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  1. I don't think Beethoven had this in mind when he wrote the Moonlight Sonata. I think this was more of what he had in mind.
  2. In Oz the various state governments have bent over backwards to accommodate Uber. Funny enough there is an Uber drivers strike planned this week in 2 cities (Brisbane and Melbourne) as they feel the rates Uber are paying them does not cover the cost of running a vehicle. They are also complaining about the 25% Uber charges for the booking.
  3. I received a response to a PM today, it seems I have asked to receive email notifications of such a rare event. The system seems to working, well sort of. I received 10 emails informing me I had a PM. If this was the days of paper letters I would be decrying the waste of resources. This batch of email were sent about the same time as there was a hic-cup with the DNS server. Is there a technical reason for the over excited system or am I a special case? EDIT Just checked my inbox. It seems I received 10 copies of the PM so I got 10 emails, didn't check the PM inbox previously a
  4. A change of name is imminent? Plahgat to phatgut?
  5. Signed by someone they think is important. If you are an Aussie they embassy may accept the emailed information, then ask you sign a stat dec to say you have an income of XXX000THB and then write the treasured income letter.
  6. I think the proof of income thing has to be stamped or verified by the relevant embassy. So a trip to BKK is needed there. Thai bureaucracy does not like copies or emailed things, everything has to be original, any copy has to be signed.
  7. 4 test series, so only 3 left. It will be interesting to see how the Indians respond to this.
  8. A plug in clock with battery back-up is achievable but maybe not in Pattaya.
  9. Interestingly both those shops are branches of Best, the one at Dolphin roundabout is the main one. There is (or was) a smaller Best just up from Walking St towards Tucom. For the smokers they have good prices on tobacco products too.
  10. I hope you have all the correct paperwork filed with immigration because promoting in an open forum with name and phone number is not a wise move.
  11. I used to walk into Pattaya, got fit. Not recommended. There used to be a M/C taxi at the Sukumvit end of soi chiapornvitti that was there all times of the night to get home. Trouble was he would go home some times.
  12. That is a very good price. Better than I have been able to get.
  13. In the case of the OP it was full membership. Active participation on the forum also has its benefits, or so I'm told.
  14. Planet Perth is OK. Qantas is having this flight land at the domestic terminal so transfers to other Australian cities are easier. The state government is chipping in over $10m to get the terminal upgraded to international standard.
  15. At one stage they were available at a stall in front of Central on 2nd road. Unfortunately that area seems to have been redeveloped and is the subject of another thread. I suspect the stall may not be a tenant in the new barn, but it may be worth a look if you are in the area.
  16. Working Christmas day, I have 15 wheelchair bookings for the day. Will be back in sin city some time next year. Will remind you of that offer.
  17. Just beware I am fairly sure that Hard Rock is a ++ venue. It does not mention it on that screen shot kindly posted by Evil but I am reasonably sure you will find the ++ sting on the final bill.
  18. For the tech minded. Would the sudden increase in bot activity allow Martin to attract advertising to the forum?
  19. Here is an interesting cover of a Simon and Garfunkel classic by a heavy metal band. They have treated the original with respect. If you want to see what they usually do try this:
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