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  1. That's the beauty of laying bricks/tiles on sand easy to maintain and repair when the sand shifts or rain and the sea affect them. If they maintain them is another story.
  2. I shall be 70 next June so I am sort of thinking about doing something then, but if things are back to normal come January I might not be able too resist a February break from the winter.The exchange rate will be a big factor in the decision about length of stay or if I travel at all and any health issues that may pop up out on the bicycle most days up to 50km a trip now.
  3. I flew back from Bangkok to Amsterdam with KLM on Wednesday and the evening before I got an email that if I had made other arrangements could I please let them know as there were a lot of people desperate to get back and they could use the seat.I replied I would be on the flight. Saw a report that the cabin staff of KLM were understandably worried about the virus and then got another mail saying there would be limited service on board,no alcohol,hot drinks and one hot meal, " bring snacks" and I did no problem.thats how it was. Once we took of they repeated what was in the mail no booze,tea,coffee one hot meal.....and no service water,juice,soft drinks bits and bobs would be in the three galley's and it was self service,no problem I thought I have my own snacks and water. BUT it was a non stop people coming and going to get liquid and my seat was on the aisle by the middle galley and half the people on the plane passed by my seat multiple times,I am home and waiting with trepidation for the fever to hit me.That flight did not have a free seat and they took two other flight and cabin crew back as well.
  4. They won't have anybody flying from the UK because of restrictions on entering Thailand,plus the UK government is advising people not to travel and that will invalidate any insurance,sort of catch 22 where insurance is concerned I'm scheduled to fly out Wednesday and will be at the airport T least 3 hours before the flight.
  5. But if a currency is floating the markets decide,I remember when the Baht was tied to the US dollar at 25 Baht.Not sure what happend to the pound back then has any bearing on today's markets.I do remember when I was only allowed to take out £100 and it was stamped in my passport.
  6. I will need to change some Euros soon,there is chatter on the forums that the Thai government will devalue the Baht.Can they do that or do the markets decide the value as far as I am aware the Baht is floating on the exchange?
  7. Just walked down beach road from Soi6 to mike's, the pumps are primed and ready to go and fenced off,still the one solitary parachute and only saw one guy working grinding the rough edges or cutting a straight edge.mikes shopping centre is dead,not much happening in terminal 21 but I was there just after it opened it's handy for me to get some of my daily 10k walk round the floors in reasonable cool conditions.Around soi Buakhao and metro it looks normal and busy but it's not it must be scary if you are working, it's starting to look disastrous for the little people in Pattaya.
  8. I booked with KLM in January for €785 that's with €50 for seat selection it's now €675 with seat selection. and EVA were showing €583 I have never seen it that cheap in 20 years.Thats direct flights from Amsterdam.
  9. £ is back under 40,it's showing 39:88 on the TT web page and the € is 34:02.
  10. Is that because the Baht is losing value on the market or because the pound is gaining on the market,at the moment most currency's are rising against the Baht not just the pound. I would be happy to see my euro go back to even 36.
  11. You may be right but the Chinese currency is also strengthening against the Baht.does anybody have any facts about why the Baht suddenly dipped seemingly against all currency's.
  12. yselmike


    I booked a flight yesterday I'm glad I chose KLM over middle East airline. The old McMillan quote comes to mind " events dear boy events"
  13. It was the noise according to a mate who stayed there and the size of the rooms. I have booked a room at the Classroom hotel because of its Size just under 40 square metres and it's got a big balcony on the Pattaya side the two things I want in a room really.not cheap but what the hell a few thousand Baht here or there is not going to have a big impact on my life,and it might very well be my last intercontinental trip.
  14. You might want to read the reviews on Agoda and booking about the deposit and getting it back.
  15. There are some terrible reviews on booking/ Agoda mainly about problems when they checked out, the room was gone over from top to bottom a mark on a towel was enough to lose the deposit (that you pay when you get the key evidently) anybody know any other place that has a microwave and top to do basic self catering?
  16. yselmike


    Not all the British people are sheep just the 13.9 million who voted tory.
  17. yselmike


    Here you again spreading falsehoods the majority of the British people didn't vote for Brexit or to elect Boris.a majority was gained in the two votes but it's not a majority of the British people ,only a majority in a election and a referendum. Facts please. Happy new year.
  18. yselmike


    The sheep that voted for Boris are now being led to the slaughter house. Brexit just keeps on giving, Happy new year.
  19. I don't think you can walk from Jomtien to Pattaya using the beach there's rocks at the end of Dongtan beach.
  20. They introduced charges recently same as liverpool,you get 5 to 10 minutes for £3 then £10 then £20 if you stay up to 30 minutes or something like that,I know that because my niece picked me up once from Liverpool she arrived early cost me £20. I now fly into Manchester from Amsterdam and can get a direct train to Flint and that's five miles from my sister's place. If anybody is interested you can book train tickets online via an app called the Trainline, set up an account and the earlier you book the cheaper the ticket is. It's paperless travel now my flight and train ticket are on my phone and the fast track is downloaded to Google drive.
  21. The security is a scrum including the fast track but for a fiver it's just about worth it, don't be late and find out what terminal and what floor you need to be on etc. It has a train station,Birmingham has a train station also
  22. I have just been through Manchester airport and heard an announcement for a flight to Dubai and Emirates have very competitive prices just have to find one that has suitable departure and arrival times for both legs but for me 17-8 hours max duration may be a struggle,not forgetting what you may have to spend on food and drink at Dubai airport.
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