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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Spot on FBF. Spurs looked tired, as they should after a Thursday game in Azerbaijan!! Pedro looked threatening for Chelsea but the game fizzled out to nothing. McLaren for England?? FFS!!! Testing the faith of the Toon army. Surely there are better options. Players' confidence is shot. Bournemouth the true entertainers of the EPL. Hope they kick on and win a few games. Bad day at the office for 10-man Stoke. Both the Potters and "Crab United" need to score more.
  2. Spurs could be the surprise team this season and make the Top Four. Had some good results and seem to be improving week-by-week. Stoke on a bit of roll after an impressive result away to the Saints. Newcastle looked utter shiite against Leicester. Can the Foxes keep the momentum going? Got to feel a bit sorry for Garry Monk. He overachieved last season but the knives are out already with many now calling him "inexperienced." Bournemouth been a bit unlucky and got robbed with the penalty decision. Good to see Sterling fall on his sword the prat! Huge win for Liverpool.
  3. What about McLaren at Newcastle? He makes Pardew look like the messiah! Strange season thus far. All teams look beatable, look at what Spurs did to Man City.
  4. Stoke looked total shiite against Arsenal, we could have lost by way more. So many times we were stripped of possession in our own third of the pitch playing cutesy, predictable back passes. Two big home games now against the red-hot lively Leicester and bouncy Bournemouth. #prayforthepotters
  5. Btw, this venue is the equivalent of the Vatican, hardly a typical Japanese wedding.
  6. Yep, Welbeck to the resuce ... out for "months." Had to laugh at some of the reaction.. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/row-zed/arsenals-danny-welbeck-out-for-6375537
  7. But can ya rely on Wellbeck? History says a big NO! Much like Sturridge, Carroll and ... er, Dave Kitson ... :)
  8. Hammers did well with tansfers. Jelavic, Moses, Song all quality players. Why didn't Spurs cut a few deals? Usual story of Levy being too tight?
  9. Fair point, but then it all happens again in January. How many teams can one player appear for in one season? Two only, right?
  10. All the talk about transfers, the deadline etc is a major distraction to all involved. Why doesn't the EPL close the deadline BEFORE the start of the season? Would make more sense, no?
  11. Why doesn't LVG play Hernandez more? The Mexican has proven himself at top level in the past. Rooney looks fatigued. He needs some help. Chelsea sinking faster than the titanic! What a huge turnaround from last year. Mourinho's bullying style not helping. I think a lot of teams have got caught out by the early start this season. Some sides were still traveling on meaningless summer tours a week before the start. Madness! Huge win for Swansea, a very well-balanced team. Liverpool paid the price for a few defensive errors. Spurs, Stoke and Sunderland need to start the fookin engine!!!
  12. Very early days but who's going down? My crystal ball shows ... Sunderland Villa Watford (in no particular order)
  13. Rooney couldn't score on The Six! United not plying great but still winning.
  14. Thanks Evil for the review. The ravioli and lamb look great.
  15. Despite losing Begovic and Znonzi, my beloved Stoke look on the up with some big signings. Let's see if they can all gel. Will take a few games I believe. "Stokelona" need the little maestro Bojan fit. And to think a few years back Dave Kitson was out "star" striker ... The Potters were a little unlucky to lose against Liverpool but what a quality strike from Coutinho. Top class. Interesting read on EPL myths: http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/33757354 As for the other teams. Newcastle had some impressive moments in attack, as did Southampton. Leicester g
  16. After one game Wacmedia? :) Yaya was up for the game against Villa. Let's see if he can stay fit. Chelsea has more depth, IMHO. Early days and plenty of transfers to come.
  17. T'was a good little bar crawl mate. Got to watch out for those Chinese "massage" girls, they have the touch of a rapist! Might head to The Hub pub tonight ...
  18. Please post a TR Firth. Shibuya is lively, full of schoolies by day. How about we get together Friday 5 for a bar hop? I'll try to get some "staff" members to attend. What's your travel plans for the trip?
  19. Excellent review Evil and spot on with your izakaya analysis. The menu at these sort of joints is usually huge with heaps of variety, even for Teelack! :)
  20. Thanks for these reviews Greg, very handy info.
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