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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. facebook post from a friend 20 minutes ago living in Bkk.... I really worries about Bkk. right now. .. near my place already 11 people get hurt 1 die. . This is war? ?? Hope everything calms down soon ..
  2. you can request either the new or the old at US banks now.
  3. Wow!...the woman in the photo... walking in front of Green Pharma has an absolutely smoking body.
  4. try Google'n the title of the book...it should pop up...as you now own the book... on Google Play... and you should be able to down load it...if not, I'll try and email you the link. cheers.
  5. Here is a link to the first 3 chapters of "The Midnight Train...Destination: Pattaya"... for free.... courtesy of LBJ and Google...I got hooked and bought the book from for a mere $2.65 US...Good luck with the next installment LBJ...can't wait to read it. Cheers. Just one question LBJ...have I met Chalee? edit...sorry guys...I bought the book after reading the first 3 chapters and I can't post the first 3 any longer...Sorry.
  6. sounds like the same situation I've had with lazy bar girls I've employed...once you hire them...you usually have to pay them off to get rid of them...and then you can hire someone else.
  7. Has anyone gotten any blow back from the banks/exchange booths on the new C Note?
  8. translation of text from Google.... Car accident. On Jomtien Beach Road, Pattaya. Saloon + two + Mitsubishi Car Justice it up. Included 18 vehicles, resulting in personal injury, 13 rescuers brightness of age. Submission Pattaya Bangkok Hospital Pattaya + Memorial. Terrible deaths at the scene of the first four cases were foreigners
  9. Thanks for the photos and report Patna...the food looks great. I especially like the looks of the shrimp kebob...do they have a salad bar? I hope to get up there and check it out soon. Cheers
  10. there are many baht buses that drive up the hill and don't wait in the school queue.
  11. water safety in Pattaya isn't even given a second thought...now you can't even take a ferry to Koh Larn without worrying about your safety.... I wouldn't be surprised to see exclusions in future travel insurance policies to include traveling in a ferry to an outlying island off the Pattaya coast. RIP to the lost souls who thought they were on a pleasure trip.
  12. Hi O...I took both in September and got some decent shots with each...smartphone was a unlocked LG GT550 I bought through amazon.com for $55.00 USD and the camera was a point and shoot the old trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8 that I purchased years ago off ebay for under $100 USD... Looking at the quality of the photos...I think the cheap smartphone wins.... smartphone... and Panasonic....
  13. wow!...I had read that they were about to be relegated to a lower division...but, to disband?...Thailand isn't fooling around as far as tolerating hooliganism by fans in football... hopefully... the Dolphins will be back in a year or two.
  14. Thanks billions for the review...here are a couple of photos from the outside....
  15. Cheers CT... I've been pondering this very question... I want to have a hobbie other than bar girls in retirement...so, I'm looking at Hua Hin because of the beaches and clean water and more laid back lifestyle. The area seems to offer a lot of things that are important to me...the many different areas for fishing, affordable housing not far from the beaches and good medical facilities. The centralized location makes Hua Hin not to distant from Bkk or Koh Samui and the city offers a pretty decent nightlife for when I feel like running around. This is the plan anyhow.
  16. one of the tightest bands of all time...Sly and the Family Stone at the top of their game...Woodstock 1968.
  17. The salesmen sell them in all the outdoor bars. You're still sucking in all the nicotine so you don't actually break the habit....but, as a ex-smoker, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of guys who use the electronic cigarette in bars.
  18. Pleng looks a bit like a 30 something Mick Jagger. Maybe she could incorporate a Stones tribute thingee into her act.
  19. if the guy is a big muscleman then he's probably safe...but if not...someone may do a Sonny Corleone on his camera. Most turn the other cheek when they get video'd by the Asian brigade on Walking Street...maybe throwing up a middle finger salute...but if a falang video's you...well, that's just plain weird. I remember when my maters girl got photographed by Sa-teef on soi Bukaroo...she saw him taking her photo and got off her bike and asked him what he intended to do with the photo...not exactly in those words though. when you take photos of people in clandestine mode in Pattaya yo
  20. Hi CT...I remember you posted a review of a guest house/small hotel a few years back...I think it was on soi 2?...the place looked a great value for a long term stay....I'll try and find it.
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