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    No one love’s a smart ass 44E0D9AF-D849-4B56-898A-98AF9634DD93.MP4
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    An Apple a day... Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
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    Well I suppose it is a little mesmerizing. UV6U7c0XS3XewAwU.mp4
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    Pussy on a pole. Just like Pattaya. Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
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    I couldn't see that and was getting a bit frustrated , then I saw it and cant keep from seeing it. A really good pic
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    Not necessarily. I believe some Europeans (eg Scandinavians and yes Americans) can sometimes have some worldwide cover from their home countries, worth it's weight in gold if it provides comprehensive cover. Maybe these are all courtesy of their former employment. Other that that I would expect that you are correct.... go see an insurance broker when you get here. Over 75 years you can have cover, but that cover will usually be with a company you were with prior... they limit new customers to a certain age. But it is an expensive item some forego. Many 'self insure', ie keep a healthy bank balance to cover eventualities. Certain Visa types actually require this too, a healthy maintained bank balance, that actually you are not meant to spend on anything oddly enough. There is also a visa class that requires medical insurance... both of these associated with what is called a retirement extension, how many live here. Another topic.......
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    At the doctors 27384B25-99B9-4B87-97C7-DC7ABD39A497.MP4
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    The annual costs of insurance policies go up with age.... so no real advantage of getting in early than the cover, BUT you need to get in before the cut off age for new customers... mostly around 75 yo. Some policies include cover for trips overseas from Thailand, but beware the USA is often excluded due to the high costs there. There are some care facilities in Thailand these days.... and one could rent a nurse to come to your own place. (http://www.rentanurse.asia/) Generally, I would say Thailand is not a place to be with poor health.... I do not think much of the available insurance, and the better hospitals, may well be cheap by USA levels, but can cost a lot.
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    I generally tip the same for a 60 baht trip into town I give 100. Still half the price of a normal meter taxi.
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    I just watched Hotel Mumbai. It was very grim and realistic A bunch of well armed Pakistani Muslims enter the swankiest hotel in India and start murdering everyone in sight. The reviews are interesting. There are many positive reviews but also MANY negative ones of 1/10. (One out of ten). The terrorists are portrayed as bloodthirsty trigger happy cutthroats so you can imagine who all the negative votes came from. The Hindu and Sikh hotel staff who could have escaped when they had the chance didn't and chose instead to remain and do what they could to protect to guests. Many of these valiant staff were mowed down along with the guests they'd tried to save. I'd give in 9/10 myself, I thought it was brilliant and a hell of a lot better than I'd expected an Indian film to be. It pulls no punches and is two hours of drama tension and violence.
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    I finally got to see Ford vs Ferrari last night. I highly recommend it. Carroll Shelby was a role perfectly suited to Matt Damon and Ken Miles was brilliantly portrayed by Christian Bale.
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    There's a few jokes in 1: 1) The structure is a Teepee and an abbreviation for toilet paper is TP. 2) A form of youth vandalism is to TP (toilet paper) someone's house/tree similar to the cartoon. 3) Toilet paper did not exist then. The joke is the look of befuddlement of the Indians.
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