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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. This lovely lady met in Electric Blue about July 2004 one of the best ever. In my top 10.
  2. The blond for me. Doesn't look Thai but still 10/10. Thanks for report ( sad scenes though). Look forward to more.
  3. Just found this thread. Thanks. My first memory of Pattaya was when it was featured in a segment on a current affairs tv show November 2000. The segment was about the "sexploits" of some Australian guys in Pattaya. The Playpen gogo on Soi Yamato was the main bar featured on the show. Not long after, got my first computer and early 2001 found the FLB forum. Was then able to get a lot more information about Pattaya before my first visit July 2001. Stayed at Flipper hotel on Soi 8. My first 2 barfines were from FLB. The first one was not good, but the second one ( Nit) was good fun and took her about 3 or 4 times that trip.
  4. Not all are fun. A few do not fit Thailand's "Land Of Smiles" motto. Never seen them smile. A few days ago had just finished breakfast ( did not particularly enjoy) and felt something caught in my throat. Got a little bottle of water from my bag and had a sip to wash it away just as a lady was bringing my coffee. She said, nastily, " cannot bring drink from outside." Bitch... She would be the most unpleasant lady at PBG, and has been there a few years.
  5. Zero gogo on Soi Buakhao near Soi Honey did not last long. Now a beerbar. Apparently a gogo called Dream opened on Soi 8 in 2006 and closed 3 days later. The Blue Lagoon gogo back of Best Friend complex lasted over 2 years. Had a very good time on my first visit with 3 ladies. Planned on staying for 1 drink. Stayed for over 2 hours. Had good music and videos.
  6. I stayed at PBR the last 3 weeks of July. Moved there from my preferred hotel, Bay Breeze just before their renovations started. Overall my room at Bay Breeze was larger. The land behind was still being cleared and some mornings the first few days was woken by a chainsaw and other machinery. BTW, the 2 level building just below the taller building at top of pic is the new Soi Buakhao beer bar complex opened earlier this year. Sometimes could here music from the complex but it wasn't a disturbance. Was told by my lady this tree has some significance to Buddha so should remain there. Although was not disturbed by others, sometimes could here the TV in the adjoining room and people in the corridor. Don't think I would like to stay there when it is full. They have some very nice looking ladies at reception who were nice enough. The wifi at Bay Breeze was faster and more reliable than PBR. I had a problem with the wifi and went to reception to see what they could do. The lady said, "There are no problems" and didn't give a shit. Bad luck for me. The few times had problems at Bay Breeze, they did something to try to help me. Bay Breeze still preferred over PBR. Better value and felt more comfortable.
  7. The chicken and cheese snack bun at McD's 29 baht. Austraiya, $2.90 = about 90 baht. Bottled water. Toothpaste. deodorant. Dentist. imodium, etc
  8. Been in Pattaya during the time of about 5 music festivals. I kinda like it. Makes a change. A few pics have at hand taken during last years festival.
  9. 3 things in order of appearance: 3- After clearing customs etc, stepping outside at the airport and feeling that humid Thai air. I'm home. 2- Going for that first walk after all hotel formalities are complete. Home again. 1- Stepping outside of the hotel that first night. Now the dilemna, do I turn left or right??? Let the magical mystery tour begin. chico,
  10. Yep, 11 thru 29 March. :whistling: Like the Pattaya Music Festival and related activities, then get outta town before Songkran. chico,
  11. The gogos on Pattayaland circa 2002. Had a great girl out of Rodeo Girls which also played some great rock music. Emergency also played good music and nice girls. Kitten Club. The worst designed gogo in the world. But met some nice girls. Planet Rock. etc. Also little Spicy Girls gogo on the other Pattayaland. Another with cuties and good music with vids. Playpen gogo which was on either Soi Yamato or Post Office. A service girl from there was one of the best looking girls ever met in Pattaya. Back then enjoyed taking my dates to Hollywood Disco. I think it was partly destroyed by fire a few years ago. Don't think it exists now. It was actually an FLB girl from 2001 who first took me to Hollywood. Also miss the bar complex on Beach Rd next to Soi9, across from the police station. Had some good times there. Thanks for the memories. chico.
  12. Walked past The Office about 45 minutes ago ( 1945hours) and it appears to be open for business to the general public. As I stay close to there could be my first stop tonight. Good luck, chico,
  13. Anything by Lady Gaga . Never heard of her til in Pattaya about a year ago. Poker Face , Telephone , Bad Romance . Love em all. She is fantastic. chico,
  14. Catz seems to get mostly negative reviews but I think it's okay. One cute lady been there awhile always comes to chat, but I never got round to paying bar. Hope to see some pics soon, please chico,grrrrrrrr
  15. Looks like good value, as do the ladies. Will keep in mind for next trip as I am getting a bit tired of my regular place. How many rooms are there and is the shower/ toilet room a decent size? Some budget hotel showers are like pokey little cupboards. Thanks for info. chico.
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