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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thai resently changed their "Flight mile" service. Now you can decide on a ticket, use your "flight miles" as payment and "bye# the rest of the missing miles or you can use your colected miles to upgrade your ticket, for hotel nights etc. All card members should get a little booklet helping figuring out how to use the "free miles", together with the "free miles" statement.
  2. I just have to fall in to line with the previous boardmembers praise for 3some! I lived there for some time and the place is a great place to stay, on a good location and with a great staff. Dan can pretty much help you out with everything and he is a great guy to have a drink with as well or just talk football or music with, and Faah that runs the bar is a great lady with a big helpful heart.
  3. Only got 119, damn I must start taking golf lessons!
  4. I get stuck on 319 and the little fucker won´t slide further, is there any way to wax him?
  5. I second all the abowe in that order as well as the italian Restaurant & bar 50 meters on the same side of walking street after FLB. There are also one great Italian Restaurant & bar on Sukhumvit with great coffe. You cross Sukhumvit from Nana, turn left going down on the uneven side and it is in the second or third block.
  6. 3some hotel and bar at LK Metro, next door to the rockhouse, good priced, clean and good staff.
  7. I just love it, superb! You see this happend a lot all over Asia, were the wearer of the T-shirt obviously have no idea what the text mean, but for me it´s just as funny every time! I suppose I´m just a kid at heart!
  8. Funny and all so true, thanks!
  9. Thanks for a great party Adam, may your next year be the best ever. Whilliam.
  10. I agree with you Sean, the one in red is a stunner for sure!
  11. I have had the misfortune of not getting my luggage one time at Survarnabhumi airport, flying with Thai air from London to Bangkok. After waiting for my luggage for about 45 minutes I walked over to the Lost luggage counter with only my hand luggage, it was more like a kind of office with desks for each Thai-air personal behind a wall in the main hall. After filling out my "lost form", leaving my phone number and address to my hotel, I could leave, after they gave me a phone number and a contact person. I went to my hotel to check in, went out and had a massage, shower, shave and a haircut
  12. Canadian banks do look very good at the moment and some of them do have offices in Jersey and Isle of man...............!
  13. Thanks for the great pics, Adam, great as always and made my day!
  14. I came across this info at another board today. It´s interesting how the Thai government always seems to want to make it more difficult for us farrang to live, work or stay longer periods of time in Thailand although they love the money we spent. BANGKOK: -- From February 15, 2009 all Thai Immigration offices has been strictly instructed that foreigners have to use the Immigration office that has administrative jurisdiction over the area where they live. All visa changes, extensions, re-entry permits and other immigration requests are to be handled by the immigration offices in the dis
  15. Good idea, and it seems to be working out! You got some lovely ladies there! Whilliam
  16. Frosty hit the problem spot on the head, it´s all about too many Indians that in past time have had problems to pay what they previously had agreed too. Whilliam
  17. Another one bites the dust, welcome to the board, Pattaya and LOS, Black Stallion. I would not say that you would have a load of problems, but I´m pretty sure that you will encounter some. The sad truth of the matter is as Arno so well pointed out "that Thailand is much more openly racist than the West and status there depends much on skin colour. There is clearly a sizable proportion of girls who will not go with a black guy no matter how much money he is prepared to pay". I am not sure that this always is a question of skin colour in it self although, but more often a matter of w
  18. It looks like a good bargain. Thanks for the info. Whilliam
  19. I sure want the sisters and the one in white, Grrrrrr! Whilliam
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