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  1. IMHO there's some humour here that's not unkind. Note, the figure quoted is in Aussie dollars...
  2. Finally sorted the recent two week adventure pics/vids and here's a few...lovely stuff...
  3. Sitting in a room in Feel Nimman in Chiang Rai, leaving on a bus for Chiang Rai tomorrow. Have tried northern sausage a few times over the last couple of days. Not bad, but will hit the authentic late tomorrow
  4. Well a bit off topic, but a huge coincidence. At last Adelaide home massage, 20Nov2022, same TG talked me into trip with her and daughter in law, which leaves tomorrow (at friggin 0620). We have hotel Bangkok then into hire car, off to Nakhan Sawan one night, then Chiang Mai two nights, and on to Chiang Rai three nights. Will fly back to Bangkok, ex Chaing Rai, for return to Adelaide. Trip ten days. The Sai Oua will be tried at source. Anticipate posting a few pics eventually... Cheers all...
  5. HaHa...a little bit off topic perhaps but there are a few occurrences of Sai Oua in Sukhothai during Loy Krathong. Far from traditional shapes and maybe preparation perhaps, but what do I know... Really enjoyed this vid though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym2MY7ZIBcc Cheers...
  6. Here's the 30 day package I used for two 30 day packages over June/July/August 2022. It suits me. I activate my sim2/AIS while taxing into Swampy and then tack on the 350B package. I also used it precovid.
  7. Hi...cock up my end... Quoted this post earlier and tried to add a downloaded youtube file showing the making of Sai Oua. Had a look at the vid a bit later but it had frozen early on - grrr... So wiped that and started again by posting the youtube address (above post) and that seems to have worked well. Looking forward to that pic of Sai Oua hanging in Pattaya. Will give me even more anticipation for my booked trips 2023. Cheers
  8. Hmmm... Tried to insert a saved youtube that shows the making of. Have deleted because although it was only 42mb, it would freeze not long after the start. So will try posting the youtube address instead... Ah, this seems to have worked...
  9. My local TG masseuse, here in Adelaide, comes from a farm between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. She raves about them. Have looked at lots of relevant youtubes and the ingredients look great. Trying to find them somewhere in Pattaya before my next trips so I can try for the first time...
  10. Hi all. Searched but could not find Sai Oua, the northern Thai (Laos) sausage. Are there restaurants/cafes/street sellers that provide this? Prefer central, but anywhere fine...
  11. Arrived home in Adelaide on Wednesday having just completed two 30 dayers (with 12 day back home in the middle). Used Nam for the four journeys and all were excellent, as always. Drivers on time and drive safely. Will use Nam again next year on my ninth and tenth trips.
  12. Still operating in the same place on Buakhao but I have no knowledge of their discount card. Can confirm that the Lek Hotel buffet breakfast coupons are worthless as the buffet has ceased. My last 120B coupon is staring at me as I type...
  13. Strolled down to Lek Hotel this morning to use the last buffet voucher in the booklet. Thought was the 120B price has probably risen 555... Good news - the price has not risen. Bad news - the buffet is no more - area is empty.
  14. 555 or perhaps another large shopping centre. Really need another one of those
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