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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. For the first time in years, on my last trip in January, I did not use a SIM. I could not top up my old one, so I used a combination of Whatsapp and FB messenger to stay in touch with friends, as there is a wifi signal in most places these days The downside, is that where the signal is weaker, actual voice calls can be a pain and start to break up, but text messages usually quick.
  2. Heading in the right direction anyway, thanks or the updates
  3. The baggage hold is probably the best place for him or a cargo flight
  4. I used Nam's lady taxi service for the first time in January this year after getting a recommendation from a BM on this forum. Good service. They replied straight away to my email booking and gave instructions as to where to meet at the airport. Sure enough my lady driver was waiting. Nice safe drive down to Pattaya and plenty of water bottles in the car, which looked pretty new. 1200 baht inc tolls I have booked them again for when I arrive next week on the strength of my last journey with them from BKK airport to Pattaya.
  5. Yep, Fiendship sells Asia Gold along with many other brands of Rolling Tobacco. Asia Gold is Thai but the nearest to Golden Virginia in taste and quality etc, Turn right from 2nd Road into Klang and its just on the left. I went to Pattaya via Dubai recently and a box of Golden Virginia (5x50grams) was £20.37p which showed up on my card statement. That is the cheapest I have bought it at.
  6. Already done that mate, would not make the same mistake twice and its free.
  7. Last time, I went to one of the stands at the airport only to realise that the phone I handed to here was locked to Vodafone. They could not unlock it. Hence my reason for going to Tuk Com nearby where I was staying and they have lots of phone places there where I could get my phone unlocked and then buy a SIM deal, but cant remember what it was, but after a week I ran out of Data, I am assuming Wifi will be OK were I am staying but I will be using mini lap top for internet access .
  8. I am off to Pattaya in a few days and will need a new SIM card. Will wait till I get to Pattaya and go to Tuc Com but what is the best SIM deal for a month ? Lots of different choices these days it seems with combination of minutes, texts and data etc.
  9. I am flying with Emirates from Gatwick in a couple of weeks time. Only 15 minutes from East Croydon station. Stanstead good for those who live further out of the way.
  10. I have flown BA Club Class 4 times now. The planes looking a bit shabby along with the flight crew, but on the whole it was OK. Plenty to drink and food not bad. Not worth the money though really. Its nice to stretch out though for a sleep with a constant supply of JDs, but then you can do that in any Business Class But I got mine through BA staff staff travel and therefore cannot complain.
  11. I have been to Pattaya City Hospital a couple of times for minor ailments. Did not have to wait long to be seen and only charged for medication. It serves a purpose.
  12. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30jbjf
  13. They wont be cheap at LHR for countries outside of EU and would be cheaper to buy them in Thailand You are allowed 200 in at BKK as far as I am aware, but if you get stopped with more, you could be fined If you are flying with a stopover , like Dubai etc, then they are far cheaper there in the duty free lounge. . Then up to you to decide whether you want to risk taking them through customs at BKK if over 200 (i carton) Like customs at all airports, not everyone is checked and more than not most walk through the green zones without being searched at BKK , But sure, if they catch
  14. I agree. They won't nab Thais though, they will be after tourists who might be able to cough up 100,000 baht if it is ever enforced. Maybe they might get some Tea money from the deckchair vendors ? They have yet to put a stop to the Jet Ski scams
  15. Same if I were a non-smoker - I still don't go to the beach Too much fresh air involved If I were a beach dweller, I would be more concerned about local raw sewage finding it's way into the water and constant harassment by beach vendors I have not been smoked by a ladyboy on the beach as yet, but there is always a first time I guess But hey, TIT, and you have to do as you are told, as a guest in their country. I'll live with it However, that said, I think that they should introduce the "death penalty" for topless bathing and men wearing thongs on the beach (and fat R
  16. Just another unenforceable law for the sake of it IMO. Pattaya beach is filthy including broken plastic bottles Perhaps they should introduce a litter law which includes dog ends. On the long beaches of Phuket they would have to have surveillance and officers patrolling the beaches to enforce such a law and I doubt that it just being illegal will make much of a difference, Doesn't both me as a smoker as I rarely go to the beach. If it makes others happy, then good luck to them
  17. I believe that is true. It has been in a terrible state of repair for all the years I have known it and when I was there is January, I attempted to drive up there on a M/C and was the worst I have ever seen it. To do a complete repair, everything would need to be ripped out, including the drainage (what drainage there is) . That was cost a fortune for the land owners and would devastate all of the businesses in the soi, whilst being rebuilt. I wonder if the rents are that much cheaper for Soi Pothole businesses ?
  18. If anyone gets a chance to watch BBC i Player then check out the recent 3 part series of Decline and Fall based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh. It is brilliantly funny in a dark , unsympathetic, and is quintessentially British. Brilliant
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