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Explosion Destroys Restaurants in Central Pattaya

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Massive explosion obliterates Thai restaurants and buildings in the center of Pattaya, one Laotian worker seriously injuried


I've eaten in Govindam, the Indian restaurant said to have sustained minor damage.  It's located on Pattaya Klang near 2nd Road.  The explosion appears to have occurred in a subsoi off Klang.  Lucky it occurred at 5.30 a.m. and not 5.30 p.m.


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Friend of mine suffered a similar occurrence many years ago in Pattaya

Overnight escape of gas combined with an early morning first cigarette of the day

His house looked similar (actually resembled an artillery strike) and he climbed out of the rubble unaided, wearing only shorts he got 'flash burned' (looked like someone after a first full day in Spanish sunshine). But with 90% burns coverage he deteriorated by the end of the day and lingered sadly and in a pitiful state in ICU for days until he ultimately died.

I hope the mentioned Laotian mentioned fares better.

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