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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Agreed Parhwahn! You look at the Man U squad and ask of all those players would would start at Chelsea or Man City and I only see two -- Rooney and Van Persie, the rest just not up to standard, IMHO.
  2. Apart from at the back, Man U need more defense in midfield. Team is still very disjointed with no spinal structure.
  3. Didn't believe the Pulis headline when I first read it, thought it was some kind of extra board position he held but no, with two days to go before the start of the season, Pulis walks out because twat Parish has "no plan." TP saved Palace last season, and this is the thanks he gets??? Bizarre! Wouldn't be surprised to see TP get scooped up by likes of Newcastle or the Hammers mid season ...
  4. Really interesting pics there, thanks for sharing.
  5. Interesting collection of pics. Looks pretty quiet there. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Wacmedia, Didn't Moyes choose his own coaching team? That is a problem in itself. Just look at DiCanio at Sunderland. He had free reign to buy a team of third-rate pizza tossers!
  7. Moyes compensation package, like most fired EPL managers, ain't a pot of gold. "Just" 5 million as he missed the CL. It will take a lot to rebuild United. Defensively they are shot. Jones, Evans, Smalling ... would any of these guys start for Chelsea or Man City? I don't think so. Be interesting to see how the "Dad's Army" approach under Giggs and the old boys works out. I'm not convinced it's the way to go.
  8. That burger looks the business, just needs some French mustard on the bun and some grilled diced onions (messy but so much more superior to the lazy raw onion version, IMHO). Cheese the real deal or like plastic? Some of that Tillamook extra-aged cheddar would work for me! http://www.tillamook.com/products/cheese.html
  9. What a cracking game between Liverpool-Man City! But I don't know why Man City didn't play for a draw from the get go. Kompany was obviously injured, Yaya lasted 15 mins or so, Aguero just coming back from injury as a sub... hardly an ideal time to go toe-to-toe with the hottest attack in the league at Anfield. A draw would have been enough for the Blue Moon crew to take the title if they had won all their remaining fixtures. Liverpool got the run of the luck (hey someone has to get it, right?) but between Suarez's diving/foul antics, the Skyrt's handball and wobbles at the back with Flanag
  10. Come to Japan. When eating Japanese food abroad the most significant difference for me is the freshness and flavor of sushi/sashimi. It may be the storage process.
  11. That looks rather civilized. No balloon chasers making World Record bids for the amount of food they can pile on one plate?
  12. Agree. Time for a management change at Arsenal. Too many players just going through the motions. Injuries to key players have hurt the team again but the same thing happens season after season. Wenger lives in fantasyland with all his hype about "potential." Leagues are won on ability, team spirit and commitment ... and an open check book helps!
  13. What a woeful display by Arsenal last night against Everton! Totally gutless. If Arsenal aren't careful they could miss out on the Top Four .... and more importantly if Spurs somehow finish the season ahead of Arsenal I'm buying several bottles of wine!
  14. Splendid! I love it down there. Apart from the horse shit on the beach, Hua Hin has a touch of historical class about it.
  15. Great win for Liverpool but Spurs didn't show up again. Why play Soldado as the sole striker? Defoe would have even been a better option. Sherwood out of his depth me thinks. Tactics and team selections have been crap. Can't give up so many stupid early goals. Look at this howler against Southampton. The ball bounced over the defender's head on his own pitch on the half way line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=861I7XTrhak
  16. Moyes plays Kagawa and .. wow, some attacking spark. Solid gutsy win by Man U but both teams were defensively very poor. Villa are a total Jekyll and Hyde outfit, a bit like Wigan in seasons gone past. Massive win for Palace! Pulis has a good claim for manager of the year. Meanwhile, Stoke roll on.
  17. Do yas have another 100 million to waste, ... er, I mean INVEST this summer? Spurs under Arry were great entertainment -- Bale, Van Der Vart, Modric. Their replacements are not the same quality.
  18. Thanks Wac, yeah Sparkie has finally turned Stoke around. Got to give him a lot of credit -- I thought it was mission impossible but the has the team playing with confidence. Stoke's quad is starting to gain some depth with Adams, Walters and Ireland all missing the rout against Villa. Huge win for Norwich who face the top teams in their last four games. Spurs also got out of jail but what has happened with Arsenal? Too many finesse players for my liking that are very inconsistent.
  19. forcebwithu, Do you get much trouble from chasing dogs? Punctures from the debris lying about? Bike flags are another safety tip to gain visibility.
  20. As Spike said, the salad bar alone ain't a bad deal, if you can get near the thing.
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