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  1. Let me help @jomtienguy out https://www.facebook.com/Trip-กะ-Dolls-1608117742764845/
  2. About a month ago, they reduced the amount days staff could work to 15 days in a month. But I have not heard anymore since.
  3. @PattayaPete A bit disappointed to see that you have increased the price of beer yet again Pete.
  4. Spoke to one of the girls this morning, and they have been told that they start work at the Beer Garden again, on the 1st of July.
  5. Looks like the chances of opening on the 15th have been scuppered. Maintenance work still ongoing at PBG
  6. I spoke to one of the girls who works at PBG this morning, and she said they have started working on the bar today in anticipation of opening soon. The 15th of June is the date that many bars seem to think they will be able to open from.
  7. The rumour I have heard is, its a Car Service Centre.
  8. Staff continue to be paid. Plus I am led to believe the plans for the Siren Beer Bar Complex is a new Beer Bar Complex without a Boxing Ring.
  9. Plan announced today is to start pumping water from two reservoirs in the Chee Chan district.
  10. You would just be as well using an Visa Agent instead of booking a hotel. I know the Visa Agent at the Queen Vic is 3000 baht (includes the 1900 baht visa fee) they do the paperwork, and you then go down to the immigration office with a motorcycle driver, who leads you to a desk where your photo is taken (to prove you applied in person). He then takes you back to Pattaya, and you pick up your passport the next day. Doing it this way, a TM30 has never been mentioned.
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