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  1. Moved There om my first trip to Pattaya when i found out that a hotel outside Pattaya was not ideal , kind of liked it but even then the rooms were starting to look old and uncared for and the towels and linnen very old. At the pool there was a hot thai girl sunbathing , she didn't care for not getting dark Couldn't beat it for location !! Frank
  2. Nice reports , Keeps me dreaming , last girl is absolutely stunning ! Frank
  3. Great report ,i always enjoy reading your reports. Merry Christmis Frank
  4. Loved Pai when i was there , thanks for the memmories. Frank
  5. I did it like 10 years ago , they made the bunks op @ 8 o clock so seating was cramped and the bunks are not designed with falang in mind. Saw a lot of suitcases in the isle so pack light or take a chain and padlock with u. Now i would def. fly in or travel by car. One of the reasons for me to take the train was to see more of the country and since the trip was in the dark that didn't work out. Frank
  6. Its rough looking but so is Walking street during the day without the neon signs. Firth where u end up staying ? Thks for the pics Frank
  7. Angeles is not realy going to get hit , leyte , Tacloban etc. will be and if it vears towards Puerto Galera ( where i'm now ) will be a interesting place in the next couple of days. Frank
  8. great post prosessing and pics well done ! Frank
  9. Almost the first thing i saw when arriving with the taxi was the car from hollywood used in this clip , lol Frank
  10. Hey i like the vid , great shots of around pattaya , brings good memories from the penthouse hotel short time rooms ! eben FLB is in there somewhere !
  11. good website for info is http://www.talesofasia.com/
  12. i remember seeing a pic of just that by Sa-teef , only there the girl did the driving !
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