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  1. Last time I was there at the Lek it poured with rain in the evening. I was able to get out the front door,turn right, some one threw me a umbrella from the bar next door and I had a couple of great evenings there. This is a plus. It has a good number of ladies, all friendly, good music and cheapish drink. A real plus for the place
  2. Bel Air Princess is a great location and a good hotel. Its not flash but has the lot. Easy for NEP, the overhead rail etc. I would certainy reccomment it.
  3. I am back in Patts in June and decided to return to Soi 8. Last time I was in Patts I stayed at the Lek but enjoy the buzz of the Soi 8 area and I always seem to end back there when it has got a bit quiet--3am or so! My question is what is the best place in the board members opinion in sois 7 or 8. I have stayed at the Sunbeam but want a better pool. My leaning at the moment is Eastiny and then Flipper Lodge. What thoughts? Thanks
  4. Walked out the door. Went up to one of the dozens of taxi places Taxi there in 30 minutes. 1000 baht all up. Easy.
  5. The cheap rooms ARE cheap..tatty in fact but location and pool probaly make this a good option. If you get there better rooms ask for one over looking the pool. Did not like the buffet as it was never hot enough but then again across the road from KISS where I prefer to eat.
  6. Thanks. I thought this a great report and will put the place on the possibles list for the June trip.
  7. Hi there all. Care to vote for the best accommodation value in the sois 7/8 area? I moved away from the area for my last trip but always seem to end up there after Walking Street closes. I really would appreciate feed back on the good and bad news about this fab area.
  8. October is the prime month for me. Quieter, cheaper and more of everything to go around and great air deals into and out of!
  9. I loved it when I was there a few weeks ago and will go back. It does help if you like disco by the way. I was lucky and stayed at the Baan Sukothai which is in 20 acres on dear old Bangla Road right in the middle of everything but no noise. The only downside is the massive joiner fees (up to 2000 b per night and have the lady out by 7!) but there are heaps of 500 baht a night hotels open 24 hours and it is a great solution. Give it a try.
  10. The problem with a bad room is that it can totally screw up your holiday. I use the word demand in the sense that in future I will move out unless I can get something to the standard that will make me look back on the holiday and say that was great. As for the Lek. Yes it is my sort of place. There are a lot of good things here but a crap room is a crap room in any language.
  11. Great position and good rooms. The problem that I had was theat the building was being cleaned and the pool was full of crap and unusable. Other than that great for the overhad rail and NanaPlaza. There are good eating and drinking places in the street as well. I would definately go back
  12. I asked a number of people about the Lek before I booked and I would like to share some thoughts with you. The good news is the location. No problems and great for everywhere. The bad news. Well it is cheap. I had a standard room on the 6th floor for 700 baht but decided to up grade to the new block. The room I had was on the front and facing No2 Road and had no balcony. The rooms I was offered were at the back away from the pool and were either 1200 or 1300 and there was little real benefit so I stayed where I was. The meals are cheap at 95 for breakfast and 165 for dinner however I stopped after 2 days as the food was never hot enough for me and sits for hours. I would go back but I would demand a room overlooking the pool and would eat out every meal.
  13. As I understand it the Pattaya cabs park about 3 K from the airport. A quick call will have one there in minutes.
  14. I am flying up from Phuket and will be at the Domestic at 1.00 PM or so. Anyone else looking on that date in that time band?
  15. I have mislaid the emails that I was sent regarding Bangkok to Pattaya travel. I will be at the domestic on the 8th of September at 1.00PM. Seems that there is a dumping place in the area where cabs from Pattaya await people wanting to go there. As I understand it you phone a number from the airport, pay your 900 Baht and thats that. Has anyone used this service. Can you confirm the details. And of course any one going to Pats at the same time and wanting to share, let me know.
  16. I have said this before but will repeat. Be very very thankful that the hotel has your ladies details. Your security and your belongings are so much safer. Anyway, be proud. No one else cares
  17. Thanks for the great replies. I have a solution and here it is. I have in fact booked a room in the old wing at the Lek for 700 Baht a night. I spend little time in the room so no issue. I have however every intention of up grading to the new wing when I get there, find out the quiet and noisy side and if I believe that the 300baht a night is justified.
  18. I am flying up from Phuket and get into Bk just before 1.00pm on the 8th September. Happy to meet either airport for a share.
  19. I have had some good feedback here but I now want to get a booking into the system for Pats. 21 days to wheels up! I want to stay in the central area, Soi 7 down to Soi 13 say, but not stuck in concrete, and for less than 1000 per night. User friendly, preferably in-room safe and good pool. Please let me have your suggestions for the best deals at the moment.
  20. Diamond Beach would be great if you were in a wheel chair or on crutches for instance but would come at the bottom of the list if your able bodieed
  21. I asked a question here recently re the Lek Hotel. I am totally confused by the contradictory responses. Some love it and some hate it. This was on the list of places to try and I have today received the following email from the hotel. This is in my response to 8 nights in September. We would like to inform you room are during low season, on September 2005 standard room new wing is baht 1,000.-/night and standard room old wing is Baht 700.-/night, please reply to us again for reservation and advise your flight number and arrival time at Lek Hotel. My questions are: 1. This sounds like a good deal. Is it worth paying more for the new wing? 2. Does the old wing have in room safes? 3. Is this place user friendly. Some say yes and some say no? Any thoughts appreciated. Regards
  22. Hi there guys. The Lek was on my list of places to check our for September. What can I expect to pay for a standard single room? Thanks
  23. I have stayed at the Sunbeam a few times and have given up on it. The only reason is the rotten pool. I am going to try the Flipper next tiime and it seems the price and location is right. I think Soi 8 is great and dont want to leave thge area.
  24. I am flying from Phuket to Bangkok and then travelling down to Pats. I assume there will be a lot less opportunity to share cabs etc however I was wondering if there was any up sides? I also assume that if I wanted to go by bus that the airport bus calls into the domestic terminal as well? Any thoughts
  25. I am flying from Phuket to Bangkok and then travelling down to Pats. I assume there will be a lot less opportunity to share cabs etc however I was wondering if there was any up sides? I also assume that if I wanted to go by bus that the airport bus calls into the domestic terminal as well. Any thoughts
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