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  1. Totally agree. Used an agent OK for a few years then covid hit. Had two return trips already booked that were cancelled (for me that's 4 flights). The website basically almost shutdown quickly and all I was able to retrieve from those bookings was shopping vouchers. GRRR...
  2. Will suggest some know how dangerous they can be and take some sort of perverse pleasure in attempting to injure people. I have only been to one in Pattaya (about 6 years ago) and it will remain at one. Had adequate safety protection (thank f***), with earplugs and safety glasses. One absolute prick of a person aimed directly at my ears/eyes with his water cannon from close. Could see the look of disappointment on his face when this seemed to have little effect. Almost felt like I was being punched in the head. Was in my late sixties then and this prick was a big strong fat c*** abou
  3. Thanks. Normally in Pattaya for three months over May to September, with two 12 day trips back home. Looks like they clean it up a bit for me 555...
  4. My birth year Did a bit of googling though and found that although it's Year of the Dragon, it's a Wood Dragon year and I'm a Water Dragon. That combination has popped up twice in my life - birth year 1952 and also 2012. Next combination is 2072 and I won't be around for that But this coming lunar year should be good, hoping anyway...
  5. Looks like Sai Oua (northern Thai sausages). Well worth seeking out IMHO...
  6. Sorry, but I feel that new generations will simply file it away as mistakes that WE made...
  7. Wow, those safety glasses are so cool, you can't even see them! Gotta get a pair of those...
  8. Are they trying to set those trees on fire, once again??? (BTW, good pics)
  9. IMHO there's some humour here that's not unkind. Note, the figure quoted is in Aussie dollars...
  10. Finally sorted the recent two week adventure pics/vids and here's a few...lovely stuff...
  11. Sitting in a room in Feel Nimman in Chiang Rai, leaving on a bus for Chiang Rai tomorrow. Have tried northern sausage a few times over the last couple of days. Not bad, but will hit the authentic late tomorrow
  12. Well a bit off topic, but a huge coincidence. At last Adelaide home massage, 20Nov2022, same TG talked me into trip with her and daughter in law, which leaves tomorrow (at friggin 0620). We have hotel Bangkok then into hire car, off to Nakhan Sawan one night, then Chiang Mai two nights, and on to Chiang Rai three nights. Will fly back to Bangkok, ex Chaing Rai, for return to Adelaide. Trip ten days. The Sai Oua will be tried at source. Anticipate posting a few pics eventually... Cheers all...
  13. HaHa...a little bit off topic perhaps but there are a few occurrences of Sai Oua in Sukhothai during Loy Krathong. Far from traditional shapes and maybe preparation perhaps, but what do I know... Really enjoyed this vid though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym2MY7ZIBcc Cheers...
  14. Here's the 30 day package I used for two 30 day packages over June/July/August 2022. It suits me. I activate my sim2/AIS while taxing into Swampy and then tack on the 350B package. I also used it precovid.
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