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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have a Capital One checking account and used it in Thailand. I stopped using Capital One and switched to a Schwab checking account. Capital One did not automatically refund my ATM fees. I had to call them and per their customer service rep they said that the ATM fee did not show as a separate line item. After much back and forth they refunded my account about $5 USD per transaction. This was a few years ago so I don't know if things have changed. I've had no issue with my Schwab checking account. They refund all ATM fees once a month and it was automatic.
  2. Yes, the owner posted on another board that they were closing.
  3. Not sure if it's fresh brewed, but they bring you a flask of ice tea and provide a small container of syrup for sweetener, and a small container of lemon juice. I found their ice tea to be tasty but then again I'm not a regular ice tea drinker.
  4. D Apartments on Soi Boakow might fit your needs. http://www.dapartment.com/rate.php
  5. Uber Thailand provides a pay with cash option.
  6. you could stay right on soi 6, the Queen vic offers rooms. http://www.queenvicpattaya.com/Rooms.htm
  7. I might have given Hooters a try even with the high prices but I read in another thread that their is no air conditioning. The no air conditioning will keep me from ever trying the place.
  8. You could try KTK but water and electric may put you over your budget a little. http://www.ktkpattaya.com/royal/?ctrl=page&cate=room-rate
  9. I agree about the beds, stayed there a few years ago and I could feel all the springs in the mattress. I found the bed very uncomfortable. Mentioned it to the owner and he said that he had not heard any complaints before about the bed and went on to mention that some of the rooms had a mattress topper on them but my room had a newer mattress and no topper on it. I ended up picking up some pads at Big C for 500 baht to place on top of the mattress. It was fine after that. Considering the room was only 600 baht a night at the time I still thought the room a good deal even with having to buy the pads at Big C. No problems with the towels and other than the uncomfortable bed I thought the room was great.
  10. Short or Cicero1520 have either of you stayed at the Honey Hotel? If so how were the rooms? I'm looking for a room end of Dec to beginning of January. So far the following places are fully booked; KTK Metro Apartments D Apartments Chow Soy Sanya Apartments Mosiac Dianna Oasis
  11. HR I've never heard of Big Mango Properties but I stayed in VT 6 last year and rented through Honey's Coffee shop which is on the ground floor of VT6. The room was great, loved the location and Honey provided an excellent rental service and I highly recommend her. Here is a link to her website if you want to check them out. http://honeyscoffeehouse.com/
  12. Patna, how much was the all you can eat option when you went?
  13. Thanks for the photos and report Firth, what time does the market open and close? I might give it a look this December.
  14. The Amari Nova Suites is on Soi AR also, just a little bit further down the road from KTK going toward Pattaya Klang
  15. No, if I'm taking back a barfine I'm usually on a MBT
  16. Yes, if I'm out late I usually take a MBT back to the room, 50-60 baht. A few nights I would take a Baht bus up Second Road and called the shuttle to pick me up, most of the time I just walked from the Second Road entrance. After doing it a few times the walked felt shorter and shorter
  17. Currently staying at KTK Royal Residence, http://ktkpattaya.com/home.html I had heard good things about this place from a couple of people but was hesitant to book here because of the location. The hotel is in the middle of Soi AR which is a windy road that begins on Second Road Soi 4 (Just below Soi 6 on the opposite side of second road) http://www.pattayaphotoguide.com/?zzyRUmjskcwBFDAA and ends on Pattaya Klang http://www.pattayaphotoguide.com/?b8wRUYatkc4AEDAA The hotel offers a free shuttle to Second Road or to Pattaya Klang (Soi 16 or Soi 14, Soi 14 is at the top of Soi Boakhaow) http://www.pattayaphotoguide.com/?rJxRUA2skchAFDAA It’s about a 10 minute walk to Second Road and 15 – 20 minute walk to Pattaya Klang from the hotel. I’ve stayed here for about 3 weeks now and glad I booked it. The location wasn’t as big of an issue as I first thought it would be, to get to walking street I take the free shuttle to Soi Boakhoaw, and catch a Baht bus on Boakhoaw all the way to walking. Soi 6 is also conveniently located in the other direction. The hotel has two pools, two gyms, and a putting green, laundry on the premises. A restaurant/coffee shop with decent food open until 10 pm. I’m staying in a Royal Deluxe Studio for 19,000 baht a month plus 7 baht per unit for electricity and water at 30 baht per unit. The room has a comfortable bed, large flat screen TV, small kitchen area with microwave and an electric kettle to boil water. Free Wifi is available. The room is cleaned and linen and towels changed twice a week (for monthly stays they provide two bath towels). If paying the daily or weekly rate room is cleaned daily and four towels are provided. The staff is great and I like the hotel a lot. A couple of small things bother me though; When I first booked they told me I would get four towels between cleanings but the receptionist was wrong and monthly stays only get two towels at a time with each additional towel charged at 20 baht (I regularly purchase extra towels each week). I have to purchase my own toilet paper. The in house laundry overcharged me the first time I used them and now I no longer use them, I now use the laundry right across the street. The laundry across the street is great, they provide an itemized list with a breakdown of the price for each piece. The in house laundry just wrote a total on a piece of paper with now break down of the charges so it’s not easy to figure out what the total should be (there is a price list in the room). These are small annoyances though and for a long stay I will book here again. I really like the rooms here and can highly recommend the place.
  18. Thanks for the heads up Evil, do you happen to know what time during the day Beach Road will be closed on Sunday?
  19. I stayed in VT 6 last summer, rented through Honey's Coffee shop. She had a special deal for one condo for 15,000 baht a month plus utilities. I did not elect to pay extra for cleaning services but she did offer them. All of the other condo's she had on offer were around 20,000 - 30,000 baht a month. I forget what she charged per unit for water and electric but electric was less than the 7 baht per unit most places charge. Think I paid around 2,000 baht in utilities a month. VT 6 seems to have grown in popularity and I think prices maybe higher this summer for a rental. If you go to the ground floor of VT 6 there are several companies that rent condos within the building. Service through Honey was great, she was quick to respond to any issues and she was very fair in regards to deposits and fees. I would rent from her again. VT 6 was great. Liked the location and the room was great. Only one complaint is that most floors had construction due to people remodeling their units. Construction was allowed Mon - Fri from (I think) 9 am to 5 pm. It was impossible for me to sleep in during those hours from the noise. If you are not a late sleeper I highly recommend the place. http://honeyscoffeehouse.com/
  20. Metro Apts seems to tick most of your boxes http://www.metro-apartments-pattaya.com/rooms.html
  21. If you download the application form from the L.A. consulate website, their is a second page that comes with the visa application form "General Information on Visas" and line 6 on the second page says to provide a copy of the airline ticket "if required to submit" I wasn't sure if it was required for a tourist visa or not and just brought a copy with me just in case...
  22. I've gotten a single entry tourist visa from the L.A. consulate. I turned my documentation in person and not by mail. The form does ask for a copy of the itinerary to be included but when I included a copy of the E-ticket the guy behind the counter just gave it back to me and said it wasn't needed. I think all that is needed is the flight numbers on the application form, but I'm not sure if they are more strict when mailing the documents in. The cost of the Visa is $40 per entry. Below is a link that you might find useful. http://www.thaiconsulatela.org/service_visa_detail.aspx?link_id=47 You can always call them with your questions too, good luck.
  23. Will recommend also, beds were the best Too bad they lunch buffet ran out of creme brulee on my last day there, they said some greedy board member ate a whole tray of them the day before....
  24. Not sure what has happened in the past as this will be my first time here during election closures. I've been her during some Holiday closures for Buddha, and some beer bars were open but dark and serving drinks in cups, other times the police seemed to crack down and didn't find any bars serving drinks in the dark... My suggestions would be to spend the first two days in Bangkok or go to Bang Chang. I think Bang chang will be business as usual on these two days.
  25. The location sounds about right based on Steve's pictures. Here's a link to the corner on Pattaya Photo Guide http://www.pattayaphotoguide.com/?UwvRUjMskcJB9CAA
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