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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Great photos...thanks for posting. Neat to see birch trees in photo #2...beautiful country up that way...thanks again.
  2. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me cluster...I would imagine that by the time you actually retire...you will be pretty well set. Cheers.
  3. They should re-name that burger "The WidowMaker...or "The Coronary".... Don't eat too many of those Evil or I fear we won't be reading many reviews in the future. It does look good though...:)
  4. Cheers for that info PigBoy...much appreciated. Last trip I switched airlines from Cathay Pacific to Eva as there was a big difference in price between the two airlines for the same seat. Cathay does not have any protruding IFE boxes in their aisle seating and naturally I didn't give this a thought while booking with Eva only to find my leg room severely hampered on the D aisle seat...and from the looks of it the C aisle seats as well. I meant to have a look at the G aisle seats...but you know how that goes once you land...you just want to get the hell off the plane as quickly a
  5. The food looks awesome and the cleavage delectable...:)...thanks for posting the review.
  6. The question about a live in girlfriend is valid...especially if she has a kid...and a family. From where I'm sitting...once you let her move in, your expenses are double...and you become responsible for her child/children and all the expenses that go along with her family. Best to be like gabor...hiring girls 2-3 times a week...than falling in love and watching the drain on your bank account take place b/4 your eyes...school uniforms for the kids, doctor visits, food, dinners with the family....etc...and IMHO...that's the hard part about being an ex-pat...you have to have limits and can'
  7. A question for guys that have a live in girlfriend...Do you pay her an allowance/salary?...or give her monthly walking around money? If so...how much?
  8. Cathay Pacific guidelines for Thailand travel as of May 22, 2014.... https://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_HK/travel-information/travel-preparation/travel-advisories/special-ticketing-guidelines-for-thailand.html
  9. Thanks Evil for the review...that pizza looks fabulous.
  10. Some really good looking girls Patna...thanks for posting. Cheers.
  11. I just spent a couple of weeks in a seaview deluxe with a small sofa for approx. 1700 member rate per night...the view was great but, I've seen it all before. What disturbed me was the paint chipping off the wall over the head of my bed...and don't get me started about the rock hard slab of concrete that they call a mattress...I was forced to drink to excess every evening in order to fall a sleep. I felt like I was Fred Flinstone for Christ sake.... Graffiti etched into the inside elevator doors...I guess Tim Sharkey...or at least one of his admirers...was there... as his name is dee
  12. Excellent food at the Ma Maison. You don't hear too much about the restaurant but they have a great menu and a big wine list. I like the place.
  13. The chili looks good. I may get up there one night and check it out. thanks for the photos.
  14. http://www.farangfriendly.com/new-orleans-restaurant-beach-road-pattaya
  15. Thanks for the pictorial report Patna.
  16. Beefeaters is tops in my book. Café New Orleans serves a great flank steak too. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293919-d1151736-Reviews-Beefeater-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html
  17. At these prices that's highly unlikely... http://www.boeing.com/boeing/commercial/prices/
  18. eeegadz, that was then...this is now....it's a different era.
  19. The scenario you mention is certainly possible...but, I think the "pirates" have something more nefarious in mind. I don't think the pirates are in it for the ransom of passengers. I think the aircraft will be used in a SEA 9/11 scenario. If there is a dirty bomb out there...they will load it up and fly the plane right into KL's Twin Towers...It's probably the only location in the world that the aircraft would stand a chance of flying 3 or 4 hours unnoticed and have a chance of carrying out the objective. In the western world... the aircraft would/should be blown out of the sky as soon as
  20. I see a lot of the big lads riding these 4 wheel ATV's about Pattaya
  21. if the plane didn't explode at 35k feet...what do you think happened to the plane? Of course it exploded. 777..."the safest plane in aviation history"... http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/08/malaysia-airlines-experts-surprised-at-disappearance-of-very-safe-boeing-777 excerpt from link...."Its safety record is impressive – the first fatal crash in its 19-year history only came in July 2013, when an Asiana Airlines jet landed short of the runway in San Francisco. Three of the 307 people aboard died, one of whom was hit by an emergency truck after surviving the crash." imho
  22. With all the modern technology available in 2009...It still took 2 years to find the Air France jet. a quote I heard last night..."the sea will not give up it's secrets easily". It's becoming clear to me that the flight to Beijing was an unfortunate twist of fate for the passengers. If "Mr. Ali" could have booked a cheaper flight to "Europe" via Manila or Taipei or any other route... that would have been the flight that exploded at 35k feet. Looks to me that a new undetectable explosive has been invented.
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