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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was in Cafe Pittini a few days ago. The meals are delicious and quite reasonably priced. Nice decor and some friendly staff. Unfortunately the air-con is set to Thai preferences and the staff got their noses out of joint when I asked them to crank up the AC. Won't eat there anymore on that account.
  2. Had the lamb shanks and couscous last night at Bite Me, washed down by a passable glass of house red. i don't normally eat big chunks of meat, especially lamb which can be fiddly, but it was quite tender and delicious. Total freight was a bit over 400 baht. My Japanese excellence friends will be down soon for the Golden Week holiday and I plan to take them to Bite Me.
  3. Dropped in at New York Pizza House today for the first time. I ordered the house pizza, the eponymous New York Pizza. You get your choice of sizes and crusts and I ordered small, thin crust. Despite ordering the smallest size I couldn't finish it. The 'za comes with grated cheese and hot sauce you can pour on yourself. The pizza plus bottled water came to 235 baht. I added a 40 baht tip and still got change back from 300 baht. What's not to like? By the way, in addition to the excellent Bite Me across the street there is a French restaurant next door called Aux Agapes. The in
  4. Could we add Bruno's? Also I thin Gian's is not on there, unless Trattoria Italiana is the same thing.
  5. It does seem a bit of a waste I'll agree. But I have a favorite wagyu burger joint in Daikanyama, a chi-chi part of west-end Tokyo, that is well worth the $15 price (includes fries). One man's poison and all that.
  6. Cabin fever setting in big-time now. I need to plan a day to hit all these joints! What time does Rich Man Poor Man open in the morning?
  7. Four years too late, but I thought I'd answer this, as I'm barricaded behind my doors for Songkran and have nothing better to do. The area behind Tuk.com is a gay area and has been for many years. As any resident of any big city knows, a gay part of town is a gourmet part of town.
  8. I'm sure it's tasty but it seems odd to serve wagyu beef in a meat pie. Then again I've had wagyu burgers (not in Pattaya) and they were superb.
  9. Unagi (eel) usually costs twice as much as any of the other items. Not sure why that is, it's basically a fish that lives in ditches, you 'd think they could catch it anywhere.
  10. Dropped in last night and I was quite pleased. Started out with two appetizers, the bruschetta and the arancini. Both were great, the bruschetta was dripping with olive oil, eggplants and shrooms, the arancini had what I took to be a dill tartar and beetroot sauce. Still felt a bit peckish so I asked if I could just have a pasta (off menu). The waitress brought me a "cheese pasta" (gorgonzola sauce I think), also flavored with dill. Delicious. The red wine of the house was serviceable at 120 baht per glass -- high praise in a country where ridiculous booze taxes mean most house win
  11. Thanks! My Japanese excellence friends will be in town in a few weeks and I'll take them to see what they think of it.
  12. The tempura especially looks much better than the fare at Fuji Restaurant and Zen, which my Japanese friends consider reasonably good for a chain restaurant. EP, salmon and particularly ikura (salmon roe) are rich in astaxanthin, an antioxidant that helps heal fatty liver, something of a problem for us social drinkers. Two questions: Where exactly on Third Road is this joint? And could we merge the two Tsunami threads?
  13. After drooling at all these pictures I can't stay away. I'm going to drop in for a meal this afternoon.
  14. I won't go into it here because this is a humor forum, but I basically agree with Gary about the Trudeaus. Unfortunately in Canada the government media dominates everything and our national broadcaster, the embarrassing CBC, is absolutely ga-ga about them. Now, about that spot with Triumph in Quebec City, it caused an uproar in Canada. Relations between the Francophones and Anglophones, as we call them, are prickly, and the CBC would never have aired such a bit. Check out this article on Gothamist: Triumph the insult comic dog poops on Canada The Toronto Star, a sad excuse for
  15. I'm disappointed, no mention of stinking pigs this month. Still a great read.
  16. Damn, I can use about half of those. Especially the first one.
  17. That is the pun of the century!!! :rotflmao
  18. Disagree about the Russians. The Russians bring hot babes with them who sunbathe topless.
  19. In another vein, here's another oeuvre by that musical Wunderfrog, Kermit: Piggy Got Back
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