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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Your call re vaping in Thailand; https://thethaiger.com/news/e-cigarette-vaping-shop-raided-in-wichit-owner-arrested
  2. Because the Thai Tobacco Monopoly is owned by the Crown Property Department. (Yes it actually called the the Thai Tobacco Monopoly.)
  3. I trawled through the entire thread on BCP looking for a hint to the establishment with no joy. Unfortunately the offending post (and resulting thread) has been deleted by the original poster. The admin of BCP said they would not have deleted the post and would have supported the poster in the event of legal action eventuating as it was far from the harshest review in the group. There is some speculation it was a manager rather than the owner who made the threat. The upshot is that the restaurant manager or owner has learned that making a threat like that might not be the best business d
  4. The financial numbers are also interesting if you look at cost vs return. Given the quoted investment of 200 Billion Baht and a 330 Baht fare that is a lot of passengers needed to cover initial investment let alone maintenance or a return for those who stump up the cash (or loan). Yes I know there will be freight and other income streams but it still looks like a dodgy investment at best. Mind you at 330 Baht the airport taxi services will be screaming blue murder, I for see a large increase in the fare from the train station to hotels.
  5. According to a food programme I was watching one of the Japanese cities loves Spam, and still has a whole sub-cuisine based around it.Apparently it was the only "meat" available during the US occupation and they grew to love it. I would have thought it would have been buried in their "not to be exhumed" section of their culinary encyclopaedia.
  6. I think there are goeblocking issues there too. The ACB does not play well with others.
  7. The new "Tourist Train" from BKK to all ports on the Eastern seaboard run last weekend, while all the seats were full, all 64 of them, there was a noted absence of hoped for foreigners. This did not deter the authorities whi greeted the train at Pattaya complete with entertainment. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1029740-bangkok-to-pattaya-tourist-promotion-train-hailed-as-success-but-where-are-the-foreign-tourists/
  8. Just a warning. If the place is not a registered hotel or guest house, officially you can get into strife if the the rental is less than 6 months. The authorities and neighbours are cracking down on this. This has come about from Air B&B style rentals upsetting neighbours. This being Thailand your mileage ma vary.
  9. If no one comes in with a suggestion, the boss man at Jomtein Sauna, Andrea Sinyorini, is right into Muay Thai. It would be worth a visit to chat with him. (He may be a little biased about the gym he trains in.)
  10. You might want to give a little more information. What speeds are you hoping for? Where are you? What area? Are you in a house or a condo? Some areas you can get fibre other areas you are lucky to get dial-up speeds depending on the infrastructure. If you are in a house most things can be fixed with money. whereas in some condos you are limited by what they have there.
  11. One or two places will get their noses out of joint over that list. Those that think they should be higher and those that feel they should be on the list. Interesting that not a single Retox venue made the list. Is that because they are not considered restaurants? They are very popular with those who use them, they might not be the type who vote on Trip Advisor.
  12. Just for your information Butchers Arms is now part of the Retox group. So it now shares many items of their menu.
  13. Good to see Alex gets out of the Rock House occasionally.
  14. Hospital and university are more generic terms in English as opposed to American. eg "Fred had an accident and was taken to hospital where they patched him up." this does not identify which hospital, as opposed to "Fred was taken to the hospital" which infers there is only one to chose from. Another way of putting this situation " Fred went to St Georges Hospital" which identifies the particular palace of medical attention. The same can be used with respect to university. "My son is enrolling in university next month." or "My son is enrolling in the University of Western Australia next mo
  15. Travellers Cheques are becoming very hard to cash. Many places will not accept them and those that do will randomly refuse some. They are rapidly becoming a thing of a bygone era. Using an ATM for your supply of cash also has some issues as the exchange rates are the ones set by banks which are not usually the best and there are fees to deal with, the Thai bank will slug you 150B and your local bank could also add a charge. Cash is king!! Bring clean/new large denomination notes.
  16. Put a price tag on it and it will go quicker.
  17. Were the interviewers polite? Did they use any language that could be interpreted as being demeaning or intolerant?
  18. Time for a new logo and a possible change of name is coming.
  19. All this talk about the US Navy reminds me of an almost recent visit by one of the aircraft carrier groups to Planet Perth. Australia is a popular place for a visit by the navy even if it is a bit out of the way for a direct path from their deployment to their home port. It is alleged to one of the few places where the sailors can get a tattoo due to the health regulations around that industry in Oz. Oz also offers a "family friendly" port for family to catch up and for experiences not available elsewhere. After the navy went on their way a local madame went on TV to report that she
  20. For me the best time is when the cheapest fares and holiday availability co-exist. Other than that any time is good.
  21. Now the rebranding to Balti Towers it might be time to ask the mods to change the name of this thread or start a new one. Keep up the good food.
  22. They are having trouble with TOT cannot get data. The new auto gates for Thais are failing. More info here https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1004828-computer-glitch-means-thais-cant-use-automatic-gates-at-airport/
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