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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My late Dad was a lawyer or professional liar as he used to joke but in all seriousness I saw him work and he was brilliant and believe it or not he had ethics. This is one of his pictures which I've kept in the house, always made me chuckle. :)
  2. The "real" HD shop was on Trepprasit on the right about 200m (maybe more) from the junction with Thrappaya (going towards). East Coast Choppers was the shop on the left as you turned left to go to Jomtien, thats now moved to the Darkside, the main soi almost opposite Makro, The Big C shop got done for fake stuff years ago, I don't know whats happened to it now. How about Ironhorse in Duck Sq? They sell clothes.
  3. Recognise a few in the video. Have to say I'm not keen on the song.
  4. Anyone got the GBP latest? I don't know whether to send a lump now or take sterling, at the moment I'll get 45.6 less commission (which isn't alot). :)
  5. Love the second one that's for sale, I gather it comes with the oil leak? First one is how to ruin a V Rod.
  6. Went every year from maybe 2002 apart from a few back when it was at Silverlake and obviously since my return to the UK. Used to sponser it and have a party in my old bar yearly a couple of nights beforehand.
  7. My favourite. Kanom Jeeb. Got the recipe down to perfection at home now, including the sauce. :)
  8. I know the name but can't think where, I remember Black out a gogo also. :)
  9. My ex business partner owned (or part owned?) Caligula. :)
  10. Rather have a day out on one of the bikes than any of the girls. (had a HD in Pattaya whilst I was there). :)
  11. Sleazy girls in Pattaya asking for lady drinks? Pull the other one.
  12. Weird as I'm a Brit but this is my 2nd year in 14 years where I haven't had a thanksgiving dinner. :) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  13. The Residence Garden banner is still up with the special rate advertised.
  14. The Residence Garden banner is still up with the special rate advertised.
  15. I'd sell it too be honest, being an old Morgan they have a massive following. I can't help thinking Thailand will ruin it in one way or another. :)
  16. You can buy Singha & Chang from Tesco's now. Just never been a fan personally, In Pattaya I'd drink Singha if I had to even before Heineken but never really liked Chang or Leo. Back home i'll drink most lagers.
  17. Excellent pictures, you could put covers on that and sell it as a London photo guide. Best city in the world, back working there now and apart from traffic love it. :) (you certainly put some miles in with all those areas you covered)
  18. Haven't watched the last couple of episodes. Have the two black American sisters been on it since or was that just one episode?
  19. Again stupidly I've done that with the truck although normally that would of only been from the local bar less than a km away, I had a Harley but had a rule of always taking it home first if I knew it was going to be a heavy night (I never took the big bike or the truck to Walking st anyway).
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