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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Some years ago my local council here in Oz had some renovating done to their buildings. The pavers on the footpath outside were laid three times before the job was finally finished. TiT can happen elsewhere
  2. Just a follow up to ^^^ Just got another TROJAN warning and blockage for PattayaOne News tonight...third day running... Anyway, here's a screen dump of the previous few days, via MWB+ for info...might be of use to some techy...over my head...
  3. Well, this sure is an old thread, but I have received TROJAN warnings for the last two nights for PayttayaOne News, from Malwarebytes Plus. Guess this could have been posted on the NW Group thread Anyway, for info...
  4. Just throwing this new one in as it may be of interest to those who travel to lots of countries. Of course, NO-ONE is doing much travelling at the moment, but that will not last forever... Am not recommending the product personally as I have both OZ and Thai sims and that's what suits me. https://www.xda-developers.com/hmd-connect-sim-card-global-data-roaming/
  5. Am able to log in now to two apps for the airports that I normally pass through, Singapore and Bangkok. They both have access, though their menus, to wifi login. In my case, I consider this will be hugely useful in Changi, as I am there for not much more than an hour and I should be able to go straight online on landing, enabling www catch up. I guess app for Suvarnabhumi will not be as useful for me in Suvarnabhumi normally as I will have clicked my AIS sim on. (May be useful in completing the new T.8 on arrival but I have also printed copies of the new form) Changi download is detailed at https://www.changiairport.com/en/download-app.html Suvarnabhumi can be found here https://www.airportthai.co.th/en/aot-airports-app-introduction-check-in-counter/ Are there other airport apps that bm's find useful?
  6. LINE_V20200228_110322150.mp4
  7. For anyone interested, this years race starts in a few hours. https://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/news/2019/pre-race/follow-the-race-faqs/ Website and viewing details in the link. Enjoy
  8. Perhaps this is not exactly a "funny picture" but it has made me smile more than once. Had to trim the youtube way down so I could post it. LINE'd it to a few TG's who loved it... Six-Year-Old Muay Thai Prodigy Practices With Father.mp4
  9. Yes, saw him last month on the Poon, a number of times. Maybe a screw loose but he looks happy and harmless.
  10. $A not doing so well also. After reading your post, I became curious and so did a comparison of my two 2019 and two 2020 30 day trips with Singapore Airlines (booked through BYOJet). I book almost a year from travel as Singapore Airline prices seem to stay constant and I am able to select exactly the departures and stopover time that I want. Trips are ADL-SIN-BKK and BKK-SIN-ADL return. Every one of these trips has exactly the same timing. I think the pricing discrepancy between June and August is due to USA holidays, but not sure. Also, I only have 50 minutes in Changi on the way over, so book a seat towards the front of the A350 in economy, which costs about $A19 (but only do this on the trip to Singapore.) Gets me off the plane as soon as possible. June2019 - $778.95 June2020 - $788.19 August2019 - $674.01 August2020 - $689.28 Have an account with Bangkok Bank and keep this topped up more than enough to cover the trips. So in my mind, I am about as immune from exchange rate fluctuations as I can be (I think). Of course, it could go the other way, but don't give a .... if it does. Cheers
  11. Next year will be my fourth year using Nam's taxi. Always safe, always reliable, waiting for me on arrival and early at the departure point, always.
  12. Similar for me as I now do two 30 day trips during my winter months. Am currently on the second trip this year. With the girls, I now indulge every second day instead of daily and normally do repeats so don't get caught with a dud.
  13. Arrived ~17:30 Sunday 09Jun19. Was through in record time. One person being processed and one ahead of me. Finger printing took about half a minute. Through so quickly that had to wait, at a guess, for about 15 minutes before the cases even started appearing. Bought a litre bottle of Jim Beam duty free for 700B. Is that cheap for Thailand? Was in Nam taxi in no time. Nam's daughter (or sister - can't remember) was along as a passenger to see how the system worked before she starts driving herself.
  14. Halfway through the first of two monthly trips this year. Have quickly padded my Thai bank account with enough baht for probably even two monthly trips next year also. Having just turned 67, I do not wish to plan Pattaya trips further than that. Guess I will ascertain my situation around this time next year with regards to health, my finances, the Pattaya scene and the exchange rate then, to see if I will proceed further. Next year will be my fourth year of trips and I am realistic enough to know that the "good life" cannot go on forever. So in answer to the thread, my (unknown) tipping point may be reached next year, if the deterioration continues at the current level, but it remains only one element in a number of considerations.
  15. I use AIS and am on the first of my two 30 day trips this year. On arrival last week, I tapped into their "ON TOP PACKAGE: MAO 650B unlimited net, speed 4Mbps for 30 days" AIS has HEAPS of packages available so can only guess that DTAC has lots also. Have you sifted through their website? I use guest house wifi most of the time but when it starts dropping out, or getting too slow, I plug the mobile into the laptop and activate "USB Tethering" in the Settings and so run from my AIS package. I have the laptop hooked up to the widescreen tv, if I want to view on there. Hope this helps.
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