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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Great place to observe human nature while eating a meal.
  2. Cheers Hammer....Congratulations on 8 years...when you stop and think about it, 8 years in the Pattaya bar business is a long, long time... and you're still a good guy. Good luck to you.
  3. I think Tiger has the Major yips and is thoroughly psyched out in the grand slam tourneys...jmho...but, I think he's finished winning Major's.
  4. this meal can not be tackled by any ordinary diner...oh no, for this task a very special type of breakfast eater is required...
  5. great pictorial...thanks for posting. Looks like the kid in the billabong shirt either came to his senses...or had no inclination to hire that ugly ladyboy...cosmetic surgery gone very wrong.
  6. the view beats the hell out of some rooms I've stayed in....
  7. they have the plastic curtains...butt...they do have a bum gun now.
  8. considering all the hotels on the soi...it's one of the quietest and most peaceful soi's in the city... and I don't think the Whitehouse will miss cicero.
  9. absolutely paps...all non essential traffic banned...motor bikes, baht buses and liquor distributors only....:)
  10. erosion of the beach is just going to undermine any widening of lanes on Beach Road anyway...this will create a state of constant repair to the road with the lane closest to the ocean experiencing major cave ins of pavement. one of the most short sighted temporary fixes in Pattaya history.
  11. and they call that progress?.. ....IMHO...widening Beach Road is creating an additional hazard for pedestrians and ruining the ambiance of Beach Road and the promenade. The City officials should have looked at ways of limiting vehicle traffic on Beach Road instead of ruining one of the main scenic attractions of the City
  12. board member tengotodo might have some canoe info for you...you should PM him
  13. You can always walk into a bank and get a cash advance on your MasterCard... and since yours is already loaded up and no fees...that's a good option too. I don't use those free standing ATM's on Soi B...as I had a card eaten at the top of LK Metro in one of those.
  14. Tan is 600b more than Mr. T for a Pattaya to airport ride....a 600b spread is not competitive. Looks like Mr. T is not hooked up very well for van rides...I guess I've been lucky up to now...no problems with airport pick ups and just one death race 2000 run to the airport...I'll stick with Mr. T.
  15. I get all of my gifts for friends back home while sitting on a bar stool at 5 Star Bar Beach road....just have a couple of beers and look out at the scenery and every vendor on beach road will present their products for your approval. it beats the hell out of worrying about where to buy souvenirs.
  16. ....it's over $6,000 for one business class from SFO to Bkk.
  17. RIP Robin.... [media=] [/media]
  18. I've read a couple of reviews that said Nova Gold was only a 5 minute walk to soi 6...anyone have any updated info on the overall convenience of location for this hotel? thanks.
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