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  1. Thanks also, had forgotten about Bahtsold... Prior to 2020, I normally did two 30 day trips during Oz winter, with about a two and a half week gap in the middle, when I returned to Oz. So my thinking is, I could look at renting a condo, near central hopefully, for three complete months... One bed, with kitchenette, wifi, balcony, etc would be ideal for me. Could leave most of my stuff behind for the brief return home. I have been staying at a guesthouse and leaving most of my stuff, in the guesthouse, for the period I returned home. There is not even a microwave in the guesthouse... Hmmm... Any agents with a website worth looking at???
  2. ^^^ Many years ago, in Mexico (TJ), local girl latched onto me. All blah, blah, but said she was at uni studying to be a doctor, whatever... But when we entered an authentic local Mexican restaurant (not Texmex) she would do the talking and get the local price for us both... She claimed they would have charged me double... (Menu and bill was in Spanish) Guess dual pricing happens in all/most of third world like places...
  3. Benidorm sounds a goer. Have fun. Bali is where half of Oz seems to go and that is exactly the reason I have never gone and will never go there. That's just me though. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the response. Agree, the three year scenario would be sad but not unrealistic... The quarantining at own expense (also at either end for me) and the exreme hoop jumping is beyond the pale and must relax... If nothing else changes, will have to find something else to spend my money on . TG in my hometown visits (now Saturdays - today) every week and I really do enjoy her company and efforts. Do pay more than I need to, on my own initiative, over a number of years. Rewards are great massage, no rush, good company and sincere relationship. Sometimes in Pattya, while having ordinary massage, I wonder what the bloody hell I am doing there!!! All that said, I do still want to return, probably more now for the holiday aspect (and hot weather in my winter) than the TG availability. Cheers
  5. My two trips over June/July/August this year obviously covid cancelled 😢 TBH, cannot see how I can have any plans for 2021. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that are yet to line up to enable even a stab in the dark as to when I will next travel. Might even be 2022 - who knows??? Anyway, will be 70 after May 2022 so airport transit would be easier then... The bad things: Current Oz ban on overseas travel must be lifted. Airlines must schedule return flights . I will not travel while two week quarantines are in force (at either end) as my trips are only 30 days each. In the past I travelled on the complimentary insurance provided by Allianz through my credit card. Any covid insurance would have to be affordable AND available. Covid free certificate might be impossible to get on a <72 hour basis. Then what happens to the booked airline tickets??? Will have to have a good look at what the Pattaya situation on the ground is at the time. Still worth the effort??? The good things: Plenty of funds available (including Thai bank account). Am retired, so can basically leave and return whenever I like, although normally I travel during my local winter.
  6. Here's what MWB is telling me about PA today...
  7. Some years ago my local council here in Oz had some renovating done to their buildings. The pavers on the footpath outside were laid three times before the job was finally finished. TiT can happen elsewhere
  8. Just a follow up to ^^^ Just got another TROJAN warning and blockage for PattayaOne News tonight...third day running... Anyway, here's a screen dump of the previous few days, via MWB+ for info...might be of use to some techy...over my head...
  9. Well, this sure is an old thread, but I have received TROJAN warnings for the last two nights for PayttayaOne News, from Malwarebytes Plus. Guess this could have been posted on the NW Group thread Anyway, for info...
  10. Just throwing this new one in as it may be of interest to those who travel to lots of countries. Of course, NO-ONE is doing much travelling at the moment, but that will not last forever... Am not recommending the product personally as I have both OZ and Thai sims and that's what suits me. https://www.xda-developers.com/hmd-connect-sim-card-global-data-roaming/
  11. Am able to log in now to two apps for the airports that I normally pass through, Singapore and Bangkok. They both have access, though their menus, to wifi login. In my case, I consider this will be hugely useful in Changi, as I am there for not much more than an hour and I should be able to go straight online on landing, enabling www catch up. I guess app for Suvarnabhumi will not be as useful for me in Suvarnabhumi normally as I will have clicked my AIS sim on. (May be useful in completing the new T.8 on arrival but I have also printed copies of the new form) Changi download is detailed at https://www.changiairport.com/en/download-app.html Suvarnabhumi can be found here https://www.airportthai.co.th/en/aot-airports-app-introduction-check-in-counter/ Are there other airport apps that bm's find useful?
  12. LINE_V20200228_110322150.mp4
  13. For anyone interested, this years race starts in a few hours. https://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/news/2019/pre-race/follow-the-race-faqs/ Website and viewing details in the link. Enjoy
  14. Perhaps this is not exactly a "funny picture" but it has made me smile more than once. Had to trim the youtube way down so I could post it. LINE'd it to a few TG's who loved it... Six-Year-Old Muay Thai Prodigy Practices With Father.mp4
  15. Yes, saw him last month on the Poon, a number of times. Maybe a screw loose but he looks happy and harmless.
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