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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Are you thinking of PottyHead of Misty's "great valued venture" back then?
  2. Even flying 1st Class doesn't guarantee an amenities bag anymore with a lot of airlines. Emirates only dish their Bvlgari laden bags out on "overnight" type flights nowadays, although continued gripes about it may well change their policy soon. Most of them seem to get flogged on Ebay by the looks of things!
  3. You are welcome to Morgan, one of the all-time hated twats, in the UK. To be honest though, I heard the gun quip from many sources at the time, primarily Beeb though. Cecil's supporters and pride might take issue to the bows and arrows I thought you already had a Javelin ban in schools in USA?
  4. A major problem was/is the "masking drugs", an area that the USA led the world in unfortunately.
  5. I thought MGDN was a Canuck, not Glaswegian!
  6. There is a lot to be desired missing from all Rugby Union testing. International level is monitored "reasonably" but within the National leagues in England it is farcical. At the two clubs I have been involved with (One a "Championship" side and another National 1) we were allowed to pick 2 of our players to go for a post match test, were the testers there. The wingers and half-backs were forever being tested !!!! With regards to the steroid use stretching back to the 80s as far as I was aware, I find it incredible that "Creatine" (even openly endorsed by Percy Montgomery) was, and still is as
  7. Good, but I think I still prefer the Stones latter day, extended version of this. They still do it and it is one of the tracks where Mick Taylor joins in, and is his "piece de resistance" really.I saw Santana in Bangkok earlier this year; they are regular visitors: As good as ever, and the links with Carabao were good.
  8. Not "State sponsored" or "State Administered" though. Individual cases will be found world wide; the reason that the USA figures look so damning is due to the relatively huge number of professional sportsmen/women in the country.
  9. Russia has been singled out wholesale because it was "State Sponsored" and actively facillitated the deceipt, also a "reputable" whistleblower reported the acts. Had the same powers and inclination been in place in the past, I am certain that similar wholesale actions would have been taken against East Germany and possibly China too. Nothing to do with politics.
  10. Erm....Open Section here; Could be that that Big Dick's obvious GSOH is a bit misplaced!
  11. Chiang Mai has had a good rugby union participation for a few years now, and runs a well attended International 10s competition annually. Climate there in the winter months is much more amenable to rugby than Pattaya/Bangkok etc.
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