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  1. 3.95 mb and at 53 sqmtrs, it needs to be some thing special. So many good quality condos and larger for sale at same or less. Post some pictures
  2. So when are you going? By boat or plane?
  3. i dont think they are still there. For a very good steak, you can try the Beefeater on Soi Diana, very nice and has recently been re fitted out.
  4. I live very near to this place and i will agree its the best Indian food available in pattaya by a country mile. When home i eat at this place also 2 or 3 times per week. Great people and a great location. Follow Siam CC Rd all the way to the lake and take the left turn at the "Big 7/11" and follow the road around the lake for about a mile. You will see this place on your right.
  5. Had anyone ever looked at having this procedure done at Bumrungrad and what the price difference was
  6. I am contemplaiting having this done in the next few months at BKK/Pattaya hospital. Does anyone have any idea on cost
  7. They survived before they were here and they will survive after they are gone.
  8. If its that bad, why not just go some place else
  9. I have to be brutally honest. What is the difference between the two? A tenant can still make as much damage to the property in 30 days. It is the main reason I would never do short term rentals. If I did, I would still want a substantial deposit. Tales of landlords in Pattaya have been (in my view) either shyster Thais or foreigners who have cheap Charlie's who don't pay bills/trash the place/or do a runner.
  10. I have two houses here that I rent. I take 2 months deposit as a security bond. Plus the first months rent, so you need to pay 3 months rent up front. This perfectly normal here in Pattaya. You sign a contract and move in, look after the place, pay your bills and after 12 months - either extend or move out. So long as there are no damages, I return the deposit with no problems. If there are damages, we talk about it and come to an agreement. This is very common here and so far has worked for the last 8 years without any hassles. I have friends who rent cheap places out and end up with big problems with tenants, usually they are problems with tenants who have run out of money and have become desperate.
  11. Its complete rubbish. They will do anything to not have to go back to that shit tip. I lived there for work for 2 years and each and every one of them are trying their best to find ways to leave and never go back. (even if that means sleeping with the locals) There was a saying in Ghana about when you could tell a Ghanaian was telling lies = his lips moved !
  12. I like the BG for its location and nice cool evenings to sit and chill with some friends before going out for the night. I think the food is just ok, nothing special, and i accept that they are not trying to impress anyone with the quality of the food. It is just ok food IMO. I wish they would re vamp the menu as it is more American (apart from the Thai section) I would like them to add more sandwiches (for example) I tried to ask the waitress for a roast pork sandwich last time and even though they were making roast pork dinners. She just could not understand what a roast pork sandwich was. She then went to the kitchen to ask and came back saying "No hab" so now i still go to drink, just not to eat.
  13. Also, what are the yearly management fees
  14. E.P Your food reviews always make me feel so hungry.
  15. I have eaten here several times and i can highly recommend this place. The slow cooked lamb is a firm favorite and the owner is one of the nicest restaurant owners i have ever met. Just cant recommend this place enough.
  16. I ate there about 7 years ago and said i would never go back, seems like nothing has changed.
  17. There is a good place along Thepprasit Rd on the left (inside the first gas station) near the night market as you are heading towards Sukhomvit. They can repair tires and sell new or "runners"
  18. It wont make the slightest bit of difference. They ban Somchai and he will still drive.
  19. You ask this question after you have paid What are you going to do in the airport for 18 hours.
  20. The train from the airport takes about 30 minutes and is alot quicker and cheaper about 30 ringits. A taxi will cost you about 140 ringits (can take around 90 minutes) and that is after you have paid for a coupon from the taxi desk on the lower floor or you go to the central information desk that will also help you with taxis. Its much better/quicker and comfortable on the train. When you get off the train, there are lots of taxis and it wil only cost you a few ringit to your hotel. Make sure they have the meter on or they will rip you off. Must dos are the Beach Club if you want to go out and get drunk and find company.
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