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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. From what I read Chelsea didn't park the bus. Got to give Jose credit, a great tactician. He was still talking down Chelsea's title chances in the post-match interview, though. The "evolution" will take 2 seasons he reckons ...
  2. Massive win for Stoke! We were in the bottom three before kick off, now up to 11th!!! Bit lucky and still too many stupid fouls but I'll take it with open arms. I've never see a Man U team so unbalanced. Evans and Jones lost to injury so Moyes throws on Wellbeck and plays Rooney, their best goal scorer, way deep. I don't understand that. Everyone raving about the signing of Mata, who is a very good player, but Moyes needed to buy a few solid defenders. Stoke really asking for trouble with all the pushing, tugging and holding. All teams do it but we seem to be masters of the trade! Was wa
  3. Bratpack, What's happening to Stoke? We've had a tough few weeks schedule-wise but we needed to at least draw away to Palace. Next up away again to a rejuvenated Sunderland. Hughes has us playing more attractive footy but the results aren't falling our way. Now only six points between 10th and 20th. Any of those teams could go down. Meanwhile, at the other end of the ladder, Everton have a chance to break into the Top Four.
  4. A favorite with the FLB gals! Had many a good night there. They don't hold back on the spice!
  5. Thanks, doesn't sound like he will be back too soon!
  6. Fill me in Tom, I'm lost. Agree Everton need some back-up Jelavic seems to have fallen out of favor.
  7. Yeah, don't know why they don't recall Lukaku, he's having a great season.
  8. So we just have to beat Liverpool to meet our target! Big win for Spurs against Man U. Many punters saying the title is Man City's to lose, but with the exception of a home game against Chelsea, all their other games against the top 8 are away. Chelsea still a bit threat, especially if they can find a striker who can score some goals!
  9. Big wins for Arsenal and Chelsea last night. Fatigue now kicking in with many teams that don't have deep squads. This end of year barrage of games designed to accommodate a few friendlies in the good months is daft! Stoke looked lost all game, while Spurs have really picked up but the big test for them will come against Man U. Stats tell a sad story for stoke: Match StatsShots 20 2 On target 7 1 Corners 6 1 Fouls 6 14
  10. You a Newcastle fan, Tom? I'm hoping Liverpool is well buggered by the time Stoke face them shortly. I remember that goal well by Tiote. As likely as Dave Kitson scoring for Stoke in his "prime!"
  11. Huge win for Hull! Didn't see that coming, thought the Cottagers were on the rebound. Fulham used to be solid at home, which covered their miserable away form but even that has gone pair-shaped. In a cunning stunt, I binned Ozil for Yaya in my fantasy team, even slung him the armband, only to be left slumped in my sake as he was rested. Looking forward to the Newcastle vs Arsenal game tonight. I recall when the Toon came back from 4-0 down to draw. Can Stoke tame a sharpened Spurs?
  12. Stoke were stuffed royally by the ref but we've been riding our luck with bookings of late. Shit happens! Newcastle are a quality team playing with a lot of confidence. Hardest thing for the Potters is Begovic is out for SIX weeks. Reserve keeper Sorensem no longer the player he was, no longer EPL standard. Huge win for Sunderland and Palace getting some momentum.
  13. Agree mate. But those games won't decide our season. I think four points could be anbitious but we can only hope for a few Xmas hangovers ...
  14. Tend to agree Bratpack, Suarez seems to have matured a bit and scores some amazing goals. Who wouldn't want him in their team? He's given players like Henderson and Sterling a huge boost in confidence. Meanwhile, Sparky's Stoke and the Supremes surge up to 10th!
  15. http://honeyscoffeehouse.com/ This coffeee shop does rentals for View Talay 6. Read good reports but never used them myself. One month hey? Lucky man!
  16. RIP Aussies, Pommies and Yanks! We are fooked boys! Awful scheduling, too, for those in Asia.
  17. Looks like salmon roe to me, or "ikura" in Japanese. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roe Very tasty when fresh.
  18. Berbatov can (could) be brilliant on his day (about once every 3 years), But he is a lazy player who expects the ball delivered on a plate. Can a team fighting for survival afford to carry him? To be honest I didn't rate Martinez much before he joined Everton. I thought if he was that good a manager why couldn't he keep Wigan up. I have been proven wrong so far ... Good to see a shake-up at the top, even if it is only temporary..
  19. Stoke won a game??? Against Chelsea??? Big wins for Palace and Norwich, too. Suarez shines again!
  20. Alright chaps, excuse the thread fook, so what's an "English curry"? What's English about it? And how does it differ from an "Indian curry"?
  21. Agreed! Enough cameras at the grounds now to do it in the EPL. Wouldn't slow the game down any more than the usual theatrics of rolling on the ground, begging the ref for a spot kick, arguing with the ref, etc! Big win for Palace last night!
  22. Agree Wacmedia but it's often too tough a call for the officials alone. The EPL should adopt video technology, red card any divers (including on review) and throw in a three-match suspension to boot! Amazing how many of these world-class players can trail a leg when it suits them to fall. FIFA's stance that "human error is part of the game" is outdated. Too much is at stake nowadays. It will give the fourth official something to really do apart from having to listen to abuse from the rival benches.
  23. Along with ... Must-win game for Stoke against Cardiff. Man City growing as contenders for the title, IMHO. Can Arsenal hang on as the pressure mounts? Ramsey's wonder season continues.
  24. A few rumors floating about ... Tottenham and England striker Jermain Defoe has agreed an incredible £90,000-a-week move to Major League Soccer side Toronto FC, according to the Daily Mirror. The report adds: "The 31-year-old has shattered the hopes of domestic clubs bidding to land him in January by accepting a stunning four-year offer to move to Canada. Defoe said yes to the deal, also worth £6m to the White Hart Lane club, last week. "It is understood he will discuss the implications for his World Cup prospects with England boss Roy Hodgson." Tottenham manager Andre Villas-
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