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  1. Friendship is on South Pattaya road(Pattaya tails) you are talking about another place on the corner of second road and Pattaya Klang.
  2. Friendship supermarket. Google is your friend.
  3. At least the UK doesn't have a Paki ambassador to Thailand. What an embarrassing few years for the UK. Send white people it's appreciated by Thailand
  4. Never heard of a receipt for a TM30. Any enforcement would be with the landlord so your title is misleading. Heard a few stories of a Thai GF/ wife getting fined a few baht for not doing it but never anyone being denied an extension because of this. Have you seen this or just dreamed it up?
  5. I thought the tm30 was the responsibility of the landlord and not the tenant.
  6. Old British bastard got what he deserved. Too bad the Thai didn't kill him though.
  7. I think he got what he deserved. Should have followed crew member instructions. Seems he is also into trading drugs for gay sex http://nypost.com/2017/04/11/doctor-dragged-off-flight-convicted-of-trading-drugs-for-sex/
  8. http://asiajack.news/2017/01/25/murdered-brit-awaiting-trail-serious-fraud-charges/
  9. I read somewhere that the 787 can travel between any two points in the world so anything is possible now
  10. Thai immigration won't transfer a visa from one passport to another but they will transfer a permission to stay.Doubt any consulate would either.
  11. Internet explorer is pre installed on Windows 10 along with edge. Type it in the search box.
  12. Good luck with the sale boss. You moving to Issan or the UK? Good luck to you
  13. If you want to sell with a significant discount let me know. I will send someone to take a look. Market looks around 6-700K for this area.
  14. Lol. Does it take a Thai owner to win in English football?
  15. Or it could have been deleted by the recipient. I find this entire thing of not giving out a phone number also strange. I would never book a car in Thailand without having a phone number in case something happens.
  16. You will never collect it and are wasting your time. The most likely 'further action' is her new boyfriend inflicting physical harm on you or you end up being a so called suicide which means thrown out a window. Let it go don't be daft.
  17. Just forget about it. Get your divorce, keep quiet and move on with your life. Lots of things can go wrong for you just write it off and enjoy your retirement.
  18. The boom started 20 years ago
  19. Guess it could be due to a difference in SWIFT vs. ACH transfers??
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