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  1. My friend mentioned something about this and was wondering if anyone has checked it out. A bit touristy I know but it far exceeds anything within a 500 mile radius of where I live in California. http://www.ramayanawaterpark.com/
  2. Yeah that's the one! It's nice and all, but I still prefer to drink as cheaply as possible.
  3. The bowling alley was a decently priced place that5reminded me of the old bowling alleys I'd go to. Nowadays it's that new fancy place down on 2nd road I think with the karaoke rooms and a higher end establishment. I did a majority of my shopping for beer and snacks as it was convenient to my soi 7 room. Shame to see it being so empty.
  4. So it's probably safe to guess that there are a lot of places for 10,000-15,000 a month condos and the like to be found then correct? I'm looking for something for 6-12 months, aircon, large fridge.
  5. Your place looks good! Convenient too. Definitely worth a look for my trip in October.
  6. Looks nice! May have to check it out one of these days
  7. I was just about to ask what the best way to get mail from the United states, in my case California, would be. I'm planning on being in Thailand for an extended amount of time(6 months to a year) and it would be nice to receive mail. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Is it possible? Headed back to Thailand possibly permanently within the next 2 months. Can't wait!

  9. I'll still drink it regardless of alcohol content. After several chang beers and whatever else you drink, it sort of tastes the same anyway though right?
  10. just a couple more months...

  11. Did they ever "finish" paving 2nd road? I remember for the most part, much of it was being worked on...for years. My last trip last October saw some improvements but not much else. A lot of the road was still really full of potholes.
  12. Going to miss that palce. Always stocked up my refrigerator there and got somesnack and whave have you on every trip I've gone to. The bowling wasn't to bad, after a couple pithers of beer, seemed to do much better.
  13. Damn tourist groups...always slowing down my progress to a bar.
  14. Made it to Pattaya!

  15. Found it! well the park anyway, looks crazier than anything I've ever seen. Here's the link to the park www.splashdownwaterparkpattaya.com
  16. Alright two questions: 1) what is the name of the new waterpark that is being built? Not interested in the one in Jomtien, been there before. There is supposed to be one being built. 2) Is that shooting range near pattaya still open?
  17. Hehe, I was actually thinking of doing this...until I found out that I make more money in the United States. I'm guessing you can live comfortably on $1400 USD in Thailand though.
  18. Alright, next trip i'm going to have to pry myself away from pattaya and look around Bangkok. love the pics
  19. http://www.soidb.com/pattaya/serviced-apartment/index.html try this link out. should find something in there.
  20. A bit small but for the price and view, not to mention the location, very nice!
  21. In my defense, I'd rather have a fresh made burger versus a fast food, and I was trying to indoctrinate my newby friend into Thai food since he has never traveled out of Georgia. Now he eats Thai food on a constant basis and I do miss my shawrmas.
  22. KFC when I was there last was....slightly Ok at best. The spicy chicken wings were good. McDonald's, no thanks as I have found a new, small, cart out in Soi 7 that makes a decent burger complete with fried eggs that fulfills my greasy needs after a bout of drinking. Pizza hut is Ok although I do prefer the other place better(forgot the name but they have a good stuffed crust pizza) Sizzler, I wasn't to impressed with ALTHOUGH, it was better than what I have tried in United States. Subway is subway, it's either hit or miss. I don't recommend eating it with spicy mustard after drinking either.
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