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  1. The Aussie peso (AUD) is not very stable at the moment so get the rate while you can. The government and the Aussie reserve bank want it to drop further against the USD but the markets are not co-operating. Left alone it might go up, but the government's actions might achieve what the reserve bank cannot.
  2. This could get interesting if the threats are carried through with. http://www.pattayamail.com/news/crackdown-looms-60-pattaya-hotels-deemed-illegal-149511
  3. Or as a number of Olympians discovered if it is green.
  4. Sorry that was my last instalment for the foreseeable future. Am currently sitting in KLIA2 awaiting my flight to Perth in about 8 hours. Maybe some other member can post the occasional photo of the rates as they wonder the dusty streets of sin city.
  5. OK take 2, just discovered that the new phone makes photos to big for the forum.
  6. Dont say that to the Townsville team that plays in the NRL. They are competitive.
  7. This is the rate at TT about 30 minutes ago. I have noticed it Chang throughout the day.
  8. The rates vary during the day, my interest is in the AUD (australian peso) it was offered in a 10 satang range yesterday by CC. I saw a range of over 25 satang at the different booths and the banks were worse again. Was worse by the close of trade. Not much on 1 dollar but starts to add up when you change a couple of hundred.
  9. Went up there for a look yesterday. It seems a nice area, there were about 20 people scattered around the pool area, it did not look crowded. I asked the entrance staff if they had lockers and was informed "no hab". They are promoting the pool area with banners at the Beach Rd entrance and on the doors of the elevators. 100 per day for adults and 80B for kids. Officially there is no food or drink allowed in the pool area. For those who are interested, it appears that there is a food hall on level 5. I dropped in for a look and it was deserted. A falang using the free (?) internet com
  10. Here is this morning's contribution, looks like the aussie peso has improved slightly. I'm off to the jungle for a couple of days so if someone else would like to keep adding to the thread it would be nice.
  11. Note to self, make photos horizontal till you have software to tell computer which way is up.
  12. Not much has changed since last night. Although there is some variation in the rate offered. As an idea how about we try to find the best and the worst rates on a given day. The banks are the obvious targets for the worst rate.
  13. To reassure those yet to travel. Please add your own contributions.
  14. Phelps has done well. 22 golds overall. If he was a country he would be 36th in the overall ranking of all time.
  15. I agree. It would nice to understand what is being said to pick up the nuances but not totally needed. Great clip.
  16. Given the lack of response here you may want to try asking in the Pattaya section of Thai Visa as they seem to have more members living in the area with school aged kids. You will get a range of responses there and if you are lucky some relevant information.
  17. Can't wait for Bruuuuuce McIlveiny call a sport he has just learned to pronounce and mispronounce all the competitors names.
  18. Yes that would be very funny. Max 8 years??
  19. Expect an on the ground eyewitness trip report from the esteemed reporter and member Firth. He was stuck at the airport at the time of the excitement. e has posted a couple on Facebook and said he has a number more taken as his flight taxied past the stricken plane. Looking forward to seeing them.
  20. For god's sake don't use Australian banks for currency exchange. They give you a terrible exchange rate and then charge you a fee for your effort. Others might be able to give better advise but I would buy USD in Pattaya or Singapore if you are travelling through there. Remember you will need a range of denominations as you will get change in local currency. There are some trip reports that will cover this part.
  21. Actual documented ownership is also a challenge with that mob. Andrew Drummond has dedicated a large slice of cyber-space to New Nordic and a number of related companies than have a similar attitude to ethics and honesty.
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