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  1. Lucky you.I just tried registering on www.thailandintervac.com.No availability for the AZ vaccine can only get Sinovac or first dose Sinovac,second dose AZ,no way im going near Sinovac,i just dont trust the Chinese.
  2. Not good enough,my French mate can have his vaccine next Wednesday.Vaccine supplied by the French embassy to all Froggies over 55.
  3. It is getting harder and harder to find but here are a few options,Pattaya klang between buakhow and 3rd road(2 small shops),Foodland on Klang,Friendship on Tai,also on tai between tukcom and the school.Having said all that sometimes.even at 9am some have sold out.
  4. Office is open now,took me 5mins when i went last wed.
  5. pattysteve


    Like it or not most movement in currencies is down to politics.
  6. Im sure i read somewhere that there is a Super Rich in Central festival Pattaya.
  7. Ive flown Finnair 3 times,quite good,Helsinki airport is nice.The flying times on the way out are about 2.30 hours Man/Hel. and about 10 hours Hel/BKK and a little longer on the return. I would have no problem flying with them in the future.Sorry no info on Oman.
  8. Last week i checked the forecast for the pound/baht.It predicts that the pound/baht in 2022 will be in the mid 30s.If you can get 42 or 43,take it,or hope brexit will not happen.
  9. Save yourself a journey,they are closed.Ceremony day.So tomorrow and Monday will be busy.
  10. I'm a big fan of Indian curries.The best ive had was in Zaika (2nd road opposite the Royal garden plaza).Chicken madras with plain rice costs about B300. Another option is Everest (located on the sub soi next to soi Honey).If you want to try it i suggest you have the daily special B199.
  11. On my first visit i got 38 to the Pound.I guess on that i am quids in,but it sure doesn't feel that way.
  12. It hasnt been mentioned.Bars close at midnight tonight,for 24 hours.
  13. Thanx DP,ive bought one of his boxes,now i just have to get used to how it works.
  14. Way beyond my skill set hahaha.
  15. I have been updating as prompted,not enough of a techie to do more.Ive sent you a PM.Cheers DP
  16. I have had a Minix box for 3yrs,just lately i have been getting many popup advertising.I have had to uninstall all the browsers.Along with that 2 of the main Apps i use do not work as before.Megabox(cannot play video)about 80 % of the time i get this.Also MovieHD(no connection). My question is,where can i buy a new Media box,someone recommended a stall in Tuk com but after looking for an hour,could not find.It seems Tuk com has had a reshuffle with many of the stalls disappearing.
  17. Also you may find in Best supermarket,its quite a small shop.Corner of central pattaya rd and 2nd road.
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    re entry

    If you are doing a 90 day report,you must have a retirement extension? If this is the case and you obtain a re-entry permit,then when you re-enter Thailand your 90 days until the next report, commences on that date.
  19. pattysteve

    re entry

    Very curious,your new 90 days shouldnt start until you re-enter.
  20. Ah,thank you very much for an explanation i can understand. :rolleyes:
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