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  1. If they offer you the chicken sausage for breakfast just say no.
  2. The last three trips from Amsterdam there has been at least an hour's delay each time they made it up three years ago not now cost of fuel I guess.I chose my seat on the return leg ages ago now I see that the seat will be assigned at the airport at check in.Starting to have my doubts about them will see how the return leg is in march.
  3. It's been gutted but the site is going to be redeveloped.
  4. If you want a full set you need minimum 6 implants in the top and minimum six in the bottom,if you have 3-4 it will support 10 teeth that's just the way it works,The implants have to bond with your jaw that takes 3-6 months that's just the way it works.You need to be a non smoker if you smoke a good dentist probably won't treat you.I have just had my first implant put in and will have to wait up to six months to see if it bonds then I will start the process of losing the bridges and having them replaced with implants,I am looking to have 3/4 upper same lower that will give me almost a full mouth as my hygienist said I have a small mouth.If you need extractions they may have to heal before implants can go in,whatever its gonna cost time and money,on the plus side it was surprisingly pain free.good luck.
  5. I live in the Netherlands and the sun always shines there,Off to North Wales at the end of the month till January packing the waterproofs, back to holland for a week in January to get my visa and then it's thailand for 8 weeks.
  6. The very best time is when the weather is terrible where you live,For me in the Netherlands it's January-february.
  7. He said the towers have back ups,batteries generators to keep the system going,anybody invested in solar?
  8. If the power is out how you gonna keep a phone charged?
  9. That would require planning and it's pattaya and I'm a tourist, and burger king is instant.
  10. Obviously someone who has never suffered from projectile vomiting and has never pebbledashed a WC.
  11. If I am going out on the piss in pattaya not often nowadays,I line my stomach with a double whopper and from burger king, I know I am not going to have gut problems or bad breath problems you can get from a combination of beer and some Thai dishes.
  12. I think there are flights from siem reap about three a week.also I read from Kuala Lumpur.
  13. The Concorde problem was sub sonic it was outrageously loud on take off,and a lot of noise was produced by the pro and anti brigade.
  14. A show pony really,I remember one anti described it as 1950s technology for the 70s/80s or words to that affect,
  15. I have booked EVA from Amsterdam in January and it's 3-3-3 according to the layout when I chose my seat.
  16. Isn't Inn house opposite the site that was the Haven?
  17. Oh well only untill 10 Dec pity.
  18. theres a podcast on the page i will listen later....when i stop laughing.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/science/political-science/2017/jul/21/concorde-was-the-flying-brexit-a-different-era-but-the-same-mistakes
  20. And it was a disaster from the pollution it churned out,I seem to remember the main complaint was the noise on take off.I read the Guardian so my complaint was about the environmental impact, not because I could not afford the price of a ticket you understand.
  21. KLM crew are the same if you fly cattle class.
  22. China air is a Taiwan airline not to be confused with a Chinese carrier.
  23. And disposable income falling,a collapse of the housing market forecast ( Telegraph independent) That's to show I don't only read and quote the grauniad.
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