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  1. I found it amusing that she believed that she was employed because of her "intellect". LOL
  2. When you use the ATM they have a quick withdrawal option where you'll see a number of amounts available. Most ATMs around the main tourist areas will offer a maximum of 10000 baht. if you want more select the English button and after choosing the type of account you can enter the amount you want.
  3. LOL. After searching for an hour puppy was eventually found. If I hadn't found her I probably would be the one running away. LOL
  4. Our puppy this morning managed to make her escape from the front yard of the house this morning by prizing open the chicken mesh from it's fastening on the gate. Does anyone know where to buy some thin wire or at least a strong nylon string? I plan to enforce the entire mesh against the gate. I live up near the 3rd Road/Nth Pattaya Road intersection. I don't have a car so I can't conveniently go from shop to shop. Hence why I'm asking on the board. Thanks in advance, Alf.
  5. Mattress for sale. Hardly used (for Pattaya). Only 1000 cum stains. LOL
  6. I got the following off the net. Choice of doses of aspirin in Australia In Australia, aspirin is available as 100 mg tablets (3 preparations, two of which are enteric-coated). The next highest dose available is 300 mg (at least 5 preparations).
  7. All I'm aware of is I was prescribed 100mg Aprin a day. Now I'm not sure if 81mg is OK. All I'm trying to do is get the correct dosage. Unfortunately the only 100mg Asprin available here comes with 45mg Glycine. Since I wasn't prescribed it and until I talk to my heart specialist I'm much prefer to get a pack of 100mg from OZ where it is the standard. btw, I would have thought 81mg being an odd size not 100mg.
  8. If anyone is coming over from OZ in the next couple of weeks, could you do me a favour and bring over a packet of Astrix (Asprin) 100mg dossage or a generic brand? I've tried to find it here but they only seem to have Asprin with 100mg but also contain 45mg of Glycine, or in 81mg dosages. Attached is a photo of the Astrix packet. The packs contain 110 tablets and will tie my over until I return back to Sydney in March. If someone can help please PM me and I will send you my phone number and we can arrange to meet when you get here. In the meantime I'll continue taking 2 x 81mg
  9. I have exactly the same problems, no go to last read star and also the box with logo. I have no issue with the other pattaya forums.
  10. The only one that I'm aware of was the Dynasty group providing transport between it's hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya. Whether that's still available? I'm not sure. If you go to their web site you should get your answer.
  11. Amethyst? Should be interesting to see how the girls pronounce that.
  12. Does anyone know if Teva sandals are available in Pattaya, and if so where?
  13. Yeah, imagine that. Being in a boat that's sinking, water lapping at your feet, and somehow finding it surprising that people should want to get away.
  14. Does a Facebook post by Howard Miller, Pattaya One News and now FLB Bar count?
  15. Last report 20 minutes ago 5 dead 200 injured.
  16. getting word through Facebook a ferry has sunk at least 3 dead. anyone have further news?
  17. Considering yours was the first response it would have been more useful to supply the OP the information that he'd requested rather than your stock standard rant about bar fines and sausage fests.
  18. You gave your usual drivel but didn't bother to give it's location which is what the OP wanted.
  19. In 2010 I went to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for a simple checkup. Everything was fine except for an unknown blip on my EKG so they suggested I should go downstairs to their cardio clinic for further tests. I was a little suspicious thinking they might be trying to get some extra money out of me but I went anyway. When they carried out an ultra sound and they detected I had a faulty aortic valve and told me I would need to have it replaced within the next six months. I was due to go back to Australia so I asked for a copy of all my medical documents which they gave me and saw the car
  20. Maybe they get home sick and need to remind themselves where they come from?
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