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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Ironically, the more parky posts about community, the less I want to meet him!
  2. If you do Facebook, there's a group called pattaya condos for sale and rent...or something like that. When I was looking last month there were loads available. However, beware...just because an agent advertises a condo doesn't mean that that condo is available for viewing or renting, as they will have to check that it is still available with the owner...it may have been rented by another agent! If you don't mind jomtien I seem to recall seeing various advertised that way for 10k or less, but whether they have a full kitchen or washing machine or not is debatable.
  3. I did several short wanders around that area today...the lines of people were beyond 3rd road on tai at 9am, and the 2nd road lines up to royal garden by a similar time. The queues to go in were definitely bigger than the people coming out... What I was impressed about was the water, food and first aid stations set up. I was offered several bottles of free water, but declined as I already had one. Also impressed by the motorbike taxis and baht bus drivers, who appeared to be giving their time and efforts for free to Thais in black.
  4. Just to round this off....the top floor apartment had issues with the drains in the bathroom, and whilst it was a nice, light and airy condo, the smell and the fact that is was HOT (top floor and sun morning and afternoon on the walls) meant it was a no go. The lower floor would have worked, until I got talking to the juristic people there who showned me a 3rd floor, one bed condo at the same price. Done. Move in on friday.
  5. I'd love to see the tour buses going down the soi that connects 15 to buckhou...either towards or from buckhou....!
  6. And when they say more than enough for 2, believe me, it is!! I didn't read this bit, ordered it, and struggled to get through half. Great taste though
  7. Same same here, but they turned around a 60day Visa in less than 5 working days by post
  8. Just walked past the photel place....4 large gold matching busses outside. Same yesterday morning, midday ish. Lots of noise from what I assumed was reception. Guess it was change over time!
  9. Same as my thoughts...thanks! Unfortunately not an option....there are signs all round the place saying it is a residence not a hotel and stays of less than a month are illegal. As my contract will be with a "reputable" agent I doubt they will condone this. Useful info...thanks. the bar next to the development won't be an issue as both condos are in the opposite corner of the development from the bar. Action street is actually hidden behind ok me of the hotels there, and isn't too much of a concern. It the two level bar complex that now has the grand total of 3 open bars in it that is worrying me slightly, although it was all quiet last night. Is this likely to fill up and become noisy over the next 6 months? As it hasn't in the past 5? years I doubt it will now.... Thanks gents
  10. Gentlemen....some of your thoughts please.... I am looking at renting a condo in the Avenue Residence on soi 15 between 2nd road and soi buckhou. I have narrowed my choice to 2, both with pros and cons, and would like some thoughts in case I have forgotten anything. One is in building b, on the 1st floor, that is one above the ground floor. It overlooks the small soi that links soi 15 to buckhou, and the small area of scrubland when the motorbike taxis reside. Advantages, few stairs when the lifts are out, disadvantage, security...easy for people to break in from outside??, no natural breeze The other is on a high floor in building a, at the back. It overlooks the corner of the new hotel that is there, but also that 2 floor bar complex that is almost devoid of life on buckhou. Ok, so lots of stairs if needed, but my main concern is the possible noise from those bars on buckhou. I went for a wander about 11.30pm, and could hear nothing. Would welcome any other thoughts you may have. I'm staying for 6 months and don't want to get it wrong! The last thing I want is a booming bass interrupting my beauty sleep... Thanks
  11. As someone from the UK, although darn sarf, I agree with that! With their track record, anyone taking bets as to how long they'll last?
  12. Cardboard, gaffatape and a coat of paint and it'll be as good as new. If they didn't have steps available to disembark the passengers, how did they get them to the replacement planes...tightrope??
  13. Good luck - one of my favourite gogos!
  14. I stayed there as a backpacker on my first trip to bkk in the mid 1990s, on the recommendation of another Traveller. At the time I wasn't taking girls back to my hotel, as was travelling with a girlfriend. The hotel was always full. Getting a room was a bit hit and miss, and the room we had was basic, but functional. We tried to extend our stay but the place was full. As they make their views known in advance, I don't have a problem.
  15. What about the small gogo that was attached to papayago, or whatever it's called, on soi Diana? Had a similar name. There one trip, gone the next.
  16. Question regarding proof of income for a Brit.... I understand the 65k baht a month income needed for a retirement visa, but HOW do I proove it? Copies of statements from UK bank? Records of monthly transfers to thai bank? (How many months needed?). Letter from embassy, but how do I proove income to them??
  17. Just read the story on page 5 (i think)of the Times, whilst waiting for my takeaway to be cooked. (We obviously have an upper class take away!!)
  18. So if, just for fun you understand, we all started voting red on every post, would it take you as long to reach zero as it took to reach 500??!! Thanks for the efforts, especially the food reviews
  19. Believe he finally retired years ago and has since passed away.
  20. I stayed there for a couple of nights in August - and will be back there for a couple of nights over the new year. I had a sea view room. As stated, the rooms are new, therefore clean, but bright and basic. Great view over the bay and the jet ski scams. Bed was comfortable, good aircon. Noise was obvious until about 3am, but seemed to come from somewhere on Beach Road rather than the bars below. Having said that, I didn't get much sleep the first night due to the little brown hot water bottle next to me, or on the second night due to the rain storm on the iron roof just off the balcony. Bit dubious about security - we all know how "secure" the patio doors are - if you climb over the balcony rail you can walk on the roof over the walkway to the beer garden past the other rooms... but there are in room safes.
  21. If you ring the number on the back of your debit card and speak to the advisor - tell them NOT to put you through to their travel people. If you get the advisor to order them they can order to your requirements. I've just done it and collected £200 and £100 cheques from the branch of my choice.
  22. I'm sure I read some time ago that they were going to put a cover over the whole lot- but can't be sure. With all that scaffolding - is it still possible to walk through the Avenue - from 2nd Rd to PBR?
  23. Happy Birthday Paul If number 88 is still working, give her one from me!
  24. DOne it a couple of times in the past 2 years. About 2200 each way. All flights were full. Both times I had to book two single flights- of different ticket types - to reduce the cost. FLight is about 50 minutes - just enough time for the air stewards/esses to push a trolley from one end to the other throwing boxes of cardboard food at passengers, before pushing the trolley back the other way to collect the rubbish.
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