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  1. ^ you're paranoid and delusional.
  2. Was at Cherry Bar with a few mates a couple years back when a snake man came in looking for customers. Don't know what it was with one of my mates...maybe his cologne...but the big snake opened his mouth, exposed his fangs and made a lunge at my mate just missing his nose....never seen anything like that before.
  3. I'm currently looking around for a new option for a month long visit. In the past I've used Pattaya Bay Resort a few times and although the price was OK...approx 20k +utilities, I found the standard room to be tiny and the hotel to be a bit off the beaten track...especially when the heavy rain started, you were basically stuck there until it stopped. I've also used Metro Apts a few times but with Submarine right next door now and music blaring at max volume until late-late...I don't think Metro Apts or LK in general is the right option for me. I've also bitten the bullet a few time
  4. You should give it a shot...we ate for a couple of hours...there was no end to the food...I think they had ice cream and some other type of desert, but I never got to it...we shared 6 big bottles of San Miguel with 2 or 3 buckets of ice as well...my portion of the bill including tip was approx 800b...it was a great feed... I think I saw you in Eagle bar on the afternoon of the big water day on the 19th...but, I may have been mistaken...:)
  5. I doubt they would serve the common folk all you can eat mini lobsters (middens) and giant prawns, scallops and all the other food for 105b...but, maybe they knew you as the celebrity you are and cut you a deal.
  6. a friend took me to Ninja BBQ on 3rd Road a couple of weeks back...it was awesome...I think it was 300b all you can eat seafood...prawns, middens (that were just fabulous), chicken, pork and vegetables...his girl cooked most of it right at our table...we ate for a good 2 hours. they get you on the beer and ice though...was a great time and the best meal I can ever remember eating in Pattaya.
  7. My experience is that a good percentage of both the afternoon and evening waitress staff and female bartenders are freelancers, and many of them are attractive...if they like you, you'll be able to set up a rendezvous. edit...I better clarify myself...it's not soi 6, the wait staff and bar staff are working a job...be polite, respectful and above all, discreet...they will let you know soon enough if they want to fuck you.
  8. Haven't had any problems with the wait staff at the Haven... one of the girls that works there and is a nice enough girl, brings her 2 year old daughter to work each day and the kid runs around the tables snatching the breakfast from yer plate... the kid grabbed a piece of toast off my plate one morning...which was no problem... but, I was concerned she might loose a tooth if she tried to eat it.
  9. right on the money with yer assessment Desmond. I've been staying at the Sandy for many years and always enjoyed the place. Since the Sandy would never discount their fees for long term stays I tried other places that did. I enjoyed some places like the Metro Apts (top notch place esp Room #1) and Pattaya Bay Resort that did offer long term deals and I didn't enjoy some other guest houses and hotels, which will remain nameless...but, I always came back to the Sandy. booked a standard for me upcoming holiday at 1390 member rate...I think that rate might be up 200b max from 8-10 year
  10. At the top of Tip Plaza on 2nd Road...there is a wine store/Cuban cigar store...
  11. Cool thing you did for the girls paps...cheers.
  12. I remember having to pay in full for the monthly rate at checkin 2 or 3 years ago...you're not missing anything on that breakfast deal either....eat where you want, when you want to. on the charge card thingee...just monitor your activity daily...I think you'll be OK as I've used charge cards there b/4 with no problem...just don't give them your CID#...I hear there are some new apartments going up next door...so, late sleeping is out.
  13. you can always walk to Beach Road, turn left and cut through Tip Plaza back up to 2nd rd...not much of a walk really as See Me is a wee bit closer to the beach than 2nd Road.
  14. happy Thanksgiving bored members...earz another of me faves...from a Irish lass from me ome country...enjoy..and peace.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JugUQJv9YlY
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzv3ERy0sAM
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83ungps4Qs4
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pot-_HJahrM
  18. I used to fly Eva Sam...but, I've found...for me... Cathay Pacific to be a better all around experience...Cathay's entertainment system is top drawer with over a 100 on demand movies in coach, full seasons of TV shows and all other entertainment stuff...the food is heaps better than Eva too..."Do you want the fish heads and rice or the hot dog with scrambled eggs?".. ....plus, with Cathay you fly into Hong Kong and it's only a two hour hop to Bkk....they also have a early evening flight out of Bkk...roughly 18:00...that turns your last night in town into a real last night in town. cheers.
  19. If a person with Pakistani parents is born in lets say...London.....doesn't this make him a European?
  20. ^...what's with all these wierd photos gabor keeps posting in these threads? are the photos supposed to be "cool"? a bloody baby with one of his barfines crouched behind it?...you are twisted and in need of help gabor...
  21. Maybe so....but, what one guy considers a legend, another guy might not. IMHO...again....when in Pattaya, try and find your own legends...and not seek out highly publicized providers that get the gushing internet board tributes.
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