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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Yes, multiple beaches. IIRC more mongering options around Cheawang and Lamai, but have seen various bars in other locations. Wil be having a further look see in the future. Decent is very subjective too, once my limited requirements have been met, I'm rarely motivated to pay extra just for a prettier room.
  2. I've read various articles that state nose gear failure after landing. Seems like failure was possibly asymetric, and gouged runway, and plane went to right while pilot attempted to control it. Right main gear may have dug in to soft ground on right when off runway. Right engine was sparking and some stage of the landing, and even smoking after stop, and was foamed by fire trucks. Note slides were only deployed on left of plane, avoiding possible fire event on right side.
  3. IIRC all it takes is a strong magnetic field appropriately applied to the brain ...
  4. "What is the insurance situation without an IDL?" is a question I would be asking.
  5. You could go shopping at scottevest.com and get a tropical jacket and trousers with lots of big pockets, allowing you to temporarily redistribute the weight for check-in, then repack after. Works for me travelling carry-only.
  6. Most amusing, thank you very much.
  7. Or use the laptop screen as a secondary screen too.
  8. Should still work. Will probably need a new SIM if you haven't used it for 4 years.
  9. Pity many of the pipes are now made of plastic ... I put my pacsafe portable safe inside the room safe. Not perfect, but a trade off I'm happy enough with.
  10. Won't be long now before the staples have RFID tags in them ... probably won't need the card then.
  11. Pacsafe have a small, A4-A5 ish, safety pouch with black fabric over steel mesh and a steel drawstring closure/anchor cable. Big enough for a 10" netbook, cables, phone, documents etc. While the anchor cable is nice, I never found any room where there was anything solid enough to which to anchor it, and the trent to plastic plumbing doesn't help. Sometimes OK for reception safe, however if reception only has small individual boxes then that doesn't help.
  12. Remeber that anything free is worth what you pay for it. "free" probably means you suffer poor exchange rate and/or poor flexibility and/or the receiving back charges a fee. I would be interested to hear back when you have chased down what it actually costs. I recently did a swift transfer of 4 weeks holday money, and my banks charged AUD22 + THB1400, so a bit over 1% on fees, with a 31.95 exchange rate. XE app was quoting 32.2 at the time. I wonder how their app quote rate relates to the transfer rate, and what the hidden costs are?
  13. There have been reports of people opening accounts anyway. If you haven't already, then I suggest you do it soonest. If one branch doesn't succeed, then try a few others. ATM card, internet banking and SWIFT make the holiday cheaper and less hassle.
  14. To clarify a little, I've been seeing this for much longer than the current new server. Symtoms are exactly as tomcat76 describes. My solution is to refresh another tab/page, which then requires reauthentication. After reauthentication, back then posting again on the original page works. My environment is Firefox current with many exhanched security addons, to which I attributed my issues, and as such wasn't going to hassle you MM. I only though it worth saying something because it may have a more general debugging use in this case.
  15. Ive seen something like this. I usually have to login in another window, and then try and repost. So it looks like authentication timeout, maybe cookie related?, which seems to happen irritatingly often the way I read the forum, which is view new posts, open the ones I want to read in new tabs, then read them.
  16. Do you have recommendations as to which is more fun?
  17. I tend to prefer VPN to my home VPN server for anything important. That way I take the same risk I take at home, ie very low. While https:// web connections and SSL/TLS connections for email etc are less risky, I prefer not to take the risk unless I have to. I regard hotels and internet cafes as risky if you are using your laptop. Slightly less risky if the WiFi traffic is encrypted with WPA2 so you aren't boradcasting your data to everyone in the local area, but you are still exposed to the hotel/cafe operator who is also in a better position to attack you. The buggest risk is i
  18. Many prepay plans expire the credit if you haven't used it. That is what I expect of my 12call SIM and I haven't been disappointed yet. Maybe the fine print changed on your SIM, or they finally got around to implimenting expiry policy. I suggest you find and read the T&Cs.
  19. I did 60 day tourist visas, last few years via Thai BNE consulate. In prior email inquiry they asked for flight details to be supplied, however I didn't have to supply accom, or contact details. The visa for was generic for a couple of types of visa, so that may be a source of confusion. As for hotel address on arrival form, I just wrote a hotel I'd stayed at before if I didn't have anything booked.
  20. Got it in one. Had "Just items I follow" ticked. Must have done it inadvertently. Thanks.
  21. Connected for the first time in a couple of days, and just like the time before, it says no new content. Yet, when I look at the forums there are obviously new articles I haven't read. This happed the previous time a few days before too. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know what is broken?
  22. IIRC short term laptop rentals, and phone rentals are almost always a rip off. Maybe you can buy a 2nd hand on at tukcom, and arrange a buyback price on return? Make sure you scrub the laptop after you have used it, you don't want to leave personal data on it.
  23. Another of my pet peeves, but not something I can change. I used to be able enable the stated optimizations to more efficiently browse the forums. It seems like I can't given the forum upgrade, but if I've missed somewhere where I can, I'd like to know.
  24. IIRC I used to be able to disable avatars and signatures. I also used to be able to increase the # postings/page. I either can't do these things now, or can't find where to set these parameters. Any relevant :-) suggestions?
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