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  1. as I said if the drink is not sealed, drink it at home
  2. since a long time ago I never buy sprits in a bar. for the reasons above, i8 like no problems so only order drinks I can see opened so I only dink spirits at home. I may add I love it that way
  3. ii remember reading a thread on thai visa that they have stopped transferring visa extensions to new passports so you may have to apply for a new extension.
  4. Nonthaburi from Chiang Mai have to ask , is there a Chiang Mai in Bangkok
  5. tom21

    Big Deal

    just looked at scoot and it is $327.50 AUS one way bangkok to sydney with 15kg luggage. 2hr stop over in singapore. the flight from sydnry to bangkok is no good as the stop over is to long
  6. Yes the US only taxes US citizens. They screw everyone else
  7. I know in Thailand there can be a big difference in price depending on which pharmacy you go into
  8. i think the rail link is great as long as your luggage is not to big.
  9. book it as a double room. as you booked for 2 people there is no complaint or should not be
  10. i do not think the thais have cornered the market on doing this. i think supermarkets are a lot worse. you stand behind a women and after they scan everything the check out person tells them how much. they then open there bag and start to look for there purse take the purse out then pay the amount. they then get the change put in there purse and put it back in there bag. and then if you are lucky they move if not they stand there trying to decide what to do next
  11. i found olay moisturizer (made in thailand) more expensive here than in Australia
  12. mars bars are cheaper here than in australia
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