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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Knowing that the op on live is a known shit stirrer, who has been banned from live at least 3 times before, I would guess that the thread on live was started for one reason, to, er, stir shit...
  2. Selective moderation dependant on poster is very much alive on live. That, and the fact that there is only one mod (lanza openly refuses to moderate now, and mulphy is happy for anything to go (including vile threats of physical abuse against other members), despite his regular "now hear this" threads) and he is regularly overridden by Mulphy, means that the board is dominated by over opinionated, obnoxious thugs.
  3. I think there would be lot of really relevant conversations in purgatory, as that is where a lot of them ought to end up quite quickly...
  4. Evened it up for ya! The birthday boy is hubby of the lady who cooked my lunch most days last trip. Hardly any English between them, but I never went hungry, got credit from them various times when I only had a 1000 note, and was used as a guinea pig for a few new dishes they produced. Really miss my 50b cow man gai!
  5. I ate regularly at several of those during my last stay a few months ago. Many seemed to offer the same, so it was a case (for me anyway ) of finding one I liked and sticking with them. 50b gave me a plate of something with rice (chicken in various forms, pork, and sauce) or a noodle soup. Almost miss my daily feed there most about my trip...
  6. As I understand it, if on day 85 you leave, get a new 60 day tourist visa, and return, the condo owner should re-register your arrival. At least, that is what I was told by the condo juristic people when I did the same in January. However, when I went to extend my 2nd tourist visa, I still had the tm30 receipt from the first extension, and did not have to go through the checks again. I went to Vientiane for 3 days to get the new visa. Easy, but lots of time in a queue!
  7. Last year I arrived on October 12th, staying at a hotel. I knew the location I wanted to stay in, and had arranged to meet 4 agents at condos in that area at various times on the 13th - they showed me a dozen, although a couple were repeated. The rest of the time I spent on foot seeing if there was anything else about. By evening of 13th I'd put an offer in, by morning of 14th the offer had been accepted, all work and a deep clean done on 14th, and I could move in at midday on the 15th. Easy. But agree, the agents thought they knew what I wanted better than I did, and I'm sure if I'd been looking in August for an October start the owners wouldn't be so accommodating. Even in the UK one of my rental properties became vacant, two people wanted it, one for an immediate start, one for three months time....guess who got it? Even if they weren't about, the property would have stayed on the market in case anyone wanted it immediately, and the renter who wanted it in the future could hope it was still available...
  8. Ours was slightly different... The angle of the dangle = the heat of the meat x throb of the knob, providing the urge remains constant
  9. I used to use EVA's premium a lot...for me the 38inch leg room was good, but the selling point was there were two arm rests between seats, so you weren't constantly fighting for it with the oversized bloke next to you... Not sure if this helps with Singapore's premium though...!
  10. I'm the same...fortunately there are 5 different ways I can enter my condo complex.
  11. I used my usual taxi provider to and from utapo in January...i think it was 700b each way, 40 minute there (5am) and an hour back (5pm). They did ask that they waited outside , and called me when I had arrived and they came into arrivals and met me in the car park.
  12. I looked at loads of Thai style rooms on 3rd road when I was looking...some 6000+ and i wouldnt house a dog in them, and some 6000+ and fabulous. One was 10000 but besides the standard main room you had a separate sitting/tv room, although this was accessed off the balcony. All were no more than 5 minutes chiapoon, all air con. None had websites. It was a case of legwork and looking. Parts of me wish I'd taken a room in one block almost at the end of soi excite, as every time I walk past there are loads of bar girls hanging round who obviously live there...
  13. I do hope Patna is getting some sort of financial reward for all his advertising!
  14. Yup... I think the current manager will soon become the owner...again...
  15. I think a management buyout is on the cards, followed by a dramatic improvement, almost over night...
  16. When I was there in early December, the Thai lad at the table where i sat to fill in my own forms for the address registration was extremely helpful and happy to clarify what i had to write where, at no charge, although I did slip him 20b when I left. He clearly worked at the visa company there, and was busy filling in forms for Russians who didn't have a clue. Now ive done it once, I should be good to go next time. The clarification was all about how to present the Thai address and in what blanks.
  17. Flew BA business return one year probably 8 years ago when my insurance was paying, as they were the only flat bed on offer. And even then I thought the product was awful. The thought of sitting facing backwards makes me feel travel sick without even travelling!
  18. I did a gulf air business flight probably 5 years ago and found the angled seats on all 4 legs a nightmare. If they have gone to fully flat seats/beds all most legs that is good news.
  19. Same same dtac...although I only stop to top up my long existing sim card for my trip
  20. Doctors fees for my recent trips to Memorial were 800b a time. Tests, medication, sex with nurses, was all extra.
  21. Agree with all above...i often get a massage at the shop opposite mercury on soi 15 early evening, and often watch coach after coach of Asian tourists arriving. There have been times when my foot massage has been destroyed by a group of Asian/middle eastern guys appearing and proceeding to shout at each other whilst having their massage. Incidently, one Indian was kicked out of the masage shop a couple of days ago....he was adamant he wanted a happy ending, not on offer, and so when he reached and grabbed the ladies milk she got angry, declared massage finished, and with a couple of the other ladies forcibly encouraged said Indian to pay up, including tip, and leave!
  22. I have a feeling they run a shuttle bus from the old 2nd road entrance to beach road entrance every 15 minutes. At least, I think that is what the sign said...i didn't spend too long reading it as there was a bus heading my way...
  23. Agreed. Used it twice already today. 2nd time was a young Thai who was telling me about the war with the taxis...
  24. I used grab taxi for the first time today. With the exception of the GPS on my phone, despite my best efforts, not registering my exact position but one the other side of Pattaya tai, and on a side soi, it worked fine. My car was an older pickup with a tweaked exhaust and chrome alloys, but... What was more alarming was the route the drivers satnav too us to get to soi 15....I was well and truly lost!!
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