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  1. LOL........Only ever spent 5000 in one bar and it took me and two paralitic girls to get there. I could have wrapped my dick around my finger for all the use it was!
  2. You really area prick Adam for being such a stirer.....OK on the other hand you do it so well.
  3. In late June as a walk in I was offered room for 950Baht. Seems that it is 100 dearer than the two properties on Soi 8
  4. I have stayed there and tend to read the posts that are on here. 100% of them say that it is user friendly and I have not seen a negative post yet.
  5. I am not suggesting that you try to get a low cost room in hight season but here is my June experience. I had emailed a number of places and felt that the rates were over the top for the time of year and as I do not like giving credit card on the net decided to see what I could do. I did have a couple of nights booked at the outset via the travel agent. I have to say that there was some great bargains from Beach Road places as low as 550 a night and there was some good offers in fact all over town espescially in Central Road. I was happy with the decision and felt that this was sound way to do things as you get to look before you book in as well so that is also a bonus.
  6. Late last month I called personally at all three. The two in Soi 8 were 850 for standard and 1000 for special rooms. The new one in Soi 7 was I think 950 for standard. I stayed at the one at the top end of Soi 8, Eastiny Place and for 850 could not really fault it other than the crap TV bet then again I rarely watch it. It has an excellent and spacious pool. No joiner fee for the first one but you will get tagged extra if you have a second. These were better rates than I got off a direct enquiry to them on the net.
  7. OK......I should have known better. The Sunbeam on Soi 8 has had a pool do over so I booked in as this was a real down side for me. Sure the pool is better but the whole attitude of the people is shit. I dragged my cases over to the Eastiny Plaza and it was better and cheaper. No joiner fees, bigger pool and real nice staff. Unless you just looking for a night or whatever I do not think that this is a place for boardies.
  8. Sailfast has the right idea. Whatever you do, do not miss the Nana but there are much better places to stay within a hundred yards or so and at the same price.
  9. Thanks Scampy. Majestic looks excellent and I will most likely giive it a try.
  10. I normally stay in the Sukhumvit area if I have a night or two in BK. I do not pay top dollar as I spend little time in the room-its only there for a sleep and a shower. Give or take a few baht, what is the best value for money in the area?
  11. Hi there Chief. Sorry but my flight gets in at 3.30 in the afternoon and I want to be in the Peppermint Lounge while you are still clearing customs!
  12. I have have stayed there and overall it scores say 8 for every thing except location. It is IMHO the best location in town for everything.
  13. Menzso. There is a Hungarian on this board who could offer you some great advice about the English language usage and I can never really understand what he is on about!
  14. I will be in Bk in a few weeks and propose to book Mr Toom. Last time I went to the last cab in the rank and offered him 1000 which he toook but before we gassed up and went here and there I was getting pissed off. The extra 200 Baht is what I would expect to pay for a metered cab off the rank anyway so I believe this is a good deal and 99% of the feed back is positive. I also think that paying Toom his fare was a great gesture as well.
  15. I hate handing over card details on the net. I also worry at times that after booking I may have to change my plans. I have come up with a compromise that I believe will work for me. I saw a deal advertised in my home country for a Soi 8 hotel where I got three nights for the price of two including American Breakfast. It works out at approx 900 per night. I have taken this up and it is now paid for. What I propose to do is have a walk around the area and perhaps stay in another couple of places in the street. Its a simple case to booking a day or two ahead and dragging my case a hundred yards and paying there and then. The most I can lose out of this deal is the intial payment and I will get to see some of the Mongers Haunts as well!
  16. Juist thought that I would bring this one to the top again. Only 6 weeks to go!
  17. This place looks good but is it? The single rate at 900 baht off season also looks good. The place is on second road a stones throw from Soi 6. Is this good or bad!!!!
  18. Hi there Guys. Thought that I would bring this to the top of the pile again. Its now only 5/6 weeks till June and I am sure there are more of you that havve booked to be in LOS. Regiter now!!!!!
  19. The deal for the Flipper Lodge looks excellent! If you take this offer up do you have to pay the whole thing up front or just a deposit? Also is this price via an agent or direct with the hotel?
  20. Hi all. Just to confirm. I received an email overnight and the rate fro BK and Patts is 1200 Baht.
  21. Has anyone got a recent quote from the Dynasty for the next 2/3 months? I have just written to them for a Patts/Bk deal and i am interested to here what they are looking at.
  22. I am getting to the stage where I think I might be better to get a cab to Patts and try for a walk up vacancy. This cannot be too hard during the off season surely? My thoughts was to drop off at any one of the Soi 8 hotels and if that one is full drag the suitcase to the next one a few yards away. I am there mid June by the way. My questions are. Do any of you do this? Is there any saving in the day rate? Are there any downsides? I just hate paying it all in advance (and most travel co's seem to demand the lot) and sharing my credit card information. Your thoughts appreciated.
  23. This place seems real value for money and I am not against Soi 10. According to the blurb on the net it has the following. Has anyone got any comments on the place please Facilities : - Restaurant - Laundry service - Safety deposit boxes - Internet service - Telephone - Lobby & Full bar - Tour desk - Swimming Pool - Lift
  24. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feed back.
  25. SUNBEAM HOTEL. SOI 8 I stayed there till last year. There was two things that bugged me and that was the poor pool and the joiner fee. The pool was being renovated last year and may have improved. Has anyone stayed there recently and have any comments to make about the place. Please do not confuse this withe the Sunshine.
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