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  1. Don't waste your time trawling around beer bars looking for a hot one or expecting a girlfriend experience because you won't find it. They all work in the gogo's now and it's...Wham bam Thankyou Mam...So just head for Soi 6 that's where all the affordable sexy talent lives. Champagne Gogo on Lk is worth checking before you go to soi 6...If only for Free pizza on Tuesday and Thursday..cheap draft beer and 800b barfine
  2. Agree with you about United they seem to have found some form and confidence after their fa cup win and will be keen to get back in the top four if man city or arsenal falter...at least I would have thought so. Good luck to Leicester though ..be great to see them win the title...they deserve it.
  3. Some great snooker last night...Selby v Fu...went almost to the final frame...very tense safety play at the end. Selby just about edged it. Should be a great final....Selby v Ding.
  4. Yep...I was awake until gone 4am this morning watching the mcmanus v ding match...couldn't believe Alan mcmanus missed that easy black to give the frame to ding otherwise it would be an even closer game. He will need to be on top form to overcome ding and get to the final now. I fancied selby to reach the final too but some of the simple pots he missed yesterday makes me wonder about Hua form right now. Got a great tv here for watching snooker on true and just 3g internet on my phone but will bear that in mind for the future. Yep the Chinese guys are looking strong at the moment..i especially noticed ding is an exceptionally good at long pots.the british lads need to up their game to win it. I have been checking the weather back in the UK recently and can't believe how cold it is still at the end of April...still having night frosts there I believe...guess you still need the heating on at night..no such problems here. :)
  5. Anyone else enjoying the snooker world championship from Sheffield...the evening session still in progress at the moment...ding leading mcmanus 12 - 8 and earlier selby and fu 8 frames a piece the last I saw. Shame o'sullivan was knocked out at such an early stage though....i would have enjoyed watching him take on the chinese lads. I am watching it on true with thai commentary but compulsive viewing and a good way to keep mysrlf out of the bars tonight.
  6. Yes as long as you don't want to indulge in p4p
  7. Evidently 5 Russian tour companies have gone bust in the last 2 months http://news.yahoo.com/russian-tourists-stranded-abroad-crisis-deepens-162713798.html
  8. I was checking out hotel prices for Amsterdam as I haven't been over there for about 6 years. My how things have changed...hard to find a decent hotel in the Central area for less than £100 a night now. I had some good times there in the early naughties when the Pound was strong against the Guilder and then the Euro...but now it's just not competitively priced anymore. I guess they are still flush with tourists though from all the Eastern European countries that have been opened up...but perhaps they are not so keen on the Russians anymore after recent events. Still I had a pretty good run there for a few years but I can't see the good old days returning in time for me to enjoy. I do see parallels with Thailand the way it is developing and prices are changing.... Time to enjoy Thailand to the full...because the good times (and by that I mean it's affordability) won't last much longer.
  9. Koh Chang has more to do and easier to explore on a scooter as the roads are tarmaced...although beware the tight hairpin bends... Even a small bar scene there but I wouldn't rely on it...better to bring your own. Koh Samet is a great getaway for 2 or 3 days and I did hire a scooter there even though there are no proper roads and riding one is extremely hazardous. I was there before the oil spill so not sure if that has had any lasting effect on the beaches I hope not because they are some of the nicest...which is why I one in my avatar. Never been to Ko Si Chang so can't comment...I believe there is another Ko Chang island as well which is off the coast of Ranong in the Andaman sea
  10. Although I wasn't able to be there may I offer my virtual congratulations Adam...rumours of your bars demise have obviously been grossly exaggerated.
  11. I stayed at vt1 for a couple of months earlier this year and used to look at the queue waiting for the baht bus to go back to Jomtien from second road and think .."Stuff that " and started walking and tried flagging them down on the way ....I would say 9 times out of 10 they won't stop regardless of how full they are and I lost count of the number of nights I walked back to Jomtien. Occasionally when I had company I paid 150 baht to hire one to myself
  12. Thank God that's over for another year
  13. Having spent 2 months in a VT1 studio. I couldn't recommend it for a longterm expat. Although the actual buldiing was fine for me and the studio was recently refurbished but the nightmare of crossing that road everyday just to catch a baht bus or walk to the beach would try my patience let alone risking life and limb. The view was pretty shite too even from the 9 th floor and the balcony was too small to enjoy anytime on it apart from standing there getting a sick stomach looking at the drop. I think a one bed is definitely a better option although I didn't get to inspect one. I like the idea of some more space.
  14. My own experience in February looking for an apartment was that high season is a bad time to go looking. Alot of places were full although if you wait a couple of months they have plenty of rooms and apartments available...it's very seasonal. Get your foot in the door during low season and rent long term and you will be offered a much better rate. I was a bit lucky someone was checking out while I was there making enquiries so went to see the studio and moved in the next day 5000 baht seems to be the going rate for a decent budget room and about 13000 for a nice studio apartment plus 2k for bills Of course if you want to stay at VT 6 You will pay a heavy price for the privilege
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