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Buying drinks on the webcam - new system

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If you want to buy drinks, we now have a new payment processor solution. Our site accepts ThaiAccess Gift Cards from www.thailandpaymentexpress.com - Simply go to http://www.thailandpaymentexpress.com, register (one time) for an account, then purchase a gift card for the amount you want. They accept Paypal and any payment method supported by Paypal.


Within a short time, you will receive two emails. The first will confirm your order, and the second will contain rather long number that is your gift card number.


You then redeem the card on this http://webcam.flbbar.com site using the Redeem Gift Card link on the left hand menu. Place the number you received in the email in the card number field, and your balance will be topped up.


Let the chat moderator know what you want to buy and who you would like it to go to, and your balance will be adjusted.


Note that when you register on that ThailandPaymentsExpress website, your shipping/billing address are not important - you can just make something up if you want.

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I found it to be great fun to watch a couple girls drink on the webcam Monday night , but then I found it to be much more fun to take two of them back to my hotel for the night instead.


Thanks for loosening them up, though, guys.

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