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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Bugs are very nutritious if cooked correctly. The alternative lifestylers point out they require a lot less resources to produce a given amount of protein. To this end they are often talking about worms of different species. I was introduced to the joys of bugs by a European chef who worked in a 5 star hotel in BKK. He pointed out that one of the big downfalls of the the ones found on the street is that they are often cooked in oil well past its use by date, this affects both flavour and health aspects. I have eaten grasshoppers cooked on a cigarette lighter, and some fried in dubious
  2. Thank you gentlemen for your feed back. Being a cynic I was curious if it became the potential water feature some had predicted.
  3. Does anyone know how the tunnel handled the much publicised recent rains that had some of the usual sois doing river impersonations.
  4. Looks like the VIP's motorcade got caught in traffic.
  5. Gabor is offering up to 20% discounts on his places at the moment if you are a member of the correct F/B group.
  6. Yes Turn right as you come out of Lengkee and it is a couple of doors down. Think Bite Me or Bite something. They share the same premises different kitchens apparently.
  7. I am one of those who has a mild reaction to MSG, my neck breaks out in a flush, and I get a salt type taste for some time after the food is eaten. My girlfriend noticed this during breakfast one day and asked me what it was and I told her "Chalot" (MSG), her eye widened, she promptly left the table and went over to the lady who cooked my breakfast most mornings and had a "discussion", no more MSG in my meals after that. It is a mild reaction and I was not fussed, as I saw it this was part of living in Thailand and eating as the locals do.
  8. So you found the swimming pool, but not as you expected.
  9. You do not need to spend that sort of money unless you like the Hilton. 1000 -2000 Baht / day ( I will let the poms convert that) will get you very acceptable digs. You can get rooms for less than that if you do not set your requirements too high. As most places are relatively close it does not matter too much where you stay. I tend to stay a little away from the action as it is usually a bit quieter when I want to sleep other people like to stay in the middle of Walking St, horses for courses. I would recommend that you have at least 1 or 2 night's accommodation booked before you travel
  10. Queen Vic has a restaurant licence not a bar licence, so not affected by the current shenanigans. Budget for a plate of fries to ensure there are no hassles, that way you have ordered food (that is how we do it in Oz).
  11. Your 40 to 50 quid a day is that your total budget or just accommodation ? Both are achievable, it is better we know so you can get some valid recommendations.
  12. Don't confuse a plan with SIM registration. The SIM will remain "alive" even if you have no credit, so technically you can receive phone calls without credit as many Thais do. The plan will expire with the lack of credit to pay a given month's fee but if you have topped up during use with more than 1000B the registration of the SIM will be stay for 12 months. If you want to keep the number alive for longer if you are planning a longer gap between visit you can usually top up online. If the plan has expired you just need to top up credit when you next visit and select the currently appropriate
  13. So Barter Card by another name. Hopefully without the fees and other problems.
  14. In Australia Uber charges the driver 25% of the fare. The driver pays GST (VAT) on the whole fare, Uber deems they do not have to pay that tax.
  15. This band has a great name. West Thebarton Brothel Pary
  16. The Aussie Bob series was the first one made and released in Oz. This one I think was later when they had Clarke as the main character. It was a brutal time. The other series about Carl Williams and the Melbourne feud was also reasonably accurate.
  17. Yep that was the one. Aussie Bob and the Kiwi. Responsible for a wave of heroin that washed across Sydney. It killed a couple of my friends and nearly got a few more.
  18. The original Underbelly series was about the drug (mainly heroin) trade in Sydney in the late 70's early 80's. It was pretty accurate, although one character described as just a doctor was in fact the head of surgery at Sydney Hospital. He imported some great hashish from Lebanon, for some reason it smelt just like a rubbish tip which caused some mirth when we would take stuff to the local tip.
  19. Funny how they can make a mob in 30 seconds but cannot work out how to use the meter.
  20. I guess you don't go to night clubs in Oz. Lot of fights and broken bodies there. It is a lot more dangerous in night clubs than go-go bars.
  21. That is an impressive walk at any speed. Thanks for the pictures. Do you track where you go with something like "Sports Tracker"? I would be interested in following some parts of your walks as you go through some interesting part of the Pattaya area that many of us don't dare venture into. Not sure I would retrace all of this walk in one go.
  22. Not even the Indians on Facebook groups are biting for this poor soul's plight.
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