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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My first visit to Pats was in 2001 with a pal who I had previously visited Spanish resorts - ie Benidorm, Lloret etc. We had heard rumours of Thailand and the Thai girls so on one fateful evening in a pub we decided to give it a go and booked flights on British Airways from Manchester to Bangkok via Heathrow. On the plane we got chatting to a guy who we gathered was an experienced monger and who obviously could see our inexperience. He enquired as to where we were heading for. This was before the internet was in full operation. We told him “Bangkok” to which he asked “what are you going for “
  2. When in Thailand I read The Times 7 days a week on my IPad for which I pay a very reasonable online subscription. It’s available to download at about 10 am and have pretty well the same content as the paper edition.
  3. Very funny Seriously I have in the past enjoyed cycling around the countryside from Pattaya. Where can bikes be hired ?
  4. I arrive in Pats next week I have been told the place is very busy. Is this true ?
  5. Spent 2 weeks at Areca . Check out 1 September. Stayed in the Corona building. Some noise after 8 am but not too bad. Was not an issue for me. Two nice pools and a small gym. Good 4* hotel.
  6. Yes the boat trip to Koh Larn is a good option with a girl. However this time of year there is the risk of rain storms and rough sea. Girls from Isaan have no sea legs and sea sickness is torture for them. Very nice in good weather however, particularly if they wear a skimpy bikini.
  7. Rooms are large and very plain but everything works. Aircon, efficient electric shower. Tv. Cleaning good. Wifi weak at times Good location near bars and Gogol, yet no noise in rooms. Small pool I would stay there again. Reservation advisable in high season.
  8. Opposite the entrance to the Big Buddha area is a rudimentary gym used by the motor bike taxi men. In addition to wights they also have a Couple of punch bags. This area is possibly te best area for running in Pattaya having a circuit of about 1.4 Km which is traffic free. It benefits from being shaded by the trees and sometimes has a cooling breeze. I have run there at all times of the day although its practically deserted until about 4 pm. I try to do 6 laps in under an hour.
  9. I think this must be the fitness trail in the park on pratumak hill where is situated the Big Budha. There is a series of apparatus where you can exercise in various ways such as sit ups and pull ups. Also in the evenings you see quite a few joggers running round the trails.
  10. Yes but Manchester > Bangkok always seems to involve a long wait in Doha !
  11. I've just had a quote for 3 implants from my dentist here in England - £5000 i.e. 80,000 baht each.
  12. Some people like the bus as they believe it is safer. I must say I have been in Thai taxis going at 85 mph about 5 feet from the vehicle ahead, no functioning seat belt and only a few buddha images to protect me.
  13. I paid about 2000 baht for 2 weeks at Tony's Sportworld - which I felt was rather expensive bearing in mind they offer one years membership for about 7000. However its a very good gym with excellent equipment and you do get the use of the swimming pool. After my 2 weeks with Tony I went regularly to the Universe on Sukumvit Road. This only costs 80 baht a visit and as a gym its nearly as good as Tonys. I did have a motor-bike so the trip to Universe was not a problem, but by baht bus it might be a little awkward. Dont bother with the Tony Gym on Soi Buakow - its has no air-conditioning and t
  14. I've hired motor bikes many times in Pattaya during my regular trips and have been stopped by the cops 3 times:- 1. Going wrong way down Soi 2 - thats very tempting as the alternative is to Beach Road and then back up on Soi 3. Cop took my keys and said I would have to go to Soi 9 to pay the fine - 300 baht. As an alternative he offered to settle for 600 with a motor-bike taxi man taking the fine. This I accepted. Soi 2 / Soi3 is a happy hunting ground for one particular cop - he never fails to collect a few fines very day. 2. Stopped on Beach Road. Cops examined the details under the bi
  15. You will see the large Jomtien Condominium from the Beach Road, maybe half a mile from the turn left at the police station, approximately Soi 11. There are barriers but the attendants give vistors passes. Timbo's and the Sports Bar are close together on the ground floor and are part of a row of bars, shops and restaurants.
  16. You can get a fast mini bus from the Victory Monument in BKK. Rather quicker than the big bus from the Southern Bus Terminal.
  17. During my last couple of trips I visited the NP several times for a drink in the Jane bar. It was usually in the early evening prior to proceeding up Soi Buakhow for an hour or three in Oasis or Club Blu. I liked the contrast - cheap beer and older girls and then more classy and sexy.
  18. My answer to the higher Nationwide charges and the fee from the Thai ATM's was to take the bulk of the money I anticipated spending in cash. I know this could be risky but during the outward journey I placed it in a secret pocket within my small backpack, which I had in my possession the whole time. On arrival in Pats the balance I did not immediately cash went into the safe to be cashed when required. Bit rediculous to have to use this method but I hate being ripped off by the various banks.
  19. Found you this afternoon when I rode into the Jomtien Condo complex on my motor bike !. On Wednesday I assumed the rendezvous was at the junction of Soi 11 and the Beach Road.
  20. I went to Jomtien yesterday intending to join the ride, but I just couldnt find the venue. Mentioned earler was Jomtien Condominium at the junction of the Beach Road and Soi 11. I couldnt see a Sports Bar there and nobody I asked knew about a bike shop. What does the Jomtien Condo look like ?. Can you give me precise directions for next time. Maybe I'm a bit slow !.
  21. Thanks Thaiempire. I do a fair amount of cycling when home in England to help keep fit. I miss it during my regular trips to Pats, although there are compensations. I will try and make it Monday29 November for a ride with you.
  22. I have hired motor-bikes for about 6 years now in Pattaya of the 125cc class.I just need transport and not the thrills of a big bike. Not had any problems so far (Am I tempting fate ?). I would just like to give these small items of advice to new bike riders. 1. When hirring the bike check its condition and take a photo if there is any existing damage. This helps if they try to charge you when returning it. Important to have the tyre pressures checked and again each week. Make sure the helmet is not old and filthy as you can pick up head lice from previous users. Make sure you have a card
  23. It would be interesting to see the number of fatalities express as say per 100,000 US vistors. I would guess that countries like Thailand would show up as relatively dangerous as compared with the figures for say Canada/ UK or Germany, which receive a lot of visitors but whose raods are relatively safe.
  24. Thanks guys for your replies I'm not sure about opening a Thai bank account - is this appropriate for just staying 4 weeks on holiday ? Say I bring £3000 in travellers cheques. These will cost me £3045 together with the 1.5% charge. Say I get 48 baht per £1 (maybe I'm being optimistic here). The £45 charge therefore costs me 2160 baht. This compares with 4500 baht for using ATM's. Can you get trav cheques cheaper than this in the UK ?. But what charges do you get for cashing the cheques in Pattaya and is the exchange rate the same as you get at an ATM ?. Makes me realise what a hell of a g
  25. For some years I have been obtaining the bulk of my Thai Baht with my Nationwide card. However the advantage of using this card has been substantially reduced particularly from 1 November when both Nationwide and the Thai bank will make a charge. I am wondering taking enough sterling to change into baht to cover the majority of my month's cash requirement. I appreciate that there would be the risk of robbery or loss, but that would be relatively low as I would keep the money in my possession during the journey and whilst in Pats I would keep it in a room-safe. Say I need 150,000 baht for 4
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