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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. For Oz expats - may be of interest. Long slept thread, but have recently found an ad free site for AFL replays (August 2021). Will paste a recent game that I watched. Blurb is that it is still in Beta mode but I have found it here in Adelaide to be almost perfect for a replay. Maybe you will need a VPN in Pattaya, who knows? You are able to select the round, then game, then by each quarter... https://www.afl.com.au/ondemand/highlights/568753/2021-afl-match-replays?episode=1#round-19 (Open link in new private window worked here in Win10 using firefox) Not trying to
  2. Had started using the A350 with SIA a few times until covid stopped that abruptly. Very nice plane...
  3. Sadly, don't think he he was the brightest crayon in the pack. When I've scuba dived over rays, I left them way alone. This dude had to pat every bloody thing...
  4. Have been curious about keymoney for some time, although never likely to start a businsess in Pattaya myself. Previous threads are around 2006, with one a bit later. So thought I would throw this youtube in for others who may also be curious. Do expect that there are a huge number of varied situations of keymoney (or lack of) currently... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYc3tUJ59m0 Cheers... PS: vid would not open without opening in a new window???
  5. Well, no-one is going to pinch one of those if you need to go to the loo...
  6. Should have done but one of the over enthusiastic mods would probably get his nose out of joint for showing up "their" article...
  7. Another point is a PA thread, which had the informative article quoted, was immediately shut down. Another PA thread, directly from the Pattaya News, which revealed SFA, remained open... Perhaps I should have posted this in the Sins of... thread...
  8. Might be an option... https://bangkokpost.pressreader.com/bangkok-post
  9. Nah, safe as houses, has safety tape around it...
  10. Thanks also, had forgotten about Bahtsold... Prior to 2020, I normally did two 30 day trips during Oz winter, with about a two and a half week gap in the middle, when I returned to Oz. So my thinking is, I could look at renting a condo, near central hopefully, for three complete months... One bed, with kitchenette, wifi, balcony, etc would be ideal for me. Could leave most of my stuff behind for the brief return home. I have been staying at a guesthouse and leaving most of my stuff, in the guesthouse, for the period I returned home. There is not even a microwave in the guesthouse...
  11. Benidorm sounds a goer. Have fun. Bali is where half of Oz seems to go and that is exactly the reason I have never gone and will never go there. That's just me though. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the response. Agree, the three year scenario would be sad but not unrealistic... The quarantining at own expense (also at either end for me) and the exreme hoop jumping is beyond the pale and must relax... If nothing else changes, will have to find something else to spend my money on . TG in my hometown visits (now Saturdays - today) every week and I really do enjoy her company and efforts. Do pay more than I need to, on my own initiative, over a number of years. Rewards are great massage, no rush, good company and sincere relationship. Sometimes in Pattya, while havi
  13. My two trips over June/July/August this year obviously covid cancelled ? TBH, cannot see how I can have any plans for 2021. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that are yet to line up to enable even a stab in the dark as to when I will next travel. Might even be 2022 - who knows??? Anyway, will be 70 after May 2022 so airport transit would be easier then... The bad things: Current Oz ban on overseas travel must be lifted. Airlines must schedule return flights . I will not travel while two week quarantines are in force (at either end) as my trips are only 30 days
  14. Here's what MWB is telling me about PA today...
  15. Some years ago my local council here in Oz had some renovating done to their buildings. The pavers on the footpath outside were laid three times before the job was finally finished. TiT can happen elsewhere
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