity.
  3. I use ING bank and there debit card refunds overseas ATM fees (though I haven't used this facility) though using the card in various countries for cash (debit) payments I tend to get a TINY bit better the TT currency rates without any fees.
  4. My DTAC sim extends by 12 months whenever I put any credit on, I had a friend put 300 baht on for me in Jan 2018 (long story) my sim card was still working in Dec 2018 and continued till Jan 2019 when I put more credit on so now will be active till Jan 2020.
  5. Would it not be possible to transfer the 65,000 per month in for a few months and then start withdrawing some of the excess left (providing you are not spending it all of course) and transferring it back to your home country which is then available to be transferred back later? yes i realise it costs to transfer money but i believe transferwise? or perhaps other companies have reasonable rates for transfers.
  6. If you get a mini bus, just book when you arrive, it is (or was in Dec) 250 baht drop off at your hotel, and i believe air asia has a service for anyone same price but drop off at central festival.
  7. 9 months or so ago all taxi operators i contacted where saying they were not allowed to take passengers in to UTP, so now we get a mini bus from UTP for 250 Baht per person but have never tried to leave from UTP, YET, so dont know what their story is to go back.
  8. I dont know if you know or not but there are 2 D locations,one is D apartments and the other is D hotel, which one did you stay in ? i believe they are in 2 different soi's though back to back properties
  9. What search engine do you use for these flights?
  10. You must have dozed off during the beginning of the first episode lol, season 1 and 2 were good and hoping for further seasons to come.
  11. Look them up on the likes of Agoda and booking.com and you will find pics and pricing
  12. I used to get cortisone injections in Pattaya, for my shoulder and not the knee but a friend had one in the knee and got good relief. I no longer get injections since i had an operation on the rotator cuff but i found the injections very good.You can also buy cortisone (prednisolone) tablets cheaply in Pattaya which i continue to use on an irregular basis for ongoing / temporary aches and pains throughout the body, old age creeping up is a bugger.
  13. The back building of the Areca is the Evergreen block so if that is the one you have booked you will enter from soi 15, if it is either of the other two it will be from soi Diana.
  14. We manage with bbc i player no problems through the minix box,either a direct link or going to a link through Kodi, have you downloaded the latest version of the i player?
  15. They could have been overbooked but the overbooked ones were refused boarding at the check in counter
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