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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Excllent photos!!


One for your diary...There is a road being built from Loikaw in Myanmar accross to MHS.....Now THAT will be a beautiful drive through the mountains..


Some of your pics could well have been of Loikaw as they seem identical...and the Burmese food is easy to spot as it has a quarter inch of oil around the outside.....

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Thanks Rhino.


Your pic report brings back a lot of fond memories from about 30 years ago. We also flew up from Chang Mai and stayed at a basic guest house and then some nearby bungalows in the jungle.

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Thanks for the great report and pics. I have been meaning to go up there and check it out, will do sooner than later

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Went to Mae Hong Son at the beginning of the beginning of the month. Just a few things to add which may benefit some. We stayed at the Imperial Mae Hong Son. It is a pleasant hotel in a picturesque setting. It is 2 or 3 km from the center of town. I had anticipated that tuk tuks or taxi would be readily available. Not so. There are a few elderly tuk tuks, vehicles and drivers, in town, but you don't see them very often. We did take one from the airport to the hotel. The GFE provider arranged for the hotel van to take us downtown in the evening to see the lake and nearby sights and to eat and came to get us when called. That was 120 baht.


We rented a relatively late model Toyota Hilux for 24 hours to make the rounds the next day. That was 1,600 baht and the man delivered it to the hotel. With both of us running Google maps, we found our way to the sights without getting lost.


We did go to Ban Rak Thai, (not my photo) a village, that was about 40 km road miles away and perhaps 10 km as the crow flies to buy tea. Or at least that was the main point that I observed. It was at 500+ meters in elevation which is a good deal higher than Mae Hong Son. I was well and truly puckered by the time we got there. Did I mention that the GF is a good driver.



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