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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. According to the drawings, the two small holes are connected via two check valves and shutoff valves to two submersible pumps. Doesn't show where the outlet goes to. Maybe is used to empty the sump of water to make it easier to clean, not sure.
  2. I always remove the 3 digit no on the signature side that is used for online purchases with a razor blade or sharp knife. That prevents them from making online purchases if they copy your card no. That seems to be a major problem here in Thailand. Keep a note of it somewhere safe and you can still use it for buying online.
  3. I use mine about 8 times a months (max withdrawal is $500) on average and never had a problem with getting back all atm fees immediately. If someone used it 30 times a month i am sure it might raise some red flags not only from Schwab but from the US government re money laundering. They do not state how many times you are allowed to use the ATM per month any where in any literature that I have read.
  4. I have Charles Schwab brokerage account and ATM card. It has no Foreign transactions fees and also refunds all ATM fees which at 220 baht per transaction can add up. It is also Thai friendly and let me use a Thailand address to open it.
  5. I tried to do so in early October, did all paper work in Pattaya which was then sent to Bangkok for approval. Waited till Nov 7th and still not received approval or getting any idea of a date when we would receive same, decided just to go to BKK and get married there. Had to pay an Agent 4000 baht to get a ticket for that day and was in and out in 45mins with everything complete and legal. Not sure how long the declaration is valid for but i would say that mine was dated 19 Sep 2018 and so was older than 30 days.
  6. Search for @ttexchange on facebook and like them and you will get daily posts of the exchange rate.
  7. A-Mego which is located right next to the stairs in Tukcom on the third floor I think. If you go up the main escalator turn to the left and it is right in front of you. They were slightly more expensive than the footmadstreams guys last time i checked.
  8. footymadstreams is also a member on here. Not active for a long time. http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/66955-expat-tv/?hl=footymadstreams&do=findComment&comment=1170365
  9. Have you been updating the apps as time go on? If not then you may just need your box updating with the latest software. There is guy on Addicts who sells them but will also update existing boxes for about 500 baht. If you are not a member there and want his contact info PM me. I think he posts on here too.
  10. Finally got my approval email today six days after I did it online.
  11. The link i used was the one in the first post of this thread. That is the one that gave me problems
  12. Tried it today using https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do link using internet explorer and it would not load at all. I then tried to go to https://www.immigration.go.th/content/online_serivces and clicked on the button for the application and it worked fine after going through the certificate expired warnings and it worked fine. Will know for sure in a day or so if i receive the approval email.
  13. They can run fiber to the condo building but use the copper telephone lines to deliver the signal to the rooms then speed is limited to a maximum of 75Mbps but may be slower depending on the distance and quality of the telephone lines so is a waste of money getting anything faster than 50Mbps.
  14. No such thing as a jailbroken firestick or android box. Only earlier Apple device needed this for Kodi but later ones run their own version.
  15. They are very good for travelling as do not take up much room, good for bedrooms that do not have smart tv. I wouldn't use in living room or anywhere else that you can use a an android box as amazon makes it a pain in the ass to load things and navigate with their remote. Buy one anyway if you don't like it it would be easy to sell in Thailand for same as you paid or more.
  16. A2 Lite air mouse is 1390 baht in Tucom 3rd floor A-mego
  17. Alibaba owns Aliexpress has recently bought Lazada so can probably expect the same service from both companies in the future.
  18. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/30/photobucket_charging_400yr_3rdparty_pgs/
  19. Better than the usual Indian wailing that nearly all Indian restaurants play. Unless it is Rap.
  20. It doesn't normally come with a fried egg, was this an extra request?
  21. No trees were harmed, it was built where the old one was.
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