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  1. Good win for Man U Fatboy, but fook Spurs' defending was woeful. Fellaini's best game for a long time. Second or third not out of the equation now for Man U. Getting interesting down the bottom. Huge win for Everton. Should Sunderland boot Gus? Look at the turn around at Villa.
  2. Have a great trip. If ya fancy a few scoops and a prowl around Shinjuku or have any questions ping me. If MeGoDanceNow ain't working the poles and is in town, hopefully he can join us.
  3. Well said Fatboyfat, Tough games could give Man U a lift. I think RVP's injury is a blessing in diguise as it gets Rooney back as a striker, his best position, IMHO. Surpised to see Mata on the bench.
  4. Firth, the rainy season ain't that bad. It starts with 3-4 days of straight rain but it can be more of a cosntant drizzle than a Thai-style downpour. Easy to work around I suppose, plan your indoor activities for the rainy days and the outdoor stuff for sunny times. Not sure what your interests are but can recommend a trip to Kyoto for its historical sights and cool nighlife. My favorite street in Japan is called Pontocho, a narrow long lane in Kyoto near the river full of restaurants, bars and a few Geisha. :) http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3921.html http://www.tripadvisor.
  5. Firth, Japan has changed a lot since I first moved to Tokyo 24 years ago. Most things have become way cheaper. E.g. Golf used to cost around $200 a round, now top courses midweek go for $50-90, depending on the season. Average lunch price is around 1000 yen (about US$10). Blow job bar costs a very reasonable 4000 yen for 20 minutes. Decent "business" hotel rooms from around 5000 to 7000 yen a night, depending on the area. English signs for most of the public transport system, though people still get confused. A Japan Rail Pass is a real bargain and helps to explore the
  6. Some interesting results this weekend so far. Gutsy draw for Burnley against Chelsea, I hope they stay up. Getting tired of Mourinho and his childish antics. Every week some new sulk of "injustice." Man U were "appalling," according to a Red Devils fan mate, but Swansea are no slouches. Arsenal very lucky not to concede a last-minuet equalizer against Palace, whose player had a virtual open goal. Newcastle suffering from "mid table syndrome." And then there is Stoke City! Naturally the appointment of Tim Sherwood dominated the Villa-Stoke EPL preview show but I
  7. Lol Parkwahn. Man U roll on despite the crumbling defense. Stoked missing Shawcross, Bojan and Walters fielded a pretty weak team. No shame losing to Man City though. At least we scored and had a go. Lambert finally shown the door. Who's to come in? Stoke play them next week so I'm wary of "no manager syndrome."
  8. Sure Sam, but then was then and this is now. VG's had ample time to show his prowess but seems lacking in ideas or, as you say, is just plain stubborn. That sad, the team sits relatively high in the standings even if the performances of late have lacked bite.
  9. Van Gaal's well hyped "philosophy" is a mirage, a myth on par with a Pattaya virgin. Man U's stars get paid enough to deal with warped tactics but when so many of them are playing out of position and the team has no balance I can understand why they get down and lack spark. Time for Man U to go back to basics.
  10. My mate's a big Spurs fan and I watch my fair share of their games. They have three very good players, IMHO, in Kane, Eriksen and Lloris and the rest are average at best. Surpised Tottenham can challenge for a Top-4 spot but just goes to show how poor the standard is this season. At one stage Kabul was captain! Fook me days, I've seen faster goat herders. Man U another example of a team with no defense doing OK. But with their lack of goals lately, surely Van Gaal has to start playing Rooney higher up the pitch? Wayne can play many positions but his best role is as a roving striker.
  11. Arsenal were very disappointing last night against Spurs. Considering the Gunners recent form I thought Arsenal would have had a good go looking for a win but the team was flat. Credit to Spurs. Kane is having a great season, a shining light for England.
  12. Yep, Arsenal pulled off a major upset. Kudos! Man City not the same team without Yaya. Meanwhile, Stoke surge into the Top 10!
  13. Quote: Pommie is a derogatory term for a Brit used by Aussies and Kiwis. More like a bit of casual slang nowadays between mates. Don't fret it. Cheers. Prost. Kampai. Meanwhile, how wasteful is Danny Welbeck? Gifted so many chances but always struggles to find the target. I can see why Man U sold him. A squad player at best. So how do yas see the transfer window going? Who needs who?
  14. Thanks Nightrider. Life is good. Stoke fluked a win!
  15. Time for the Grinch gripe ... WTF is it with you Pommies and Premier League scheduling? Total fuck up over Xmas and New Year, four games in 10 days or something. I know it's tradition but it favors the rich clubs with huge squads. Meanwhile, back in September, only a few weeks after the league started, we had two weeks off for international friendlies, then again a few weeks later ... And for the creme de le creme ... How the fook can Stoke play Man U in the league on Dec. 2 and then again in the league on Jan 1??? Same goes for Arsenal, we played them on Dec. 6, then again we
  16. What about Stoke-Chelski on Monday?
  17. Good win for Man U against Arsenal considering their list of injuries. Newcastle roll on, what an amazing turnaround. Pards for prez! Meanwhile, spare a satang and a satay for the zillions for Stoke City fans around the world. The Potters have beaten Man City and Spurs away this season ... and have lost to Villa, Leicester and Burnley at home. Stoke had 73 percent of the possession last night, 14 corners to zip ... but couldn't capitalize. The Britannaia used ot be a fortress. Frustrating times. The good news is Stoke play Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal in the next few weeks, two of whi
  18. Dungheap

    The Haka

    The haka's been done to death. Nothing "cultural" about it really, a one-sided act on intimidation with the opposition denied the chance to respond. Totally unfair. England should moon em tonight to express their culture!
  19. You ate well Rhino. Thanks for the effort. Look forward to some totty pics.
  20. Not sure what LVG is thinking. How about signing a few defenders? When he took over the Dutchman claimed the team was not balanced ... so he buys more attackers to make the squad even more top heavy.
  21. Great win for Stoke City! What a goal by Diouf! Everton-Chelsea match was electric. Spurs cut down to size by a lively Liverpool. Tottenham were second to the ball all night and looked lost. Where now for Arsenal and Man U? So after a mere three games into the league we now have a break for "international friendlies" just as Stoke were gathering steam ... Bring on Barca!
  22. Spurs looked good this time last season too and ... The new "Premier League Legends" features are very interesting. Tonight's show was on Sol Campbell. he went through a lot of shit, but a very large ego, too. Up next should be Stoke City's Dave Kitson!
  23. Best solution with the sauce, IMHO, is to serve it seperate so the diner can chose how much or little they want to use. Good review Evil. The place looks like it has potential.
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