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  1. Thanks Saddic I had head they were going to build some "townhouses" on that lot - fortunately I book a room at the other end of the building.... They had the shopfront on the plot next to Areca last August when i was there. Not sure how much they were going for...!!!
  2. Saddic - this building work.... right next to PBR? Front or back? Or is it effectively next to Areca on Soi 15? Staying there over Xmas and appreciate sleeping late..! Ta
  3. Do't worry about Firthy - he's a good bloke, but just gets things wrong from time to time... Pity no-one flies direct from Southampton.... it's my nearest airport too, and much more pleasant than LHR or Gatwick!
  4. DUe to a back complaint I have to have a flat bed - meaning business class, and not just a big reclining old style seat like EVAs. Can fully recommend Oman's business. Yes, the early morning departure is a pain, but it's do-able. The new lounge in Muscat is a great improvement in the old one...
  5. Yup - there was food being prepared and served in amoungst the dust from cutting floor tiles, fumes from glues and paint being splattered from where the walls - inside and out - were being painted... You had to laugh..
  6. Agree - I deliberately timed myself once to settle an argument about time to 2nd Road - it was just under 4 minutes and I wasn't rushing! If their tuktuk is available then Soi Diana is even less....
  7. Avenue has toilets for general consumption....er....no....general public use. Usually BYO tissue.
  8. My Santander CREDIT card was to replace my Nationwide Flex account debit card as they upped all their charges. I got that fed up that I opened a Thai bank account last August, and over Xmas fed this with 0% commission Travellers cheques from LloydsTSB. Except that being a newbie to Travellers cheques they gave me lots of small values, which all cost 33B (I think) to change!! Next trip is all £100 or above cheques!!
  9. I was sucked in by the Santander Credit card last year - they promised 0% interest on foreign transactions. I assumed this meant cash withdrawals as well. WRONG. Got stung at 20-odd % interest from the moment I withdrew it to the moment I paaid it back. The card has gone in the bin after a pissed off conversation closed the account!
  10. This pissed me off big time over Xmas. If I was alone I often ended up walking from 2nd Rd/Pattaya Tai junction to the Avenue where my hotel was. However, if I had TG there was never a problem!!
  11. David Pack In a Soi opposite Healthland Spa on Pattaya Nui 086 1518034
  12. Maybe it's only me, or maybe it was because it was the holiday season, or maybe bacause they had the bar and band back in the middle, but there seemed to be less market stalls over Xmas than in August. However, there were some round the back in the carpark over Xmas where there weren't over the summer. Wherever, they are a nightmare to walk through, especially with the uneven surface... As a piece of architecture I like it. Is it right for Thailand. No. As others have said there's no way people want an open air shopping centre in that heat. I watched the new "cubicles" take shape on the 1st floor (that is one up from where the market is!) and hope that they take off. However, they are effectively in the open air...with no aircon... As you look from 2nd road, the McDs, Starbucks, Alan Bolton, Wineshop, Boots and banks side, at the front, seems to work. To the rear, and the right side, and upstairs has never worked. As someone said above, it would be a great place for a Nana South. However, I have read somewhere that there is a clause forbidding this.
  13. I'm in the same position as the guy that posted this. I did PM (and you DID read it - I ticked that little tracking box!) and email you - and received nowt back. It was only when I commented on the board it'self that you replied. Oh - yes I was known to you, I did drink - fairly regularly on one trip - in the RH, and had also met Lee and Casper. Still, if you can't remember me then I'm a nobody in your eyes. No problems for me!
  14. Ooooh I like Oman Business seats! Quite firm to sit on, and when reclined you still - obviously - have the contours of the seat on the matress, but very comfortable. Food OK, service same same, but no cute Asians to drool over. Only disapointlment was the business lounge at Muscat - large room with leather sofas, a couple of pcs in a corner, and some food/drink serveries. If there was a shower i didn't see it. Not looking forward to the 4 hour plus layover on the return leg....
  15. I appreciate my experiences haave been from LHR - not the states - but I have used both EVA business, and was flown home for medical reasons BA business. Of the two, I could not get the EVA seat anywhere near flat - it was always kinked - and that meant my spine couldn't cope with it. BA had a flat "bed" - but it was more bench like than bed like for me. Service on EVA was far superior. Interesting to read earlier in this thread that OMAN had good seats/beds - I'm treating myself and flying with them next week...
  16. and at 92 minutes they bring on...... a banker. Good ol' Kiwis!
  17. Regularly use Elite - or Premium economy. Seat is wider by an inch or so. Much better legroom (38 inches?). But the selling point for me is that you have a 5 inch arm rest beween you and your neighbour - so no fighting over the armrest, or clashing elbows when eating. I agree that it as increased dramatically in price over the last few years.
  18. Agree with the EVA recommendation. How about BA for direct flight??? OK, I'll get me coat!
  19. I haven't stayed there for almost 2 years, but they had in-room safes then, as well as security boxes in reception.
  20. True, but they have no problems with changing towels daily, and if you run out of any toiletries you can take them off the maids cart, and, if you talk to the maid nicely and she's quiet she'll do a quick wizz round your room. When I'm there I always swap 4 large and 2 small towels a day - they never mind. My last month there - last July/August - set me back about 18500B - but I did have breakfast every day
  21. Always stay there now I have discovered it - and that's 5 times in 14 months. Never had a problem with noisy neighbours, but can see why people mention it. Great place.
  22. Ta. Still not sure how i feel about not having that extra line of defence....
  23. I stayed at Passedena Lodge 3 christmases ago; I had one of the ?delux? large rooma at the front of the hotel with a large balcony. Liked it, although there was some noise from the bars and their endles parties over the festive seaon. Two things I didn't like - but which might have been changed..... there was no SECURITY LOCK on the door - once you were in the room you had to press that button on the door handle, but there was no chain or similar..... and there was no PHONE in the room - not even an internal one. I had a visit one afternoon from a couple of girls (together, obviously!) and the first thing I knew was when they knocked on the door. Fortunately I was alone.... As far as I'm concerned, if these have been changed I'd stay there again if I couldn't get into my usual place.
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